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321 Narada Michael Walden
322 Graham Lear
323 Bill Stevenson

Every punk drummer on this list owes their career to Bill Stevenson.

324 Marky Ramone
325 Ronnie Tutt

He was Elvis Presley's choice for a drummer for the last ten years of the King's life.

326 Jeremy "Jez" Strode
327 Randy Castillo

How can you list rock drummers and not have Randy's name on it?

328 Paul Cook Paul Cook
329 Steve Augustine V 2 Comments
330 Janet Weiss

How in the hell is Weiss 462nd? She's a beast!

Janet Weiss is one of the best drummers have you heard "Bury our Friends or Oxygen"(Sleater Kinney) she rocks when it come to drumming

331 Bobby Jarzombek Bobby Jarzombek Bobby Jarzombek is a heavy metal/progressive metal drummer and best known for his work with Halford, Sebastian Bach and Riot.

According to Rob Halford, Bobby Jarzombek is the best metal drummer he knows.

Bobby worked for Halford solo, Riot, Demons & Wizards, Sebastian Bach, and several more. - Metal_Treasure

332 Zack Farwell
333 Coop3rDrumm3r (Casey Cooper)
334 John Rutsey
335 Pick Withers
336 Pete Thompson

He was with Bronco and Silverhead, is hella talented, hella cool, hella sexy, hella amazing and he's a hella amazing person

337 David Lovering
338 Terry Williams

Watch Dire straits Alchemy live - DaBoi

339 Carter Beauford

Probably the most tasteful drummer out there. Incredible feel, he always plays in the pocket. He makes some very complicated rhythms sound perfectly natural within fairly simple songs. Every thing is tasteful and well thought out. Every hit serves a purpose. Great drummer.

For Carter to be ranked anything less than number 1 is a pitiful joke and an insult to drumming in general. But number 30? Really?! What a shame, you can tell this list was compiled by people that have never got within 10 feet of a drumset propably. Carter is like a well tuned machine. Every beat he lays down is a perfect masterpiece that no other drummer on this list could even dream of matching in style and/or quality. He is not a master at the drums, he is THE master. For all intent and purposes, Carter Beauford is God as far as drumming goes, hell as good as he is he may actually be God.

For some reason these types of lists and polls ALWAYS underestimate all of them, either as individuals or as a band. Rolling Stone magazine stands out the most for having some type of animosity towards the band, not to mention the award shows like the Grammys. The simple fact is DMB has the most dedicated fans of any band whatsoever, boasting 6 million members in their fan club (I'm 16188 - joined in 95 - 131 shows). Even after seeing them that many times, I still get goose bumps when they're just hitting it so hard. Anyone who would put Carter at 55 clearly has no ear for music. He's the best drummer in the world, who is still actively playing.

Why isn't he top 10? Listen to songs like #41 and Spaceman and you will see what I mean.

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340 Shinya

This guy is phenomenal and versatile drummer who makes whole use of his massive drumset. Just check out Dir en grey's song 'VINUSHKA' and you'll know.

Shinya is by far the best drummer in the world. His idol used to be or still is Yoshiki, but it's obvious that Shinya has surpassed even Yoshiki's level of skill. Just seeing Shinya drum, one can immediately tell that he is gifted beyond his years. And just look at how huge & expansive his drum set is! Shinya knows how to use all his equipment to its fullest capacity. ^_^ Shinya is God.

Yeah shinya is very cool and awesome. I am Mongolian. We love you shinya! Gambette!

Shinya is not on the top of this list where he belongs just because the most of the voters simply never heard him drumming! What he does is not just drumming, it is real art beyond any ratings.

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