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261 Shawn Priest

just go look him up. he is the most insane drummer i have ever seen. i have spent my life looking at drummers and he is right up there with neil peart. best grav i have ever heard.

262 Derek Grant
263 Tom Brechtlein

absolute n. 1 blues/jazz drummer!

264 Abe Cunningham

My favorite drummer. He puts hip-hop grooves into metal and makes it work. He has a very unique style and my favorite Deftones drum songs are One Weak, Birthmark, My Own Summer (Shove It), Digital Bath, Passenger, Needles And Pins, Hole In The Earth, and You've Seen The Butcher

amazing drummer... I challenge anyone to listen to rx queen or feiticeira and tell me different

Very solid. His drumming is an underrated aspect of the band. You can tell he puts his hand into it.

265 Derek Bloom
266 Barry Brandt
267 Pat Torpey

He's one of the best rock/glam drummer of his era. he supposed to be the #2 because he plays jazz and slow rock

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268 Jacob Armen

Jacob armen is the young Buddy rich and by far the most talented drummer i've heard since then. He's a prodigy, check em out on Youtube, and you'll see what I mean

I think you missed this one pall...
Best one I've ever seen, I don't know bout you guys think... But this man had everything what drummer supposed to be... Skill, rythmic, Speed, Harmonics, Dynamics, what else... You Know What...? This guy should be at least on Top Three position...

269 Chris Wink

Chris Wink and Neil Peart are the greatest!

270 Liberty Devitto

One of the greatest drummers I've ever seen live

271 Byron McMackin

dude this guy is sweet
and fast he and mike portnoy are the best.

272 Roll Martinez
273 Lauren Barlow
274 Chuck Biscuits

chuck is by far the best drummer of all time, style wise and sound wise, look up "bodies" by danzig on you tube and watch how he drums, then listen to losers club by D. O. A. and picture him drumming.

275 Ron Welty

Def. tied with Eddie VH for the best ever

Brilliant drummer. I have seen him with Kiss and Alice Cooper.

276 Steve Negus

Everybody on this side of the border seems to have forgotten about Saga!
Look at at the sales the record Worlds Apart did. A big part of that is the drummer. His skill level should definitely be noticed on this list. To me one of the best!

277 Raymon Herrera

You hear his drumming? He kicks ass.

His précision,(in studios or shows)made him, with Thomas Haake and Mario Duplantier, one of the best metal drummers. Far forward the a7x

278 Graham Broad

Oh come on... check out Live at the Wall in Berlin... now that's drumming!

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279 Ed Warby

Amazing... This guy can play a one handed drumroll quicker than most people can play with two hands. His signature style is incredible. I put him in my Top Ten easy...

280 Jess Margera

Awesome band with an awesome drummer

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