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201 Daniel Adair

He's amazing to watch live!

He was good when with Three Doors Down as their touring drummer, but when he joined Nickelback as a member of the band, that was when the talent that had been lurking underneath the surface was finally allowed to be seen.

Unleashing a creative and artistic prowess, he's much more than just a basic meat and potatoes kind of player, not one to shy away from trying different set ups, techniques and sounds.

And the passion and excitement he exhibits when playing live, especially during his solo, is contagious, making what are normally long drawn out ego boosting drum solos into something quite enjoyable and leaving you wanting to hear and see more.

Daniel is An amazing drummer, and is a member of the best band of the world! Nickelback! He is very talented, will become a legend in some years!

Talented drummer, very comfortable with the drum sticks, and he's from Nickelback so...

An inspiring musician and very good artist on the scene!

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202 Josh Dun Josh Dun Joshua William "Josh" Dun is an American musician. He is currently the drummer for the band Twenty One Pilots.

Josh has this amazing energy when he drums, and nothing stops him - he stands up while playing, hits the drums so hard that you're afraid they're going to break, and uses his entire body until he's swimming in sweat to make the best sound possible come out - and he succeeds, every time. He's incredible, and makes the drums to so much more than you're used to.

Literally bae, one of the best/out of many drummers I am a fan of.

He's better than that Ashton Irwin 5sos I call be he's the best drummer in the world

I absolutely love Josh, he is an amazing drummer

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203 Richard Hughes


204 Kristian Gidlund

The best drummer, the best person. The only one who deserves this.

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205 Jose Pasillas

This gut is an unsung hero. Just listen to any incubus song and try to play the drums to it. He has such a unique style that you can't copy it. It takes more tan a while to learn his style. Compared to others on this list he shuld be higher.

jose passilas is an inspiration to me as a drummer his style is incorporated into my playing and I have learned only a small number of his songs and I'm grade 5

Jose has amazing talent, and is an all around drummer, adopting his skills from the best like Neil Peart and Stuart Copeland. Great Drummer.

Jose should be in top 10. What a style, so many genres. Just go and hear some incubus album, you will change your mind. My inspiration.

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206 Matt Helders

Seriously? All the way down here. Go listen to some of their music and see how awesome he really is. There is no way that Travis Barker should be ahead of Matt Helders and there's no way that Tommy Lee should even be on this list to begin with.

115?!? Hasn't anyone listened to the arctic monkeys? The drumming in those songs is incredible. He is awesome. He should be WAY higher on the list!

One of the best drummer of the new generation of rockers. Not just a drummer, a musician. And actually, sings and plays at the dame time. A powerful man.

Brianstorm? Pretty visitors? No? Ok. I know there are better ones but he should be at least top 50

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207 Robin Goodridge

AMAZING drummer not to mention all-round sweet, genuine person. Gotta love Robin Goodridge... He deserves this!

The sweetest, most genuine man I've ever met! And can rock those drums like none other!

Robin is an amazing drummer and such a rad dude! So great to the fans & so deserving of recognition! YOU THE MAN ROBIN!

Robin in my opinion should rise high on this List! Anchor Man~BUSH! Always rocks it with his all! Major Fan of this Man!

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208 Manu Kache

Check out some tracks from Peter Gabriel's "Secret World Live". Unbelievable stuff. Especially "Come Talk to Me".

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209 Matt Mcdonough

He should be higher he makes verry good drum beats that complement the rest of the music extremely well

Matt has been one of my favorite drummers since the birth of Mudvayne.. I'd give him a perfect 10

Very technical and very underrated.

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210 Nicholas Barker

Ah, one of my favorite black metal bands. Dimmu Borgir. This guy can keep a super fast bass drum beat while keepin up to beat with cymbals and snares like no one else can. He is amazing and i like many of their songs just for the drumming.

Easily the fastest and best drummer ever. Just listen to the opening of 'For the World to Dictate Our Death' to see what I mean.

211 Jon Theodore

I believe that the only reason that this guy isn't higher up on the list is because The Mars Volta isn't very mainstream. Were they more well know, then he would be one of the top 10 at least. Maybe number 2 right behind Danny Carrey. I saw The Mars Volta live and they were amazing, and Jon Theodore wasn't an exception.

Hands down the best drummer I have ever seen live (and I've seen most of the living, highly regarded rock drummers). It's a shame he is no longer with The Mars Volta, as their music hasn't been the same since. In what was an all-around immensely talented band, it was impossible not to be glued to him during their live shows.

come on!!! He must be the best or among the best five drummers in the world, He has a unique style, a style not heard long ago.... for me the best!

He has unique and progressive style in The Mars Volta and catchy hip-hop grooves in One Day As A Lion. Very versatile

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212 Jukka Nevalainen

Should be a lot higher up than this the guy is a legend and nightwish would definitely not be the same without his style of drumming

Best drummer ever, passion player

He's the best, should be in the top 10.

Outstanding! Will be missed on the new album.

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213 Beatmaster V

Damn Most Of The this Drúmmers on the top can�'t play near good than The V, why I never hear a drum solo from Metallica hah or the rest. -

214 Chuck Comeau

Chuck Comeau is the best human being and best drummer ever! He's an example of hard work and really passionate about music, he is always doing his best for the band!

Awesome... This drumer from simple plan band. He is the best man. Way we don't vote for him I like him so much more than any one

I can't believe that he'd be the 284th drummer of the world. He's so much better. And I think Simple Plan deserve this. Because they're my number one since 2002.

Chuck is the best

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215 Tadayoshi Okura

He is the best. Lots of heart and soul in his drumming.

216 Nao (Alice Nine)

He's a REALLY good drummer. He looks like he always enjoys playing the drums and he is really nice. He can also make other people smile as he drums because he is so funny.

He is a really good drummer and he put so much heart into it. He always look so happy and that is so unique for a drummer.

He is a great drummer in his own right. He works very hard to keep up with the rest of the band.
Constantly practicing, and working. He really is the best drummer in my opinion. Beside, playing funk on drums isn't easy, and he makes it look so easy. And he looks like he's having so much fun while he's playing every song.

Love this drummer ^_^

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217 Derek Roddy

best drummer out there
crazy blasts
insain endurance
good all around

218 Dennis Chambers Dennis Chambers Milton "Dennis" Chambers, is an American drummer. He was inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 2001.

This Cat should be #1 HANDS DOWN! I have never to this date seen anyone as good as Dennis, and believe me I eat, drink, and sleep music... Dennis you ROCK my friend...

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219 Ted Kirkpatrick

in 106? he is great!
he can play the drums really great, much better than many drummers in this list...
just listen to "Viento Borrascoso" or "Ark of Suffering", and you will now what REAL drumming is! - rock2metal

What a musician and the leader of an underrated progressive metal band.

Just cause no one has heard of the band dosen't mean he isn't amazing.

220 Jean-Paul Gaster

Definitely worth mentioning more than some of these "drummers" from cheesy bands. He stands out from every album they do.

Great creativity and exceptional timing and rhythm, definitely a stand out drummer

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