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261 Tomoya Kanki (One Ok Rock)
262 Zach Hill V 1 Comment
263 Tobias Derer V 1 Comment
264 Paul Bostaph
265 Elohim

Best Drum player in the history.

266 Bill Eyden
267 Derek Bloom
268 Liberty Devitto

One of the greatest drummers I've ever seen live

269 Chuck Biscuits

chuck is by far the best drummer of all time, style wise and sound wise, look up "bodies" by danzig on you tube and watch how he drums, then listen to losers club by D. O. A. and picture him drumming.

270 Ron Welty

Def. tied with Eddie VH for the best ever

Brilliant drummer. I have seen him with Kiss and Alice Cooper.

271 Jim Keltner
272 Chad Wackerman

excellent jazz fusion drummer who is a touring and studio legend. played with innovative greats such as frank zappa, and allan holdsworth. - wildaminal

273 Josh Eppard

has no one seen the dvd on the making of the first part of good apollo? that man was pounding away at his drums for so long and so hard that he actually developed his hand muscles even further than before. not to mention the fact that next to neil pert, john dolmayan, joey jordison, and gustav schafer, his drumset is also a barricade. I honestly don't understand why he wasn't on this list. (if I happened to just miss his name, someone please tell me. my glasses are starting to fail me :p) - ronijohnson

When josh left coheed & cambria, no one could fill his shoes and play like he did. Now he's back and coheed sounds better then ever. Maybe cause he was playing straight rock for 2 years, or playing all his own beats on his solo hiphop record: Weerd Science "sick kids". Sickest drummer ever, fastest single peddle

Definitely belongs in top 10, wether baricaded or 4 pc kit, he's amazing, not just rock but any genre, he finds the groove in all and has the fastest single foot around, he's the talent in coheed and back to fill his own shoes, bigger and even better then before

274 Nathan Followill

I love this man! Not only a great drummer but an awesome singer! His backing vocals are perfect!

Effortlessly cool and my ears only hear the drums & bass on KOL tracks

His drumming style and volume along with his vocals takes KOL to another level of greatness

V 1 Comment
275 Mickey Curry
276 Andrea Vadrucci
277 Hiroki

Drummer of Japanese metal band D, he plays with such a passion which can make you scream and will definitely raise your mood even if you feel despair or sadness! Just watching his playing makes your heart beats at the same rhythm with music! Every part of his body is into music, just look at their clips! He makes you forget where are you and what time is it. He definitely deserves to be at least in top ten best rock drummers ever!

Awesome drummer.. He really always does his best and make music and rhythm just burn!

278 Mike Shrieve
279 Aynsley Dunbar

The rock drummer for the band

280 Ray Fean
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