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301 Josh Eppard

has no one seen the dvd on the making of the first part of good apollo? that man was pounding away at his drums for so long and so hard that he actually developed his hand muscles even further than before. not to mention the fact that next to neil pert, john dolmayan, joey jordison, and gustav schafer, his drumset is also a barricade. I honestly don't understand why he wasn't on this list. (if I happened to just miss his name, someone please tell me. my glasses are starting to fail me :p) - ronijohnson

When josh left coheed & cambria, no one could fill his shoes and play like he did. Now he's back and coheed sounds better then ever. Maybe cause he was playing straight rock for 2 years, or playing all his own beats on his solo hiphop record: Weerd Science "sick kids". Sickest drummer ever, fastest single peddle

Definitely belongs in top 10, wether baricaded or 4 pc kit, he's amazing, not just rock but any genre, he finds the groove in all and has the fastest single foot around, he's the talent in coheed and back to fill his own shoes, bigger and even better then before

302 Adam Carson

amazing drummer for an amazing band. AFI may not be the most well-known band but they have quite a few amazing albums that deserve more recognition. Adam Carson is an absolutely amazing drummer that deserves more credit than he gets. - ToriHorrorPictureShow

303 Rupert Huber

saw him once at a concert in vienna! he hits the snare like hell! - martin22

304 Erik Sandin

Come on, he is so good. NOFX's songs are often very fast and Sandin plays drum fast as hell and I saw them live and he was really precise. If you listen to everything in moderation, I am going to hell for this one,... you will understand what I'm talking about - pageg

better drummer with Chris Tsagakis ( rx bandits ) he is a pure clock and in a NOFX shows (i've seen them 2 times), the most precise drummer I've seen ever.

I hope I can see one day Chris Tsagakis live.

He rules. Come on, 225? He should definitely be in the top 10. Listen to the speed he pulls off in decom-posuer or that kickass breakdown in the decline, and you will think the same.

305 Chris Gaylor
306 Kris Kohls
307 Kevin Talley
308 Ranjit Barot
309 Omar Hakim

One of the sleekest jazz funk fusion drummers of all time. Played for Weather Report which as far as fusion goes are untouchable. OH played all the drum tracks on Dire Straights masterpiece album 'Brother in Arms' by flying to UK for two days and flying back cause the band's drummer simply did not meet the standard required. This is one of the testimonies for a fine drummer he is. Check out the videos for his solo sessions which are breath taking. Way to go Omar.

310 Matt Sorum

HE PLAYS LIKE A MACHINE! Yes, Steven Adler is better, but he plays better than a lot of these drummers! He is my favorite solo drummer.

311 Nathan Followill

I love this man! Not only a great drummer but an awesome singer! His backing vocals are perfect!

Effortlessly cool and my ears only hear the drums & bass on KOL tracks

His drumming style and volume along with his vocals takes KOL to another level of greatness

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312 Mickey Curry
313 Rikki Rockett

Rikki is one hell of a drummer, he has a custom drum making company also. 25 yrs as Poison's drummer. Anybody that can last that long deserves to be higher then 254!

314 Sadatoshi Tainaka
315 Pelle Alsing
316 Denny Seiwell
317 Andrea Vadrucci
318 Ricky Ficarelli
319 Boris Williams
320 Adam Grey
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