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61 Scott Raynor
62 Ron Bushy

Just the drum solo for Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida is good enough for him to make the top 100.

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63 Jaimoe Jaimoe
64 Arin Ilejay

Arin is awesome drummer. Not like The REV but He is good.

All arin haters go and listen hail to the king album

A good drummer but nothing compared to The Rev.

Wheres Vinnie? - dimebagd44

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65 Charlie Benante

My apologise to Mr Benante... This is not serous, you deserve much better rank!

WHERE IS HE ON THE LIST?! One of THE most under-rated drummers out there.

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66 Brad Wilk Brad Wilk

Half of one of the best rhythm sections of any rock band, Rage Against The Machine. His grooves are unmatched, and they work perfectly with Timmy's bass lines and Tom Morello's riffs. He can also play some killer fills. He should be ranked higher.

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67 Tico Torres

Tico is one of the best drummers in the world. He can also sing! Love watching Tico perform! He's a valuable part of the Bon Jovi Band!

Do I have to say something about how much he rocks?
One of the world's most underrated drummers and never fails to impress with his talent. He beats lars ulrich and others by a huge margin

WHAT THE HELL? Only #19! My gosh! Have you ever heard him playing? "Hitman" is able to blow the roof by only himself! I saw him live and seriously he is certainly one of the best drummer I have ever heard of my life! He is the pulse of Bon Jovi till 28 years now and he deserve to be more well known! - gau00eblchristophemockelyn

Just amazing. His live performances are incredible. His passion and commitment make him, in my opinion, one of the best drummers in the world. Love you Tico!

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68 Mick Fleetwood

Just saw Fleetwood in concert and the artistry behind the musical section was amazing. Mick Fleetwood has not only incredible timing but he is a musician. Playing fast and loud isn't the mark of a great drummer. His timing is perfect and he knows when to hit and when not to hit. Truly a talent. Neal Pert is amazing and a wonderful musician as well. Mick deserves to be up there based on pure musical talent.

Its hard to mention Mick without mentioning John McVie, those two is in my opinion by far the best rhythm pairing in rock/blues-rock. Some may think they are for the most part boring, but they make it possible for the other musicians to strut their feathers like no others. They have also proved that they know how to show off the 2 best examples are, "The chain"( last part ) from the "Rumours" album and a 12:46 min live recording of "The Green Manalishi" on "Boston Blues Vol.2", this is also at the end of the song. The main thing with Mick is his ability to keep the same rhythm going.

Mick Fleetwood is amazing and has more energy than a man half his age. Just saw him in concert and could not believe that anyone could keep up such a pace without a break. Great musical talent who deserves a higher place in the list.

I cannot watch him play the way I can other drummers. That open mouth thing is just creepy.

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69 Chad Sexton

Chad has, hands down, the best meter. His symbol work is crisp and artistically brilliant. Have never really heard a drummer play so melodically. So for him it's not just timing... he adds the layers with such taste and precision that his gift is a perfect dimension to any song. I just think that not enough people have ever been privileged enough to hear what he really does. If they did he would certainly be in the top 5 here.

Chad Sexton is such an accomplished drummer with an incredibly unique sound. If people really payed attention to his drumming he would definitely be much higher on this list and others alike. Chad, you are absolutely number one in my book as well as many others!

If this were my list he would definitely. Be in the top 5! If you have never seen him drum go to the unity tour and you will be voting for him no doubt about it!

311's unique sound is made from the funky layers of drumming from Chad Sexton. The man is incredible.

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70 Blake Richardson

Probably the most technically skilled drummer I've ever heard. Absolutely fantastic, deserves a top 10 spot at the very least. Just watch a video of Between the Buried and Me playing through their entire hour-long album Colors in concert. The amount of skill and endurance that he displays is almost unparalleled.

An extremely talented and aggressive drummer who is also capable of bringing it down and always fitting with the rest of Between the Buried and Me. By far the best and most coordinated and finesseful drummer I know of.

71 Scott Travis Scott Travis Mark Scott Travis is a Grammy Award winning American rock musician, best known as the drummer for the English heavy metal band Judas Priest and the American heavy metal band Racer X.

What?! How can he be all the way down here?! This guy can kick lars ulrich's ass in his sleep! Just listen to Painkiller... And you will see the light

how he isn't in the 50's best its only see "painkiller" to understand, he have maid the bests drum solos.

Duh! I guess people haven't heard painkiller.
That one song is enough to prove Travis' quality to be the best.

How did this man get here?

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72 Matt Greiner

I'd say that his creativity, speed, purity, originality, and the lyrics he writes for his band, which are one of the best lyrics I have ever heared, and the way he uses his sicks makes him one of the most amazing drummers I have ever listened to, specially for the songs " Empire " " Eleventh hour" "Internal Cannon ". on top of that, he never talks about himself, he's a cool guy, he never forgets his god, and gives him credit for what he is now. Plus he's very funny.

In my opinion one of the best drummers of al time! Great speed, while staying creative throughout. Hands down one of the most talented drummers ever, and quite possibly the best in the genre.

It's Matt Greiner for Christ's sake. The dude even looks like Jesus. He plays drums like Jesus too. He's so technical and he makes August Burns Red easily one of the best in the metalcore genre.

That drumming posture and poise!

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73 Gavin Harrison

I just checked out the drummer in 30 Seconds to Mars. and well he SUCKS even if there are so many people who think he is good they have no idea of what they are saying.
He doesen't do ANYTHING that is advanced at all!
Gavin should be at least in the top ten with Buddy Rich, Keith Moon and Mitch Michell. I get really pissed when idiots think drummers like the ones in Slipknot, Metallica and 30 Seconds to Mars are so damn good. People like that doesen't even know what music is.

/From a musician

Definitely deserves a higher rating than this. The most creative and rhythmically genius drummer in the world. Much better than some of the drummers on the list above.

Gavin (Porcupine Tree, King Crimson etc) is THE most melodic Drummer who adds real substance to the music in which he plays. His drumming is both complex yet tasteful and never is it overstated or dominating. And yet his style is such a part of the songs that he plays that often he is the star of the show. His position at No. 77 is a result of his lack of name recognition (that goes to Porcupine Tree too! - see most underrated bands list! ).

What? 75 he should be on top 3 at least

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74 Jeremy Spencer

Great drummer Number 8 under some great drummers on this list

Can't believe he's so low, he should be on top 10 at least

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76 Jason Bonham

Jason is as good as his dad, amazing chops, great kit, like his dad had.

Should be top 10 bass players favorite drummers. Those would be the ones that get the job done right.

He is a amazing. Drummer

He is walking in his Dad's footsteps. When he played Stairway to Heaven in the concert honoring Zepplin, he killed it.

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77 Yogi Watts
78 James Cassells V 2 Comments
79 Vinny Appice Vinny Appice Vincent Paul "Vinny" Appice, is an American rock drummer and the younger brother of drummer Carmine Appice.

Should have seen him at the the competitions on Sunset in the late seventies.

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80 Scott Phillips Scott Phillips Thomas Scott "Flip" Phillips is an American musician and songwriter. He is the drummer and co-founder of the bands Creed, Alter Bridge, and Projected.

Scott plays with much feeling, and he is quite technically skilled. He always puts the song first, exercising discretion rather than showing off, but he still uses many interesting patterns to keep songs interesting.

Scott is definitely one of the best and most innovative... the fills he uses, I've never heard any other drummer ever use... his grooves are unmistakable given his signature hi hat work

Scott Phillips drums like a champion. Strong rhythms and tasteful fills.

If he is out of your top 10, out goes all your validity.

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