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121 John Humphrey
122 Steve Jocz

Well... for a rock band, we need a very good guitar player, a very good bass player AND a very good drummer. Sum 41 is a very good band so Steve Jocz IS a very good drummer. He must be on the top 10 :D I'm gonna see them in 13 July in France and it's my second show of them and no one can tell me that this band sucks.
Sorry for my English I'm French

Steve Jocz from SUM 41 is one of the best drummers of all time! Check his drum skills in Screaming Bloody Murder! The new album from SUM 41! It's heavy, and it's awesome!

He is highly under rated! Not saying he is the best but he should be higher than this, much better than Tre Cool and easily can do what travis can!

This shouldn't be for him! He should be in top tens

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123 Sakura

What should I say, about an amazing man, like Sakura - San. First, that I admire him very much. The fist time, I heard him, was the time, he was L'ARc~en~Ciel and I really like his style, the way he combines wild riffs with soft rhythm. But for what I admire him most it, that he never had let bring him down, even when he was at the deepest point in 1997. But from there he fought himself high up. For that he has my very deep respect. He's right, when he's saying, that music creates a nice civilization, when children hear good music from very early childhood on and learn to play it. I love music, since I was a little child. Today I'm a singer and songwriter.

When Sakura was the drummer, there was style and soul in their music, it was really a basic instrument. Now, after he's gone from the band, the drum sounds the same in every song... so sad.

Perhaps one of the faster and strong drummers nowadays, he is a man who loves the music and because of that he try different styles, bands and instruments.
His songs has much more than a drum.

Sakura the best drummer that L´┐ŻArc~en~Ciel ever had! He was also great at inspiring Hyde if you know what I mean ^. ~

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124 Shannon Larkin

Shannon Larkin is the most entertaining drummer I have ever had the pleasure to see live numerous times. Every time I see Godsmack, I always say watching Shannon is it's own show worthy of the price of admission.

Saw these guys open up for Metallica and out performed them big time! Check out their drum solo on you tube and you'll see why I think so highly of them.

Best drummer I have ever seen live. Love Matt Cameron but Shannon is by far the best. Theatrical drumming at it's finest.

This guy is amazing to watch live. Had the pleasure of standing onstage for a Godsmack show and couldn't take my eyes off him. Should be rated top 25.

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125 Michael Moose Thomas

Untouchable double bass, terricfic sound of drums. I have really not heard other drummers pound the drums like that, giving Bullet their sound. Pity he's not even on this list. Listen to " Alone", "waking the demon", "scream aim fire" etc... Unbelievable drumming. - shankarrohan

Moose is an unbelievable drummer. He has fast, powerful beats that mix in with what Matt, Jay and Padge are trying do with the other music in the songs. When needed, Moose can also create beats and solo's that make amateur drummers like me just wish that we could play some of the stuff that he does, eveen the stuff the sounds easy, it's not.

90 is seriously unfair! He definitely deserves to be placed much higher! His drumming is unbelievable! Take for example Waking The Demon! Just Awesome!

He must b at least in the top 100's rather.. in the top 50's

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126 Jen Ledger Jen Ledger

Way too low, needs to be higher up. She is a great drummer and a great singer too plus she drums and sings at the same time ain't that amazing. She rocks me off overtime she plays the drums. Being a drummer for skillet has made the band awesome.

Really she isn't on the top 10? She is an amazing drummer for Skillet. Also an amazing singer. And She always will be. Forever! What do you think? Best drummer ever! She RULES!

Wonder of anyone knows that she is a great endurance drummer. She also has a world record for the longest drumming at a stretch. Needs more help.

She is one of the best drummers ever

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127 John Otto

WOW this guy is so underrated, along with the rest of the band. He defined a whole new genere and sound. Very sad to see just because the critics (who do not know thier ass from a hole in the ground) hate this group he gets a bad rap. Long live L. B! BTW where the hell is Joey rom Anthrax?

I can't believe he is not even on the list, I mean yes limp bizkit is a terrible band, but this guy is amazing and he has his own style unlike so many on the list

John Otto is such an amazing drummer he is definitely least in the top 10. He is very talented and nice person. God bless John.

Go John! You are the best drummer in the whole world. Need I say more? - 05yusuf09

128 Igor Cavalera Igor Cavalera Igor Graziano Cavalera is a Brazilian musician. He is best known as the former drummer for Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura, which he co-founded with his brother Max in 1984. Max left the band in 1996, and Cavalera himself would depart ten years later, making him the last original member of Sepultura more.

Hasn't anyone ever listened to Sepultura?!
Igor is absolutely amazing on drums, he can play the drums unbelievably fast paced AND keep an awesome beat!
Listen to song like arise, Orgasmatron, roots bloody roots, attitude and while your at it listen to every other Sepultura song when the cavalera brothers were in the line up.

Igor is a machine on drums!

I can't believe Igor is so far down this list, listen to him do Symptom of the Universe then straight into some tribal Brazilian. I have been on this sight for hours looking and voting but seeing Igor over 100 places below Lars I will now cry myself to sleep

Only Americans are in top list I guess. Igor Cavalera wins most of the best drummer in top 20. Listen to "Beneath the Remains". Igor is the best drummer. - awanshrestha

The best of the best heavy metal drummer...

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129 Andy Hurley

He is one of the bestest drummers in the history. For those who love or like listen to Justin Bieber and Jonas Brothera and who hate or dislike Fall Out Boy, you must listen to the true music

Fall Out Boy is probably one of the most hated bands today by musicians, but there's no denying that Andy Hurley is an amazing drummer.

Andy Hurley is the WORLD'S BEST DRUMMER! Everyone hates him or Fall out boy because their jealous, because seriously they are AMAZING

Andy should be so much higher!

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130 Brandon Barnes

rly good drummer so much bass -

His fills, intros, and drumming work are all equally captivating. I used to like Rise Against because of Tim's voice and lyrics. The guitars are super-solid as well, but the drums have a very big impact as well. Take a listen to:

The Good Left Undone
Under the Knife
Kotov Syndrome
Prayer of the Refugee

The list could go on. There are better songs, but that's a few to start with.

131 Thomas Pridgen

the dude is a beast on the drums!

132 Don Brewer

Brewer is extremely talented and grossly underrated in my opinion. Listen to just about any version of "I'm Your Captain" and tell me you disagree.

The man sounds like he has an extra arm

Very versatile... This poll is more for the new schoolers; surprised @ their knowing who g krupa was.

133 Andols Herrick

Simply the best drummer around, his beats in songs such as "Jesus of Suburbia", "Dammit" and "Original Prankster" are just crazy. This man has changed the music world forever.

134 Eric Singer Eric Singer Eric Singer is an American hard rock and heavy metal drummer, best known as a member of Kiss, portraying The Catman originally played by Peter Criss.

Eric singer is Amazing, his only downfall is Eric Carr came first and Carr was the better Drummer there was something magical about Carr, But Eric Singer is a solid Stud himself, also one of the good guys and should be in the Top 8

Amazing drummer. I love his work with Badlands.

Why should singer so low he should be in the top ten at least top 100

One of the most solid drummers on this list, he's way to high.!

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135 Mel Gaynor
136 Rian Dawson

Rian is a truly talented and passionate drummer. Just from listening to him talk about his band you can tell that drumming is his life. He gives it his all and it's clear. He's one kick ass drummer even if this list is for rock and not specifically pop punk.

137 Bun E. Carlos

I was listening to Dream Police and was impressed so much with how Bun E's playing "blended" in I had to look and see where he placed in the world of drumming.

My personal opinion is that if you don't hear the drums you got yourself a great drummer. It simply means they are one with the song. Great skill required here.

There are many other factors, I know, but if they hurt the sound of the band or damage the song or music, then what good are they.

As Hippocrates said... Physician "do no harm"...

Cheap Trick are one of the most influential bands of the past 30 years, and one of the reasons for that is their heavy rhythm section and the crisp and steady drumming of Bun E. Carlos.

A very underrated drummer. Not a big crasher, but capable, steady and one of the best. John Lennon thought so too.

On the drums! Mr. Bun E. Carlos!

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138 Jordan Mancino

O dude, all those drummers up there are crap. Their styles are all copied from other drummers and from other band's styles. Jordan mancino, the TRUE METAL DRUMMER created his own style which could lighten up the name of AS I LAY DYING. His power lasts for hours and hours and he just makes a concert better than anything. He is amazing, and energetic man... His sweet double bass drumming, mhm. See those drum plays done in the legendary songs of AILD. Why don't you all noobs listen to AILD songs before you vote? I'm sure it will change your minds.

PS. ROFL! Lars Ulrich is higher than Jordan ROFL.

An awesome drummer, but of course you'll hear better. Even though the band has been around for a while, they aren't all that bad.

Jordan is by far the best and deserves 1 place by far. I also love his double bass drumming is amazing.

The other drummers up there are crap? Please keep that drivel to yourself. Really, that is just nonsense. Unless you are like 7 years old, then good job typing complete-ish sentences. Now go learn something.

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139 David Silveria

David silveria is one of my favorite drummers! He combines jazz and rock! He keeps time shifting from right to left on his hats and cymbols very much unlike other drummers, and has displayed an unbelievable ability to creat the most ingenious and perfectly phrased solo I have ever seen, which was featured on Korn Duece! My favorite drummer is David Silveria!

Funky, tight, precise and inventive. Life is peachy was when David was really let loose. Porno creep Shows off his technical ability and speed and he is very underrated. Maybe not as good as others on this list but a great inspiration

I think he should be number ONE! It's sad to see that he's not appreciated as he should be. He's underrated, but AMAZING. I love Ray Luzier, but I believe David Silveria made KoRn great. Without him, KoRn wouldn't be KoRn.

He is amazing listen to korn first album and life is peachy

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140 Tomas Haake Tomas Haake Tomas Haake is a Swedish drummer and main songwriter of the experimental metal band Meshuggah. He is known for his polyrhythms and technical ability. In 2012, he was named the 5th best Modern Metal drummer by He was named the number one drummer in the "Metal" category, in the July 2008 more.

This guy is probably the best drummer ever. What the hell is someone doing from thirty seconds to mars and Avenged Sevenfold above tomas haake. Seriously. - camsell123

Just listen to 'I' by Meshuggah. There's one stage there where he's playing in 3 different times! I don't care who you are. That's incredibly difficult.

the absolute best, most techniqual drummer ever no one comes even remotely close! listen to destroy, erase improve

Danny Carey said he wished he could play like this guy. Say no more...

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