Gustav Schafer


I love Gustav's drumming, he gets so into it! All you have to do is watch him for a minute and you can see how much he loves it! He is just so happy on those drums. Even the cocky, boastful, I'm gods gift to the world Tom has admitted how awesome Gustav and his drumming is, he said at one point he wished he did drumming instead cause of how cool it is, I mean the guitar is great but everyone and their mother picks the guitar. (And I'm so not trying to rip on Tom he is the hottest guy I have ever seen in my life! Tom is A number 1 baby! ) But as much as I love Tom, I think Gustav probably has more skill with his instrument then Tom does with his. Just my opinion of course, I love all of the Tokio Hotel members but anyone who has a passion for one of the less desired band instruments and dedicates their life to it is wonderful. And that is Gustav in a nutshell a hard working, passionate drummer!

Gustav Is Such An Amazing Drummer And Person, Its Hard To Find Words To Describe Him. He's A Quiet Person Throughout The Majority Of Tokio Hotel's Interviews, But When He's On Stage He's Like no Other. He Gives The Best Of His Drumming To The Fans And Its An Experience Like No Other. He May Not Compete Very Well With Other Well Known Drummers That Have Been Around For Years, But He'll Be One Of Those Well Known Drummers Very Soon Across The World. He Has Absolute Perfect Talent That Will Be Known For Years To Come

Gustav Schafer was never a man of many words. But he shows his love for his fans by drumming his heart out for us during their concerts. He is definitely a person I can look up to. Music plays a huge role in my life, and I am inspired by many musicians out in this world, and all the members of tokio hotel being included. Gustav keeps a fun tradition of going out onto the stage at their concerts and having the wave thingy-majig going on. He's an inspiration to many drummers out there, and is a great guy who is determined to please his fans by doing something he holds a deep compassion for.

Reading the comments it seems that everyone only seems to think that he's cute or sweet or a teddy bear. And I don't want other people to think that we voted for his looks. Gustav is a wonderful drummer. Gustavs been beating the drummers since he was five years old and have contuined for 17 years. He does what he wants and doesn't care what other thinks. He may not be the best in the whole wide world but he is good!

He has incredible skills. Truly gifted with the ability to not only give emphasis the crescendos but also soften and embellish Tokio Hotel's songs. Thus, lending the holistic feel to their sound as well as songs. He is really amazing with his innate passion for composition combined with natural and earned talent via experience which anyone can hear if you but listen.

He puts a lot of energy during the concerts of his band "Tokio Hotel". He is REALLY quiet and shy, but he doesn't show this on stage, instead, he's just forgets about everything and show us his crazy side. It's amazing that he started playing the drums when he was only 4 years old, and then he met the other band members at the age of 12, and they became the most succesful band in Germany in the last 20 years, they had sold 6 millions of records only there, they won more than 100 awards in 6 years, and they have millions of fans all over the world, well, I think he has to win. I'm from Argentina in Latin America and here there are a lot of fans of Tokio Hotel, and we are so far away from Germany. Every person can feel identified with their lyrics, which have true meanings, and are about important facts in life. So, that's all

This is to tell you that Gustav Schafer is really a GREAT DRUMMER.. He plays the drum with all his heart and soul. I bet he can't live with drums! It's his way of expressing himself, the feelings and the vision he wants to let us know is already there in the way he plays the drum. Even he is the most silent member in the famous German Rock band Tokio Hotel, his Noise is in the drums.. That's why he got to be the Best Rock Drummer!

Gustav is my favourite group drummer, and of course his my favourite drummer. I like when he plays drum, I like so much the songs. When he plays drum he is able to to entre me inside, and let me have wonderful feeling. The drum is the engine of the show without it, and without the drummer the concert would have no engine, and we know that cars can't walk without an engine. Go Gustav, you're the best drummer!

He is only the BEST German Drummer!
VOTE for him!
He is so cute and lovely his character ist so wonderful, because of this he must be the best.
The drum solos rocks the stage!
He is loud, cool and hot!
And he has the best Double of the World she calls "Big Drummer Gustav"

Even if Gustav as a lot more to learn when it comes do drums, He's one of the most amazing drummer that you can ever meet. He's really passionate about what he does, and he plays with his heart. That's the most memorable feeling that you have while listening to him live. He's not perfect, but he's fantastic. And for me, one of the best drummers ever - because of the love, passionate and life that he puts on the sound. You Rock Schafer!

Gustav is an amazing drummer. Especially for a German band, they've come a long way! I think that Gustav is very talented. I mean, who doesn't know nowadays who Tokio Hotel is? Let's give them some credit for it! Go Gustav!

Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schafer is the BEST drummer in the WORLD! Oh and uuhhh.. A drummer is a SweetLOver! His quiet but TENDER! And his CUTE! So vote for him BITCHES! NOWWW! Make Tokio Hotel proud mein fellow ALIENS!

Gustav is just awesome. He has played the drums almost his hole life, and there is not much more to say about him than that he is amazing. His techniques really fit with Bills voice, Toms guitar playing and George's bass playing. He is really amazing.

Gustav is a wonderful drummer. I think he's the best because when we see him playing' live we feel so much energy and he has such power to add more effects to the songs and make them more special when played live. I love him and for me there's no one like Gustav

Gustav is for me the best drummer ever. Every time I watch videos of concerts on youtube or on dvd I see he really enjoys what he does. He really like it and that makes me happy. It makes me even proud of him. Yes, for me he is the best, if he will win this or not, he is the best

I know he's still very young but he's one of the best drummers of these times... He has love and passion for music, his heart beats like his drum... his sound is amazing, he gives us energy and life thanks to his incredible talent... of course he still has to work, but he really rocks!

The awesome drummer in the world! And is in the best band in the world TOKIO HOTEL! Woo! I LOVE GUSTAV SCHAFER! He is the best drummer, very wicked drum skills. And probably he's the hot drummer alive right now and of course in the hottest band in the world tokio hotel. Love ya gustav!

Gustav must to win... He deserve it
He's the best and the cutest drummer ever for me. And I love the way he plays the drum.. So energetic
Gustav Schafer my cutie have to win!
Gusti I will always support you in everything and I'm with you &
I believe you...

Well, if he didn't play in Tokio Hotel, he'd be famous as well. He's got a lot of qualities doing his job, or better, his passion. And, if he wasn't in the band, Tokio Hotel wouldn't be the same. He's so important for them and for all us, for all the fans

Gustav is the best drummer in the world! Without Gustav, there's no Tokio Hotel. I truly believe that. His drummer skills are one of the best I've seen. Not forgetting, he's one of the cutest drummers, too! No one has awesome talents like Gustav!

Gustav's awesome! When he plays the drums you can see he thinks he's in paradise! He was born to do this Just look at the Schrei tour and the Zimmer 483 tour, he hits those drums so hard, it looks like he never wants to stop! He should win!

All the drummers here are amazing... but I'm a loyal fan of Tokio Hotel so I have to vote for Gustav :D But I also love Joey Jordison, The Rev, Mike Portnoy, James Kottak, Rob Bourdon, John Dolmayan, Miko Siren... etc! Good Luck to everyone!

I LOVE Tokio Hotel, and especially Gustav. The twins are hot (no doubt about that), but Gustav's got this amazing passion while he's playing that's just like "0_0" Every time I even hear one of their songs, I sing along (because I'm a singer, not a guitarist, bassist, or drummer), but I always listen for Gustav's drums. He's what keeps the band in tempo, and, more than that, it can't be a rock group without a drummer. You can be without a bassist, or without a guitarist, or without a singer, but without a drummer, it's not rock. Gustav's the most awesome drummer ever

UNDOUBTEDLY. Gustav is the best drummer ever. Tokio hotel is the best band. Bill kaulitz is the best group leader. Tom kaulitz is the best guitarist. Georg listing is the best bassist and gustav schafer is the best drummer. He is so shy and down to earth. He speaks too less but he is one of the hottest men ever. The way he plays his drums is breathtaking. No drummer ever can be compared to him. Gustav schafer for ever

Gustav is powerful when he plays his drums, you can see and feel the passion when you watch him in action! And he's adorable with his fans in the shows... what else can you ask for? Maybe he's not at the level of Joey Jordison (who btw I admire).. but Gus' is great! :) And the band wouldn't be the same without him... the band wouldn't even exist without him!