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241 Buddy Miles

Buddy Miles may just be one of the most understated drummers of all time..well not realy. anyone who has heard him will agree he is amazing. not a lot of people know that buddy invented the FAT bombastic drum style made popular by john bonham in the 70's, and is the standard in todays music.just listen to "Hendrix (live at the filmore east) band of jyps.he is the turning point of drumming evolution. at that point in time nobody had ever played like that. he has inspired all the legandary drummers who inspire us.....and will continue - wblike

242 Adrian Young

Its not fair, how someone talented like him is that low rated.
He really deserves like Top 5!

absolutely under valued, tight-precise rhythm. in the top 15!

243 Jordan Rat Beard Hastings
244 Barry Frosty Smith

When he played with Lee Michaels he was doing things with the drums that still to this day has not been surpassed for the time. Many have emulated him and many have learned from him even if they didn't know of him through others that did.

One of the most respected artists in the industry, the one that other drummers will go to see if he's in their area. He's played on over 60 albums.

245 Brandon Sallers
246 Jim Gordon Jim Gordon

Great solid drummer, should be higher up. Played with some awesome people and bands.

247 Tony Williams Tony Williams
248 Barriemore Barlow

unbelievable, one of the best drummers of all time. I dont see how he cant already be on here.

John Bonham' s favorite drummer!

Barriemore Barlow is the most underrated drummer, he could be easiily in the top ten.

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249 Daniel Erlandsson

Eaniel's drumming is sublime and the drums which bring the guitars back in after the breakdown in Nemesis is the best 10 seconds of music ever.

250 Ben Johnston

Biffy Clyro's drummer, Ben is able of incredible and amazing things. He's part of the success and the art of one of the best live band in the world.

The most precise and tight drummer I have ever heard. Amazing.

251 Uli Kusch

He was only with them for a few years but, man was he AMAZING... i wish he would have stayed on for there newest album. Listen to the solos in Hocus Pocus and you'll see why.

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252 Elohim

Best Drum player in the history.

253 Sonny Emory

plays the fastest single stroke on the snare or around the kit, ever...BEST DRUMMER IN THE UNIVERSE!!!

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254 Brian Chippendale

face melting awesomeness. check out the power of salad and milkshakes and tell me im wrong.

255 Bill Eyden
256 Shawn Priest

just go look him up. he is the most insane drummer i have ever seen. i have spent my life looking at drummers and he is right up there with neil peart. best grav i have ever heard.

257 Derek Grant
258 Tom Brechtlein

absolute n. 1 blues/jazz drummer!

259 Abe Cunningham

My favorite drummer. He puts hip-hop grooves into metal and makes it work. He has a very unique style and my favorite Deftones drum songs are One Weak, Birthmark, My Own Summer (Shove It), Digital Bath, Passenger, Needles And Pins, Hole In The Earth, and You've Seen The Butcher

amazing drummer... I challenge anyone to listen to rx queen or feiticeira and tell me different

Very solid. His drumming is an underrated aspect of the band. You can tell he puts his hand into it.

260 Derek Bloom
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