Ginger Baker

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Ginger Baker deserves to be number 1 on the list. He has the greatest technique due to his training as a jazz drummer. He has perfect time and a unique rhythm which has influenced music since the 60's. He should also be number one of the top ten most underrated drummers of all time.

Too bad nobody listens to Cream anymore. If they did, they would hear drumming that was as much a part of the melody of the song as it kept time for Claptan and Bruce. White Room, Tales of Brave Ulysses, even Anyone for Tennis? , none of those songs would sound as good with another drummer.

How the hell has Ginger Baker been beaten out by the drummer from My Chemical Romance, or half of these other drummers on the list for that matter? This list is an absolute joke. Must be a bunch of fourteen year olds voting.

He should be number 4, above all these drummers. Yes they are talented but they are not in the leagues of Bonzo, Keith Moon, Neil Peart and Ginger Baker. - Astaelian

Ask the legends of the music industry and Ginger will undoubtedly be on the list. His timing was and is spot on as is his ability to improvise. If you don't think he deserves to be here you haven't done your homework.

None of the other drummers on this list engaged in contests with historic drum greats. Baker welcomed the opportunity to go head to head with all manner of drummers from jazz to rock. At the very least he should be one of the top three.

Come on, Ginger Baker behind The Rev? Yes, The Rev is incredibly talented, better than I could ever be at the drums, but Ginger Baker was more influential, and talented. At least put Ginger Baker in the top 5. - Metalfan2112

he's misunderstood and very underrated. Top to bottom was his specialty, none better. Ever heard his live Toad from the breakup concert. No one else folks.

Ginger Baker should no doubt be mentioned with the greats of Bonham, Moon, and Neil Peart. Just listen to any Cream song and you'll hear his mastery of the drum set.

He can play whatever the drummers on this list can but the difference is that he does it only with a snare and bass drums, a hi-hat and one tom...

Needs more credit. Amazing drummer but not appreciated nearly as much as he should be.

he's really really old and he can still play so well!
Seen a lot of solos by, my fave's gotta be the one from cream 2005. I love watching his hands move! - mowglisegus614

If there's a documentary about the guy you can assume he's good. He is one of the most incredible drummers of all time

This is a popularity contest not based on talent. Buddy Rich can play. Ginger Baker can play Neil pearl can play. The rest play around.

Forever number one in my heart and for those who never heard of him shame on you

Ginger Baker as #18? No clue. Ask the drummer's who is #1, ask Eric Clapton. This is a joke. Art Blakey may be close and John Bonham, but #18. BS

The Hunting Party shows it all! Vote for this guy. He's one of the most underrated yet one of d most outstanding drummers.

Ginger Baker should be the the number one spot. So many were influenced by him.

Why is ginger baker doing in 12, he's should in number 3, at least number ten

How DARE these people put Ginger Baker at #9! In my opinion, he should definitely be in the top 5!

See the film in London's Hyde Park with 'Blind Faith'. I believe ROCK can CHANGE the kind Mir!

It's silly to talk about techniques and style. Let's talk SOUND.
Ginger gives real spine to a band that bends, stretches, pulls tight or walks under heavy load. He paints you a MURAL, not a picture. And with every other performance ads a detail that he forgot to put there before. He doesn't play a song or a number if you will. His musical life is His piece. Most of drummers above are just studio drummers, repeating themselves all the time, a door to door salesmen, pushing their lame ass product. While Ginger CREATED, they were "producing".

So underrated. Has the most feel in my opinion. He should definitely be in the top 5.

Come on, Baker should be up their with Bonham, Moon, Rich, and Morello!

Royal Albert hall did me in Still one of the best