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241 Richard Christy

Not even in the top 20?

242 Matthew Helders
243 Tomoya Kanki

This is the cutest and talented and amazing and greatest drummer at all... I love the way you enjoying the beat of the music, Tomo-chan.

244 Jay Weinberg Jay Weinberg Jay Weinberg is an American drummer and the son of drummer Max Weinberg. He has played with the punk band the Reveling and toured in 2009 as a drummer with Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, substituting for his father.

He is in slipknot

245 Brain Downey

In my opinion the greatest drummer of them all with the greatest rock band of them all thin lizzy

246 Barry Frosty Smith

When he played with Lee Michaels he was doing things with the drums that still to this day has not been surpassed for the time. Many have emulated him and many have learned from him even if they didn't know of him through others that did.

One of the most respected artists in the industry, the one that other drummers will go to see if he's in their area. He's played on over 60 albums.

247 Brandon Sallers
248 Daniel Erlandsson

Eaniel's drumming is sublime and the drums which bring the guitars back in after the breakdown in Nemesis is the best 10 seconds of music ever.

249 Brian Chippendale

face melting awesomeness. check out the power of salad and milkshakes and tell me im wrong.


250 Christian Grahn

This guy is the best Drummer Ever. AwesomE! - mmtennis07

251 Zoltan Csorsz

Just see the "Meet The Flower King" DVD concert and vote It's an Hungarian prodigy

252 Ginger Fish
253 Erik Sandin

Come on, he is so good. NOFX's songs are often very fast and Sandin plays drum fast as hell and I saw them live and he was really precise. If you listen to everything in moderation, I am going to hell for this one,... you will understand what I'm talking about - pageg

better drummer with Chris Tsagakis ( rx bandits ) he is a pure clock and in a NOFX shows (i've seen them 2 times), the most precise drummer I've seen ever.

I hope I can see one day Chris Tsagakis live.

Come on, how? Smelly is amazing, and he puts in so much effort into his incredible beats, and he plays fast as I have never seen before. 301 is bullcrap. It's disrespect. This guy is possibly NOFX's heart.

He rules. Come on, 225? He should definitely be in the top 10. Listen to the speed he pulls off in decom-posuer or that kickass breakdown in the decline, and you will think the same.

254 Barry Kerch

His drum playing is onw of the best I have ever heard next to Jen Ledger he is the best right now period of the best drummers I've heard (you think iam dumb) he at least in top 20

255 Bev Bevan

Bev being the progressive rock artist that he is absolutely shone with Electric Light Orchestra. Their live concerts were not to be missed. If you never got to see their shows, get their DVD Out Of The Blue. Lt's to die for.

Influenced Sean Page to play drums. Overdub master!

256 Spencer Smith

I agree I'm at 159 and outraged he wasn't higher even though as of April 2nd he left panic!. cries

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257 Danny Seraphine

There's absolutely no reason that Danny Seraphine is buried under all this metal garbage. As the drummer in Chicago, he was, in my opinion, unsurpassed in his time or since.

Great at jazz and rock drumming as well.

258 Aoyama Hideki
259 Tomoya Kanki (One Ok Rock)
260 Tobias Derer V 1 Comment
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