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John Henry Bonham was born on May 31, 1948 in Redditch, United Kingdom. Bonham (nicknamed Bonzo) was a professional hard rock drummer who was best known for being the drummer in the band Led Zeppelin. Bonham was also one of the background singers in the band. His drumming is mainly displayed on the more.


Anyone who hasn't seen Led Zeppelins' Song Remains The Same and doesn't believe he's the best drummer ever is crazy. Neil Pert is technically untouchable, but John is using his stick to change the tone and timbre of his snare, playing with his hands, and holding down with rock solid timing and power, the hippy, rock rhythm of the best band ever. Holding down the foundation with Jimmy Page on guitar? That's his guitar player that he's leading? John Paul Jones? Can play any instrument and one of the most musically proficient people who ever was born... Top 1 % for sure in history maybe, excluding Mozart and Beethoven. A true prodigy thought and he's linked and riding with John as the foundation, and Bonham can not only play at this caliber with some of the best musician at guitar and base that ever lived, but quarterbacking this power house flawlessly. Not only hold it down, but shining over these guys and uh? Shine with Robert Plant at the mic? Led Zeppelin created and influenced ...more

John Bonham is the best drummer of all time, period. Who the heck is that Japanese guy up in front?! Anyways, Bonzo deserves to be in the number one spot! Have you heard Bonzo's Montreaux and Moby Dick?! Those are master pieces! He is the king of accents and he could accomplish more on his bass drum with one foot than those with double bass pedals!

Just because he didn't have a huge f-off kit, doesn't mean he is crap. On the contrary, it means he is remarkable. Mr. Bonham could make more sounds with his simple drum kit than Neil Peart can with his unecessarily large kit!

Not only was Bonzo an absolute God on the kit, he was creative. Who else has thought of playing with four sticks? Who else has two timpani drums added with their kit? Who else thought of throwing away their sticks and playing with their hands, and still sound awesome? No one. Mr. Bonham is THE best drummer I have ever heard, I cannot stress it enough. He fuels me to continue to play the drums. He is a ...more - NicePants

Probably the most underrated drummer ever. They say neil peart was better, but look at his set. anyone could do amazing with like 40 drums and cymbals and 4 bass drums John bohnam had 1 pedal, and he had that kind of speed on the bass. listen closely to his songs and you'll see how fast he is. RIP John we miss YOU.

Oh and I completely hate this list. it's bad enough that bonzo is 3rd, but some of the best are really low. Keith moon 12th? That's insulting. this guy was a genius and should be up in the top 5 at least! That's even a little low for him. then there's buddy rich 18th. this guy was amazing. he INVENTED he drum solo. listen to him and see what I mean. Phil collins is 33rd and that's just pathetic. he can sing and drum amazingly at the same time. can that Japanese guy do that? And then there's rick allen whos 44th. sure his beats arn't like the rest of these guys but he has 1 arm. he should be in the top ten just for that. I'd like to see all these guys play with 1 arm. ...more - LightningFast4

With this list, I have given up on humanity. Bonzo accomplished the greatest sound of all time on a drum kit. His place was with Led Zeppelin and he gave Zep the awesome sound that still endures to this day. Drummers, including myself, use techniques he pioneered, or at least made well known. (Such as playing on the drums with his hands, Joe Morello inspired him to do the same thing as a kid)

When it comes to the best drummer of all time though, he wasn't. I would give Vinnie Colaiuta or Dennis Chambers that position. But something about Bonzo playing makes him my favorite drummer and he continues to inspire me.

Although, he deserves at least 3rd on this list. Seriously, go on YouTube and watch Moby Dick or anything live that he performed. My personal favorite (Zeppelin is my favorite band too) performance of his is Whole Lotta Love at MSG in 1973. Especially the there in part. It will give a drummer an orgasm with his insane right foot.

the drummers ahead John Bonham (not for Neil Peart) are really overrated:
- The Rev is good, but is nothing against Bonzo!
- WHAT THE HELL IS DOING SHANNON LETO HERE? This is the list of the best drummers, not the list of the most commercial "drummers" without talent...
- Go to any music list, in most of them you'll find in the first places something of X Japan... they really don't deserve that
- Joey Jordison ahead John Bonham? Slipknot is the synonym of overrated.

John is one the greatest (if not the greatest) drummers ever! there are tons of great songs showing his great talent in drums: Rock and Roll, Moby Dick, Bonzo's Montreux, Stairway to Heaven, In My Time of Dying, Good Times Bad Times... people should really think when they vote, they just insult rock and drumming history - rock2metal

Apparently this list has been going on a while and Bonham was even further down than #4. I can stomach Peart on top even though Peart himself has given massive props to Bonzo. But Bonham, Keith Moon and Peart should be the top 3. End of discussion. Put their names in a hat and draw for the order, but start the discussion with #4. Even beyond the technical prowess of these guys, they ARE rock. Moon and Bonham re-defined rock drumming, from the straight time-keeping to an instrument in its own right. Get with the program, people. Learn a little about these guys. Bonham had a left foot that was faster than everyone one else on double-bass (listen to "Good Times, Bad Times").

Oh my god, John Bonham is in a completely different class than Neil Peart. All Neil did was making himself look better at the expense of the rest of his band. Whenever I listen to Rush, I am not blown away by Neil but Alex Lifeson. I think the only rock drummer that is remotely close to John is Keith Moon. FOr those of you that think that John is the best just because of Moby Dick think again. The way he kept the band together with his drums is amazing. Listen to the drums in Achilles last stand, it always blows me away. The fact that he was in easily the best band ever also ups his reputation.

This is ridiculous! I HATE YOU MORE THAN EVER 30 SECONDS TO MARS! I am sick of everyone thinking their the best band ever! And I'm sick of seeing their members above deserving people on this list! Fine, you can have your guitarist above the likes of Eric Clapton and Keith Richards. And fine, you can have your singer above the likes of Robert Plant and Paul McCartney. But when your drummer is above John Bonham, that's when it gets too much. Your drummer can't even compare with Bonzo, I bet that he can't even think as fast as Bonzo can drum. R.I.P Bonzo!

The title refers to the greatest drummers of all time, but this list is in the Rolling Stone, therefore obviously leaning to "Rock" not the Big Band Era. That being said, we all have an opinion on who the best is. Buddy Guy ridiculously gifted, Peart Technically perfect, Moon-thrilling, others, etc. Whether #1 or not, to make a statement that Bonham is over-rated is simply lacking good judgement. You don't have to look long to find the admiration for Bonham from other respected percussionist... Many are on this list. Including Copeland, Grohl, Ulrich, not to mention that Moon, Starr, and Appice all considered him a friend.

No, I do not know what good drumming is. The only thing I know is what my intuition (and my ears) say about music: do I like it or not. Drumming 'like a beast' (i. E. Making a lot of noise - like Keith Moon) doesn't make someone a good drummer. It is how you look a the position of a drummer in a band. Is he a full member of the group, like Bonham was at Led Zeppelin, or is he, more or less, a 'rythmic cornerstone', more 'modest' in performing, in a more 'serving' role. That is something totally different. In this last category, certainly Charlie Watts (RS) is one of the best, or probably the best.

Listen - I get why everyone loves Peart. The man is a technical wizard and a legend behind the skins. But, come on! Together with Keith Moon, Bonzo defined what rock drumming IS. Before Bonham, rock drumming was bass, snare, bass, snare. Bonham revolutionized how the instrument should be played with his innovative fills and beats. He really FELT the music. It wasn't always about how complicated he played - he could lay down an elementary groove and blow you away with his feel alone. He is the GRANDFATHER OF ROCK DRUMMING. Because he gave so much to the genre, the least we could do is vote him number one on this silly website.

I feel ashamed that I am 18 years old now and live amongst all these.. Children that can't enjoy music musicians or talented bands.. But rather listen to linkin park, tokio hotel or terrible music like trance etc etc.. And then when you think you have found good music.. The best musicians are placed near the bottom... John bonham may you strike everyone down that don't respect you what you are.. The best drummer that have ever lived! I hope you will be doing it with both your sticks!

This list is stupid John Bonham right here at least 2 if not 1 no one here knows what they are talking about where is Keith Moon? Do you people even know what good drumming is? It's not just ridiculous thrashing about on a kit at a mind numbing pace. You have to find a rhythm and keep its pace while sounding unique. Without this man none of these guys would even be up on that list! Nobody on this list is even CLOSE to the quality of Bonham's style and groove. You all suck, I give up on music!

Number nine? That is ridiculous, he and neil peart should be much higher than they actually are on this list, the only people ahead of them that I've even heard of is tre cool, and he's good, but he doesn't even scratch the surface compared to peirt and bohnam. John has crazy solos like the song remains the same version of moby dick, or the small solo at the end of rock and roll, and he has insane beats, such as in the song "out on the tiles" and "Good times bad times" very poor list


Bonham, Peart, and Portnoy are the only ones in the top ten that deserve to be on the list. I've been looking around lists on this site and 30 seconds to mars and Tokio hotel are always in the top ten. It so many people on this list are voting them up because they're in their favorite and therefore MUST be the best goddamned players around. But honestly they're just average. Bonham was creative and inspired some of rocks best drummers. That's my opinion. Take it or leave it.

John Bonham is in 6th and is being beaten by Tre Cool?! As in John Bonham, the guy who pretty much revolutionized drumming and without whom drumming as we know it may not have existed? No one can top his groove and his technique. Then factor in that his right foot is a JACKHAMMER, meaning he uses the single pedal like a double. Oh, and he could crack out 32nd notes on one hand. May I remind you that this is back as early as 1969?

John Bonham has had an influence like no other rock drummer ever has. I guarantee that nearly every rock drummer in the world has been influenced by him. He was powerful, fast, and unmatched to this day for his feel for the groove. I don't know why the exceeding average Shannon Leto who needs to stop using his China cymbal for just a second is at number two, or the again, exceeding average The Rev is at number 3. Bonham is superior to any rock drummer on this list, and deserves to be number 1.

Bonham should be number one without question. He plays drums like a force of nature. He has an outstandingly fast right foot and his technique and style are unparalleled. I'm sick of listening to people talk about neil peart being the best. He is fast but he sounds like a drum machine. No distinct sound to set him apart. He's just fast. I wont even say anything about Travis Barker being near the top of this list... - apoakspos

Bonzo is just so different from every other drummer. He is so powerful and loud in his drumming, but at the same time he slips in those subtle little ghost notes that just makes his playing so much better. And have you heard his foot?! No other drummers foot is half as good as Bonhams. Though his playing may not be as complicated as someone like neil peart, I find it much more fitting and it compliments the music and enrich's it, and he can do the the complicated stuff if he wants, plus he's doing it all on a four piece. I'd love to see peart do what he does on a four piece.

Top 3 should do nicely for him, great Drummer, best band ever, with his thunderous beat, Jimmy Paige's heavenly riffs that span the cosmos, poetical verses of Robert Plant, and the abysmal duns of John Earl James... though there is one thing that really annoys me that Bonham died of drugs and that the band couldn't wholesomely carry on without him at least the Led Zeppelin legend lives on with the stars in the night AMONG THE GODS!

This is like trying to compare Jordan to Dr J. Dr J set the standard of excellence in hoops that showed Jordan how to become great. Bonham did the same thing in the music industry. He didn't play for Led Zeppelin, they played BEHIND him. He was clearly the lead musician in the band and that is saying something because many believe Jimmy Page was the best lead guitar ever.

Probably one of the most powerful drummers of all time, and best too. Can't believe he isn't any higher up on the list, same with keith moon. John deserves to be at least in the top three spot, along with many other underrated drummers on this list, what a shame...

John Henry Bonham. The three most important words in all of music. The moment one listens to Moby Dick live, they will realize that they are listening to a god. He could play with four sticks or no sticks and still be the greatest. He played the drums with a passion and skill that put all imitators to shame. Because you can't imitate John Bonham: you can only revere him.

I honestly do not understand how he can be placed anywhere below number 5. He is an amazing drummer, I only wish I was born at the apex of his career and actually had a chance to listen to him live. He is brilliant and there is absolutely no way anyone, I mean anyone, could imitate him. He is truly the one of a kind drummer. Never the less I do not believe a list can prove a drummers prowess. Just a thought.