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301 Joe Vitale

Toured the world with (in their heyday) Peter Frampton, The Eagles, Joe Walsh, Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young... You talk about your rock star life...

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302 Corky Laing

Any list like this is purely subjective but for pure snack-you-in-the-face rock and roll Corky is hard to beat.

303 Robb Reiner Robb Reiner

Normally I would vote for Paul rudd since ac/DC is my fab band but this guy is amazing at drumming lok up white rhino on YouTube the drum solo is epic - Wasdxd

304 Shuji

He can plays with fantastic skills and very fast!

305 Paul Ferguson

At least 3 of the drummers in the top ten of this list would cite Paul as their major influence - highly underated and for no other reason than the fact that Killing Joke were the band that the press (still) love to hate - this man went where 99 of the drummers in this list would not dare to go. When others were punk, he was disco, when others were disco, he was tribal and when others were tribal, he was polished and precise - we are not worthy. - unspeakable

306 Jun Ji
307 Rupert Huber

saw him once at a concert in vienna! he hits the snare like hell! - martin22

308 Chris Gaylor
309 Rikki Rockett

Rikki is one hell of a drummer, he has a custom drum making company also. 25 yrs as Poison's drummer. Anybody that can last that long deserves to be higher then 254!

310 Ricky Ficarelli
311 D.H. Peligro

(former) Dead Kennedys Drummer. Very precise and extreme fast. He is the most underrated drummer.

312 Anton Rudi Kelces
313 Shinpei
314 Tim Day

This guy is good, fast, clean.. He played with Head East off and on from 94-2001 then again for some reunion shows, he also has played with Foghat and sat in for the Great Neil Peart when he had surgery in the 90's for several shows... Although he looks nothing like Peart he can mimic him to the exact beat... This is a guy who don't like the spotlight and never played to make million, he is now disabled from falling off his roof while cleaning his gutters and when they ran a story on him he asked for them not to mention he played in the rock biz... Because he did not want that to influence people to send him money for that reason... Tim is broke now, most all the money he made, he used to help his parent who both have cancer... There is very few videos of him playing but if you can find one or ever seen a show he was in with one of those bands you seen something special. His FB has him now living in a modest home in Springfield Il, near his family and struggling to make it as he is ...more

Yes I've seen him when he played with them at The Mansion in Springfield Illinois. Really good. It's a shame he can't play anymore. The guy is just real low key, never wanted the spotlight.

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315 Fotis Benardo

Drummer of the Greek Death Metal Band Septic Flesh. He's got rhythm, Speed and gives in every single song a special tone that separates it from the others. Just excellent.

316 Tom Breyfogle

You are is very good rock drummer in secondhand serenade and in america, you is very the best in america daripada bob bryar and the rev, let's go change the worlds

317 Vik Foxx

This is insane drummer and have unique skills when he play for the band such as The Veronicas. He almost 50 years old and plays like young drummer today.

318 John Tempesta

One of the greatest drummers playing today! Far surpasses all of the others still playing and falls in the category of John Bonham, Keith Moon, Bill Ward (still alive but not doing much), etc.

319 Graeme Edge

Melodic, soothing, but kick butt. That's The Moody Blues. The drumming to any prog rock band is difficult. The Moody Blues are no exception.

320 Jerry Gaskill

Great drummer of King's X. Cornerstone of this killer, Texas-based art-funk-metal trio. Check out his work on Pleiades.

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