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341 Satoko
342 David Gonzales
343 Mike Shrieve
344 Nihat Orerel
345 Steve Dubick
346 Barry Kerch

His drum playing is onw of the best I have ever heard next to Jen Ledger he is the best right now period of the best drummers I've heard (you think iam dumb) he at least in top 20

347 John Tempesta

One of the greatest drummers playing today! Far surpasses all of the others still playing and falls in the category of John Bonham, Keith Moon, Bill Ward (still alive but not doing much), etc.

348 Bev Bevan

Bev being the progressive rock artist that he is absolutely shone with Electric Light Orchestra. Their live concerts were not to be missed. If you never got to see their shows, get their DVD Out Of The Blue. Lt's to die for.

Influenced Sean Page to play drums. Overdub master!

349 Todd Sucherman

Fact is that he's been voted Number one on many list as well as Best Clinician. Hard hitting very thought out. I was blown away with him when we saw him with STYX back in May. Bass just thumped through you the entire concert but never distracting and very musical. yes this list is messed up he should be on the top 100.

This list is crap! Sucherman should be in the top 20. For him, it's not just about drumming. It's the method and mechanics- if you listen to him drum, you'll understand!

I'm watching "Styx: The Grand Illusion/ Pieces of Eight Live right now... Wanna see some awesome drumming? Watch this, Todd is amazing.

He is simply the best... Especially live

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350 John "Willie" Wilcox

The original drummer for an incredible band by the name of Utopia. Todd Rundgren fronted the band. One of THE best songs to ever be released really emphasised his drumming in 'Singring And The Glass Guitar' off of the RA album. You MUST check it out.

351 Graeme Edge

Melodic, soothing, but kick butt. That's The Moody Blues. The drumming to any prog rock band is difficult. The Moody Blues are no exception.

352 Stan Lynch

One of the best 'southern rock' drummers to ever hit the circuit.

353 Nia Lovelis

Only 15 years old, drummer at Cherri Bomb, an all-girl band.
Accomplished so much at a young age. Check her out at "Cherri Bomb - The Pretender"! You'll love her!

354 Jerry Gaskill

Great drummer of King's X. Cornerstone of this killer, Texas-based art-funk-metal trio. Check out his work on Pleiades.

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355 Tre Stafford
356 Longineu Parsons III

This is the former drummer for Yellowcard. This guy is an absolute beast in the studio, and live. His timing is impeccable and his technical skill could crush so many of the other drummers on this list. He can play everything from ballads to the fastest punk you've ever heard, all with unique style and fills.

At least a top 5 drummer, for one of the greatest bands ever.
Check out his drum instructional videos

357 Karen Carpenter Karen Carpenter Karen Anne Carpenter was an American singer and drummer. She and her brother, Richard Carpenter, formed the 1970s duo Carpenters.

Karen Carpenter not only was a wonderful vocalist, she had mad drumming skills.

Not only was she an amazing vocalist but she had amazing drumming skills.

Although she was a fantastic singer she still was an awesome drummer!

358 Jimmy Rainsford
359 Jojo Mayer

He was great in Bilkent Hotel, Ankara 9th of february 2013 saturday..

360 Jerry Allison

Buddy Holly & The Cricket's!

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