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Daniel Edwin "Danny" Carey, born May 10, 1961 in Lawrence, Kansas, is an American drummer and instrumentalist best known for his work in American Grammy Award-winning progressive rock band Tool. He has also contributed to albums by and played with such artists as Zaum, Green Jell├┐, Pigface, Skinny ...read more.


ANYONE who thinks that Travis Barker and Danny Carey should be not only compared to each other, but Travis Barker should not even be on the list at all. Danny Carey is one of the greatest drummers of all time. His drumming is so technical that most drummers won't even think to touch his music. I'm disgusted that Travis Barker could be higher ranked, but at least we know who put Travis Barker in the rank that he is, are those people who watched him on MTV (guaranteed most would not even know who he is if he wasn't on that show), yet have no real knowledge of music.

This list gave me a lot of new perspective into what some people think about drummers, their ability, and their overall skill compared to others. Personally, having been a drummer for 10 years, I can easily say that Danny Carrey is one of the greatest drummers of our generation. His technicality is unbelievable, though never intruding on the spirituality of Tool's music which you can tell is the band's, and Danny's, main focus. If you think there is a drummer in our day and age that can surpass Mr. Carrey, I suggest you listen to one of Tool's albums. Retards.

This list is disappointing. It looks like of all the voters, that only a few know what good drumming really is. I was late to the Danny Carey bandwagon. I heard "Sober" and "46 & 2, " but the first full album I heard of Tool was Lateralus. And it blew me away. Literally every track off that album took hours upon hours to break down and even attempt to play it myself. Polyrhythms... Yeah. All other drummers pale in comparison to Mr. Carey. Should be #1. The only others that even belong in the conversation of top 5 are Peart, Bonham, Moon, and Portnoy.

Not even a question... Danny Carey is a freak on drums.

I respect most of the drummers on this list, but Danny Carey in no way deserves to be number 13 here. His experience is unsurpassed by any of these drummers (besides perhaps Neil Peart or John Bonham). He has devoted years to various drumming styles, and frequently incorporates advanced rhythms into his drumming. Not only that, but if you watch interviews and read his bio, his sheer intelligence is remarkable (especially with the 'dumb drummer' stereotype). All in all, give Danny a listen, you definitely will feel like I do.

Worst List ever. Danny and Neil Peart are the only one's who belong on a top 20 list! Lars is a good drummer, but being the only person from a great band in the running for world's biggest dooshbag, he is dq/d. Dave Grohl should be top 10, Taylor top 20, but who makes these lists man!? The experientially devoid, satin finish huffing kindergarten dropouts who's lives are ever evolving facebook profiles, seems about right, sigh our country is finished when the internet generation takes over - psychokiller32

Tool are an extraordinary band, Maynard's passionate voice and lyrics, Adam's distorted guitar, Justin's melodic bass lines, but what makes them extraordinary is definitely Danny's drumming, trust me I've been drumming since I was 5, that's 14 years, and I still struggle immensly when I try to play a Tool song, this man is the ultimate drum-god... and he makes it look so easy

Hi there. In my opinion Danny Carey should be on the top of this list. He is the most creative drummer I've ever heard. The way he connects percussion and drums is amazing. I think that Danny should be at least in top 5. I am a Tool fan and a Danny Carey fan. ( I'm from Portugal, sorry about any mistake writing English) .

Terrible list. NONE of you know anything about music (well to be fair the majority of you). If you think that Travis Barker, The Rev, Lars or Shannon Leto deserve to be even in the top 100 you're simply showing you know NOTHING about percussion. This list as of right now is just a popularity contest.

I'm not a drummer, but I play bass so rhythm is still a huge part of what I play, and some of the stuff that this guy plays is so intense, I can't even tap it out with my fingers. Despite this, I can play a bass line to the drum track of a Tool song and stay perfectly in time along side the drum part. Danny Carey and his drum parts are absolutely INSANE, but they're super technical, and still sound great and still manage to hold the whole band together. Danny's got my vote!

The most technically gifted drummer of all time. He's never failed to impress me with his extremely innovative and wildly creative drum beats. But not only is he technical, he's also very fast. He makes very good use of the tabla drum, as heard in such masterpieces like "Right in Two" and "Disposition" and is a very skilled double bass drummer. With all this, Danny Carey truly is the greatest drummer of all time. - kinderfall1

Can you believe Tre' Cool and Lars Ulrich are above this wizard of the drums? I'm not saying Danny is the best, to determine the best drummer is an impossible feat. There are so many different styles, but as for originality and ingenuity in technical ability, as well as the amount of attention and planning that goes into everything he does, he is one of the hardest working drummers I have ever had the pleasure to watch grow, as he has obviously done.

The guy plays two different time signatures at the same time! And its not like, 4/4 and 3/4, he plays something ridiculous like 14/16 and 9/7! The sound he can evoke from those drums isn't even humanly possible. Best drummer of the modern era, innovative, inspirational, no one even comes close

Even though Tool isn't my favorite band, I sill recognize talent when I here it. Danny Carey is the best drummer in the world. The things he can do while making it look EASY. Listen to 46 and 2 and listen to the drum solo, or hooker with a penis. He's ALL OVER THE PLACE but ALWAYS comes down at the right time. To even get a hold on his drumming I would have to sit and count the beats. He's not my favorite, but the best in the world. - the13thdrummer

This list has gone to hell. Everyone is just picking drummers from their favorite band, which defeats the point. Danny Carey is a god. I enjoy Metallica, but Lars is not even close to Danny's level. Danny isn't the greatest drummer ever, but he is at least Top 5. Any lower is bull, especially below Tre Cool and Travis Barker (great drummers, but come on, lets be realistic here)

And why is Carl Palmer 54. That is a travesty as heinous as it gets

This is a popularity contest, not a skill contest. Otherwise Danny Carey, Mike Portnoy, Buddy Rich and Neil Peart would be in the top 5. Travis Barker and Shannon Leto? Gimme a break, show them a piece from Carey and they wouldn't know what to do with it because they always use the same 4/4 boring crap.

How is this guy not top? It's probably because Tool isn't as popular as it should be. Danny Carey has both creativity and playing ability. His complex rhythms and fills sound so tribal and mesmerizing it's just simply incredible. He uses no alteration in the studio, unlike many metal drummers. Watch this guy play drums, just be carful, your eyes may catch on fire.

Danny should be in the top 5, no question. The most impressive aspect of Danny's playing is not only the ability to play incredily difficult music, but the ability to think of and create it. It's one thing to be able to cover the drums of one of his songs like "ticks and leaches" but it's a whole different story to be able to create that from scratch. Furthermore, for Danny to be this far down this is bad enough but to put someone like Lars Ulrich in front of him? That's a joke. Danny could play Lar's beats with his feet.

What is wrong with you people. Shannon Leto and Jimmy Sullivan don't even belong in the top 20. I guess MTV wins again by getting the worst musicians as #1. Travis Barker is a good drummer... but isn't top 10 all time. Find some clips of Danny Carey and then compare them to some clips of the others. It isn't about your favorite band people.

Danny Carey tops my list. Those who play drums know he is a master at his profession. Technical, yet extremely creative. His rolls, ambidexterity and speed is far superior to everyone on this list. However, I'm very surprised Stewart Copeland or Carter Beauford is not on this list. Though they're not considered metal. Although Buddy Rich had influenced many..

Danny carey has to be one of the most musical and technical drummer I have ever seen. simply counting along to most of Tool's songs is challenging as he frequently utilizes composite time signatures and poly rhythms. I'm not sure if some of these guys even know what that means. the problem with this vote is that it is mostly a popularity contest. most prog rock requires an elite drummer but those guys don't get voted because they aren't as known. compare any tool song to any song from dookie, the result is the same.

How the hell is Danny not up in there in the top 5? His work is a massive cluster of polyrhythms and just downright confusion. I tried playing some of his work and it's like trying to handbrake turn through a hospital ward. Him and Neil Piert belong at the top of his list.

This list makes me puke. Danny Carey is the god of sticks! He is versatile, creative, and his delivery is methodically explosive! Should be #1 or runner-up at the very least. Voters before you submit, listen to Tool's "Lateralus", "Vicarious", "The Pot", "Parabola", "H" and "The Patient" before you vote!

30 seconds to mars sucks, Tool is a better band, Danny Carey is one of the greatest drummers ever, if you play any thing from any one above (with the exeption of Neil Pert), and then attempt to play tool, you get frustrated because you cant deal with the signiture changes. Danny Carey is the greatest. - Schwanie3

Danny Carey and Buddy Rich aren't in the top ten, yet Tre Cool is? Simply sad.

Danny Carey plays drums like no one else. He can play as rowdy as Keith Moon, as creative as Neil Peart, and as groovey and strong as John Bonham all at the same time. His approach to drumming is unique, beautiful, and memorable. His technique is flawless, and he has never played poorly on a recording. Goes to show that spending months working out every detail of your parts can work out for the best.