This is not right

d3rrick95 This is the worst list i have ever seen. Yoshiki Hayashi is so over rated, I've listened to his stuff, its so simple. Shannon Leto is OK, but really he just uses a double bass to make it sound like its really intense. If you 30 Seconds to Mars fans and X Japan fans even listened to some of Niel Pearts drumming you would realize he is a much better drummer then the first 2. John Bonham and Niel Peart have so much variation in their styles, and they don't use double bass pedals, they're just very, very talented. Also, what is Kieth Moon doing at 12? And Alex Van Halen at like 56? Mitch Mithel at 66, even Travis Barker is better then this Yoshiki Hayashi person. I can clearly tell this whole website is almost entirely made up of 30 Seconds to Mars fans. Most people haven't even heard of them! Anyways, Niel Peart is definitly the best.


yep i agree, bonham, peart, carey
not in that exact order but thats 1,2,and 3 in my book - blaqksails92

i feel the same, the thing that i hate in the list is x-japan is well known and people believe that they are the best, and there are many lists like the one that you said is completely biased - ronluna

seriously, how many fans of bands that barely exist are on this site? - Queen-aholic