This list is rediculous

nickblack Shannon Leto is number 1?! Really?! John Bonham, Neil Peart, Alex Van Halen, The Rev, Danny Carey, Mike Portnoy, Joey Jordison... All better than that joke. My favorite drummer is the Rev. He is second. Since nobody else incredible on there is competition everybody should vote for him to be #1. The best drummer of all time would be Danny Carey for me though. He's the one who deserves #1 or Neil Peart. 30 Seconds to Mars really isn't that good of a band. All of their music kind of sounds the same. I really don't like Jared Leto's voice. Avenged Sevenfold blows them out of the water for modern day rock. Better singer, better guitarist, better bassist, better drummer, more talent. Don't even get me started about the older bands like Van Halen and Rush. This list is an absolute joke. I hope this peice of garbage list gets fixed soon.


they wont fix the list b/c REAL music has given way to cheaply made pretty boy rock. danny carey is the man and neal peart is the classic rock drummer of the century. these people have no fn idea what real music is. - visitor

What bassist? Lol avenged sevenfold suck as well. Vocalist is a metchulcore failure, twin queertardist play passionless overproduced guitar solos that consist of cheap pull offs and small portions of e maj, the rev was a mediocre drummer who only played solos that consisted of only playing random sloppy drum beats as fast as he can and as for their bass player... Well I've never heard him play so he's useless. - visitor

Listen to the first 2 albums of 30STM, it may just be This Is War that you don't like. - visitor

I am listen that song this is war its to good for me lewis - rishabhpurohit

I completely agree with you, The Rev should be number one, but we're actually judging the drumming here, not Jared Leto's voice. - visitor