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401 Yuudai (The Kiddie)
402 Tommy Stewart
403 Dino Danelli

Great with both the Rascals and Steven Van Zandt.

404 Peter Alcorn
405 Toll Yagami
406 Mike Malinin
407 David Barbarossa
408 Christopher Tsagakis
409 Richard Woolsey
410 Satoko
411 David Gonzales
412 Nihat Orerel
413 Steve Dubick
414 John "Willie" Wilcox

The original drummer for an incredible band by the name of Utopia. Todd Rundgren fronted the band. One of THE best songs to ever be released really emphasised his drumming in 'Singring And The Glass Guitar' off of the RA album. You MUST check it out.

415 Stan Lynch

One of the best 'southern rock' drummers to ever hit the circuit.

416 Nia Lovelis

Only 15 years old, drummer at Cherri Bomb, an all-girl band.
Accomplished so much at a young age. Check her out at "Cherri Bomb - The Pretender"! You'll love her!

417 Tre Stafford
418 Longineu Parsons III

This is the former drummer for Yellowcard. This guy is an absolute beast in the studio, and live. His timing is impeccable and his technical skill could crush so many of the other drummers on this list. He can play everything from ballads to the fastest punk you've ever heard, all with unique style and fills.

At least a top 5 drummer, for one of the greatest bands ever.
Check out his drum instructional videos

419 Jimmy Rainsford
420 Takashi Kashikura
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