Nakajima Yuto


A member of the popular Japanese boy group Hey! Say! JUMP, he has not limited himself into dancing and singing only, which what the group mainly does. In fact, he has worked hard of becoming a drummer since he was young. And today, at 18, his skills has gotten really amazing in just a short period of time. Also now, their band has not stopped being just a singing-dancing boy group. Him, with some other talented members of the same group, has also formed a band inside their circle which is gaining more and more popularity as well and he has largely contributed to the JUMP's band's success, he and his amazing drumming skills, not to mention his passion for learning the instrument and his BIG, BIG LOVE for music! He sure is happiest when on-stage and has radiated it to the fans. His story is surely amazing and an inspiration to everyone.

This person deserve some LOVE and ATTENTION because he simply has got it!

Nakajima Yuto is simply the best!

He play drums very well. He also can do tap dance, moon walk, singing, and dance. He really loves to play Drums. He Always thinking about his drum. He really rocks when playing drum. He is a cheerful and nice guy. He loves to make his friends smile and laugh.

He is one of the members of the Japanese boy band group called Hey! Say! JUMO. He is a sunshine boy. He loves smiling. He can bring happiness and encouragement to everyone. The lachrymal mole is one of his logo. He loves playing drums and tap dance. Of course he is full of passion and plays excellent. Vote for him!

Seriously, he started playing drums when he was 14 or so but now he's 18 and, he looking so good with drums One of the best from JE (or the best tehee). He is simply amazing!

He is a very cute boy as well as an excellent drum player. He loves to play drums and keeps practicing them whenever they are available. It is really pleasant and it is an enjoyment when watching him playing them on stage. Although he is still a young boy of only 18 years old, he has already shown to us his talent. He will definitely become more and more amazing in the future.

His drum show is so passionate! He is very good at playing drums, and he enjoy playing drums. He said that how much he loves playing drums many times during the magazine interviews. I think the passion will make this young drummer improve his ability rapider. I guess the reason that not so many people know him just because he is not in a regular rock band but in a music group which include 9 people. Hope to see him playing drums in concerts!

He is from Japan's Boy band group called Hey! Say! JUMP, he has a good talent at playing drums, he always annoying other members with his air drumming, because he is very very loves playing drum. Yups its Nakajima Yuto!

His drum is fantastic because it can gives me power and energy. Hey! Say! JUMP is an idol group mainly does dancing performance, I hope he can have more chance to show his awesome drum. I'm looking forward to Johnny;s give more JUMPband show.

He is talented star. He loves many instruments, but among those he likes drum best. L think drum just like all his life. Although he is just 18 years old, he is very good and hardworking. L believe he will have a bright future.

Nakajima Yuto is an awesome drummer. Yuto is a member of Hey! Say! JUMP and for some of their songs he plays the drums. He's not only a great drummer but he is also a boy with a lot of charisma, which can be transmitted when he plays the drums.

He is a young drumer. When he plays the drum, I can fell his power and charm. He is the best idol in my heart. I think he will be better in the future

It just like he is a drummer in born. He always hit his members'legs or heads as drum. Yuto can do everything in his best.

A talent young man, only 18 years old. Starting playing drum at a very young age. The Japanese boy band "Hey Say Jump" that he joins has performance tours and attracts audiences more than 100,000 each year.

Drum is his favorite instrument now. He always mentions his practice in magazines, and we can see clearly how much progress he has made since his first drum show in concert.

He is talented. He can sing, dance, play drums, perform dramas, doing everything well. It's mostly because he always works hard.

He loves playing drums. We can always see him playing drums on the stage. The most important is his age. He is only 18 years old! He is really talented.

He is an idol but he learns to be a rock drummers I love him and he enjoy the rock and want to be A. Perfect rock drummer he works hard thought he is an idol

He is really passionate about drum. In interviews, in concert and even in T.V. show when he is as a guest, he never forget to talk about DRUM. He's good at it! He plays drum ever since he was little, he also have a lot other talents and he's only eighteen! This young boy, wherever he he goes, he always bring his drumsticks with him. And often practicing his air drum skill (even in train, on the way to school). His love for drum and his talent are so BIG! Vote for this young talented drummer or you can YouTube him first and I promise you, YOU WILL BE AMAZED.

Everything will change when he plays drum. He will change when he plays drum. Although he is not the professional drumer, he will be the best drumer in the future. We will see. Keep doing my dear Nakajima Yuto!

Nakajima Yuto has ever caught my attention. As the member of Japan's world known boy band group, Hey! Say! JUMP, everyone have known him as the Drum Prince. Yuto's love for his drum is as big as the whole world. He has brought his passion since little. He has collections of drum sticks and buys drum set whenever he wants. Yuto never get tired of it. In fact, even in shooting or during his free time, there's no minute you won't see him air drumming.

Other than drumming, he's good in all sorts too. He debuted in Johnny's as the Best Dancer. Loves tap dance and knows how to moon walk as much as he idolized Michael Jackson. He knows very much in singing, dancing, acting. And he can be a good model too!

I believe that he is meant to be a drummer. Even he is very young, he is still the best drummer for me.
You know that I just want to show my precious boy to the world.

He is one of the famous member of a boy band in Japan, the Hey say Jump.. When he plays with his drums.. His getting more hot.. Specially when he do some tricks with the drumsticks in his fingers. He plays drum not only in rock musics but even in their music videos and concert that are cool and calm namely "Magic Power".. There you can see his facial expression that its easy for him to play drums. He is hot and cute in that video. When he play rock music I liked him when the time that he was carried away and he looks like his sweating because of getting hot and suddenly flip his shirt above his shoulder that made his arms and muscles exposed. He is so talented. He deserves it

He love playing drum. He is able to play piano, bass and even guitar.
He is really talented

Nakajima Yuto for me really is the best drummer! I am not a big fan of drums before because I thought they were just pure noise. But when I saw him drumming during a performance, I felt really good and my heart thumped really fast like it's beating parallel to the beat that his every move makes! Really amazing! I have never imagined myself getting addicted to drums like I do now. It was because of him that I have learned how to appreciate every beat of thumping heart! Truly a one-of-a-kind drummer! Two thumbs up! If only I could give him three! Just kidding!

Yuto Nakajima is an awesome person. He is super active and out going. He gets wild every time he is with his drums and he is in love with it. He is hot, cool, cute, and handsome at the same time. He is super talented and he always does his best to make his fans happy. I love Yuto. - karmeliejanemonaya