Alex Van Halen

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Alexander Arthur "Alex" Van Halen is a Dutch-born American musician, best known as the drummer and co-founder of the hard rock band Van Halen.


Brilliant!, overshadowed by his brothers guitar work, but incredible in his own right

Oh my god why isn't Al higher. Listen to Pleasure Dome, As Is, even Everybody wants some, or a live version of Panama. His playing is unmatchable. Al + Ed + Mike + Dave/Sam=Best Band in the world.

Maybe the most under rated drummer of all time in rock! I would compare him to Alex Lifeson of Rush. They both are over shadowed by Legendary players. - GeddyGaddy

Could synopate with the best of them and was so fluid it is not funny. " Hot for Teacher", " Good Enough" and " Pleasure Dome " are some of the most awesome drum tracks ever.

Listen to something like mine all mine A.F. you Naturally Wired or his best Hot For Teacher then you will understand why he is one of the best

He is amazing and is able to play amazingly faster rythums unlike joey jordison. joey go try to play hot for teacher and then tell me you are better then alex - locus14

he is the best drummer ever and his brother is the best guitarist ever! I heard one of his solos, and he went so fast it sounded like a machine gun going off!

This guy is the best drummer ever! And he is playing with the best guitarist ever too. Listen to hot for teacher or pleasure dome. Its all insane

He's a legend and has one of the greatest drum sounds ever. His sound is easily recognizable. You can't say that about many drummers.

How can you not like Alex Van Halen. It's like saying you don't like chocolate. He is simply the best and there is no other way to put it.

And what are you doing not in the top 3? One of the best and an awesome soloist. Fast as heck, and just plain old good

His kit is amazing and he works every inch of it. Sad that back and shoulder problems have plagued him.

He plays really fast seriously listen to any of his solos, he's really good!

Pretty damn amazing drummer. Just look up Hot for Teacher, your welcome. - NvGNick

Listen to hot for teacher... And you will know

One of the best drummers with one of the best guitarist, deadly

Intro to Hot for Teacher says it all

LOL I voted 4 this guy on 2 computers. Thats how good he is - adamcHALO3

He is still the best people need to listen more he is sick

Alex van happen is my favorite, surprised to see him at 26

Amazing drummer. Just listen to Hot for teacher intro

Greatest rock drummer in the world drunk or sober - rocker1796

Yeah Ed is not the only talented Van Halen yano

Hot 4 teacher makes me laugh how fast the intro

the musical genius must run in the family - pauler94