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David Eric "Dave" Grohl is an American rock musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and film director. He is best known as the former drummer of the hugely popular 90s grunge band Nirvana and the vocalist/guitarist for the alternative rock band Foo Fighters. He has sat behind the ...read more.


Next to Neil Peart, Dave Grohl is the best drummer alive today. Of course, nobody hears him much anymore because he is the lead guitarist for the FF's. But we did get a good opportunity to see him on drums during his stint with Queens of the Stone Age. He was of course awesome! Certainly a lot of these other guys deserve to be on this list. But in my opinion, Dave Grohl falls just under the best rock drummer of all time, Neil Peart as the best living today.

wtf?!? How come he is not in the top 5? This man drums like an animal, in my list a top 3 for sure! With Nirvana, he really stood out from the rest back in those days. And with qotsa he really got me hooked on their music, only after hearing the first 30 seconds of no one knows, damn what a good drums on that track.

i think what makes dave one of the best drummers ever is how hard he hits them, you see him playing songs like teen spirit, drain you,
scentless apprentice he hits it hard, in some concerts you can actually see the drums almost falling appart, he hits them hard for a good sound but also super fast, just look at aneurysm he is fast, he is i think the only drumer who is fast and hard

ah yes! the walls are coming in. but what do we do? run or do we not went in your mine? that's what it's all about at the end of the day: currency and courage. grohl is the best because unlike other drummers, he has the ability to not be the most of what people would aspire to look like in that he does everything perfectly with no mind games and silly in the. happy birthday.

Dave is a true master at what he does. If you listen to songs he played with Them Crooked Vultures, you'd be blown away by his sheer versatility and skill. Dave's drumming is a perfect mixture of punk rock angst, heavy metal weight and rock n' roll speed, accuracy, complexity and groove. He's definitely amongst the most influential drummers for me.

It's Dave Grohl. Nuff' said. Naturally enough, there are much better drummers out there. But Dave's entire sound and attitude just makes the entire attitude of rock get into any song possibly played. Just like Joe Satriani, he is a fine wine, which just gets better the older he gets.

To me it's undenieable that he's one of the greatest drummer ever. I saw him at rock en seine in france and unfortunately he didn't play drums. But he still rock a lot there (i. don't have any other words to express how much it was awesome). Grohl is the best

How is Dave Grohl not even in the top ten?! The mind boggles. He is easily the greatest drummer of his generation-Nirvana for gods sake! Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures and need I say it-Foo Fighters! He is a legend and beats all and any other drummers out the water.

How can this absolute legend not be in the top ten? He was 1/3 of the band that popularised grunge let alone alternative rock, he played every instrument on the Foo Fighters debit album, he was in the epic punk band Scream, played for Queens of the Stone Age, played drums for Tenacious D's albums, started Them Crooked Vultures AND has a kick-ass beard.

Dave Grohl is most possibly the loudest, well known drummer of all time (or should be). Its too bad he will be forever know as "the guy who played in Kurt Cobain's band" but when you think of the brilliant drumming he did with Them Crooked Vultures, Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age you realize how amazing he truly is

Dave Grohl isn't only one of nicest guys in the industry, he's also one of rocks greatest when it comes to drumming. His power and presence are huge on almost every song he plays in but he never tries to upstage his bandmates. He can play extremely complicated fills with ease and he never misses a beat. He's the best drummer after Bonzo in my opinion and should be higher than guys like Ulrich. For the Ulrich fans who disagree, check out Grohl's work on Probot and Nirvana songs like Scentless Apprentice. Otherwise, listening to Them Crooked Vultures (best live) is the perfect way to see Grohl's greatness.

I've never heard somebody pound the drums so loud and be able to stay on time. His drum skills are something else that's for sure. I don't know much about drumming. But look at him smashing away during live performances and realize how he's staying on time. He can also go VERY. VERY. fast - superluke10000

Dave Grohl isn't about perfection and all of that. It's all about style and personality and the human element. Neil Peart is most definitely the most skill drummer out there but Dave Grohl beats any rock drummer in the world for his Incredible personality and creativity.

The multitude of artists Dave has played with as drummer is astounding, Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, Queens of the Stone Age, Kurt and Krist too! His ability to be an excellent drummer, added to the fact that he sings and can play guitar as well, earns him the title of best rock drummer in my book. - Mousike

Dave Grohl is by far the fastest and best drummer I've ever seen, even he has a perfect tempo and he can do whatever he wants with the drums, he goes crazily fast and suddenly stops to a different tempo without mistakes, he is the best by far.

Dave should be a least number four, for numerous reasons. 1. He is the most solid drummer out there right now. 2. His fills fit his songs perfectly, and 3. Because he's played with numerous legends (Led Zeppelin, Rush, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) so I think he should be at least number 4!

Dave isn't the FIRST?!? He is the best the best the best of the world! Thanks to people like him ROCK will never die! he played in Nirvana (I've just say Nirvana! ) and in QOTSA and in Them Crooked Vultures and Foo Fighters! HE MUST BE THE BEST

Dave grohl is the best drummer out there! He cares for his fans, when he broke his leg on stage he went on with the concert and didn't care! He should be on number 1, he was in Nirvana one of the greatest rock bands in that era, even after Nirvana he went to create Foo Fighters.

Dave is an unbelievable drummer, and he is just amazing at everything he does! :) Dave deserves every bit of credit he gets, he is so underrated as a drummer. He should be in the top 5 not bloody 25, geez people come on it's Dave Grohl!

i know he is a guitarist now but he NEEDS to get back on drums. it makes me sad to see him not drumming. he and niel peart(#1 on list)are my insperations to becoming a worldwide famouse drummer. Dave, Rock On. - drownthefish2112

Dave Grohl seriously needs to be higher on this list. He's legendary; not everyone has so much talent. Not only is he a fantastic drummer, but he's also an insanely talented singer and guitarist, and he's got a reputation as one of the Nicest Guys in Rock.

One of the best drummers ever, giving, stunning, love his style. I had the pleasure to see FF in Milan and Leipzig (great shows by the way), but never had the chance to see him drumming with QOTSA.

Dave Grohl is really awesome! If the Nirvana stuff isn't good enough for you, then listen to Songs For the Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age, on this album Dave Grohl shows the world that he's a god

I had the privilege to see him playing drums with john paul jones and seasick steve at milton keynes bowl, and I've gotta say, he put his own drummer (taylor hawkins) out of a job that night!

Dave Grohl is the best drummer and one of the best musicians of this generation. Listen to Song for the Dead by queens of the Stone Age and you'll know what I'm talking about. He's incredible. He's also just a really cool guy altogether.