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121 Rian Dawson

Rian is a truly talented and passionate drummer. Just from listening to him talk about his band you can tell that drumming is his life. He gives it his all and it's clear. He's one kick ass drummer even if this list is for rock and not specifically pop punk.

122 Andols Herrick

Simply the best drummer around, his beats in songs such as "Jesus of Suburbia", "Dammit" and "Original Prankster" are just crazy. This man has changed the music world forever.

123 Steve Jocz

Well... for a rock band, we need a very good guitar player, a very good bass player AND a very good drummer. Sum 41 is a very good band so Steve Jocz IS a very good drummer. He must be on the top 10 :D I'm gonna see them in 13 July in France and it's my second show of them and no one can tell me that this band sucks.
Sorry for my English I'm French

Steve Jocz from SUM 41 is one of the best drummers of all time! Check his drum skills in Screaming Bloody Murder! The new album from SUM 41! It's heavy, and it's awesome!

He is highly under rated! Not saying he is the best but he should be higher than this, much better than Tre Cool and easily can do what travis can!

This shouldn't be for him! He should be in top tens

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124 Stephen Morris

May not be one of the most recognized drummers due to his use of electronica, but listen to Joy division and New order records. Try to keep the speed and the balance this guy finds in their songs. Amazingly fast. One of the first drummers to use drum machines to back his tracks.

I agree!! He is very underrated and unappreciated and had to tolerate the abuse from producer Martin Hannett on the Joy Division albums.

How on hell Stephen is not on the top ten?! Incredible drummer, hear Age of Consent, Hurt or She"s Lost Control live. And on top of that, he is a very nice guy.

One of the most underrated musicians ever. Listen to Age of Consent if you don't believe me.

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125 Christian Coma

Easily the best drummer ever. He plays like a nutter! Honestly, listen to him drum, and you'll wonder how he does it. Do Black Veil Brides give him RedBull or something before they play? Who knows. He's just amazing

The best drummer ever! He gets so into his music and has such a good time while doing it.

Best. Drummer. Ever. FULL STOP! - purdygirl2639

the best

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126 RUKA

He is the best drummer he is the perfects man in the world he played so good he is the best human in my life he is my lifesaver really I love him so much he is the only man who I love I wish he lives in my country but he is only in Japan I wish so much that he come to Germany yes that's my onlyest wish I will meet him I will live with him together please ruka when you see this and anyone translate this for you come to my country pleasr I will see nightmare live

Ruka is in a band called Nightmare one of his best songs are White Room (No not the one by Creme. )

Ruka is very rude! But he's always playing with emotion, with intensity and feeling the power of every song

127 Joey Castillo

Is the best drummer in rock right now to me. He has a new fresh sound that is quick and on point.

128 Kami

Kami the best, fhf, fyobr which I know. It the God and sitting for shock it gives all itself(himself). Gave more precisely. We grieve over its death, such person as it should not die, for such people as Кami are not present more. Only it. Only Kami. Not only that it it is remarkable plays on drums, it also is very good itself(himself). A small angel with long red hair...

Kami is really amazing. As a drummer and as a person. Not "was", but "is". People are alive, when we keep them in our hearts. You are in our hearts, dear Kami-san. We remember You. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. Rest in peace.
He is the best. Definitely.

There was something remarkable about Kami's drumming - whether playing something complex or simple, he never just simply 'drummed along' to the music in a way you'd expect - he always added something special. An amazing, truly underrated drummer who gets my vote.

His passing is such a huge loss in the Japanese rock scene. Hell, I 'd argue to the rock scene in general. He is a legendary drummer who loved to innovate with his work. He always ventured into new territory with his drumming and has inspired so many people to do the same. He was very passionate about drumming and it showed! He has enjoyed talking about how he decided a certain drum pattern for a new song in interviews and loved new experiences in his profession (The reason he joined Malice Mizer was because he liked their style of music and just asked the rest of the group personally if he could join). He was such a wonderful, sweet man and all the fans miss him so dearly.

Inarguably the best of the best.

129 Prairie Prince

Absolute genius on drums. Saw him with Todd Rundgren recently and he adapts to any style without breaking sweat.

Tightest, in-the-pocket drummer ever. Seen him a dozen times and am always blown away. Wish he was higher on this list than where he is!

Currently touring with Todd Rundgren, who's said he's one of the best.

Prince is a king among drummers.

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130 Jason Bittner

This guy is amazing, he should be top 20 easily...200 bpm double bass and amazing metalcore fills.

wtf is he doin below all these worthless drummers vote him up noobs

131 Jason Costa

Jason Costa is amazing! Should be in the top ten! I don't think he's the best drummer, but come on, he needs votes! The top ten should be Joey Jordison, Neil Peart, The Rev, John Bonham, Danny Carey, Jason Costa, Nicko McBrain, Matt McDonough, Mike Wengren, and Shannon Larkin. And to the other guy who posted a comment for Jason, he did not play the drums on This Calling. He's only been with ATR for their last two albums (Overcome and For We Are Many).

Jason Costa has got to be in the top 75 and moving up. People just don't know who he is. Look him up and listen.

I can't believe after 100 entries Jason hasn't been one, id say he's a load better then Slipknots Joey. Listen to This Calling, amazing

132 Billy Cobham Billy Cobham William Emanuel "Billy" Cobham is a Panamanian American jazz drummer, composer and bandleader, who permanently relocated to Switzerland during the late 1970s.

my god.. this is my first hour on this site and the lack of these three drummers on this list has shown me just who the target audience is for these lists.. sigh, is there any point to describing these incredible drummers when people are making inclusions based on things like "polyrhythms aren't easy" or "fastest drummer ever".. hopefully people will pull their heads out of their asses by the time they turn 20 (judging by the top 5 I'm guessing most of you are 13-18) - wildaminal

It is unbelievable that he rates this low, considering he is regarded by many as one of the greatest, for years and still is by many professional drummers I know.

Where is Airto Moreira, also unbelievable to be omitted from this list.

You obviously have never heard Billy Cobham.
You must be a real youngster. Most professional drummers can't hold a candle to him. Check out his first solo album, then tell me all the drummers you've rated ahead of him deserve their ranking. Idiots!

The best drummer ever.

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133 Dave Abbruzzese

Nobody beats the crisp, grooving sound that Dave A brought to Pearl Jam. Too bad nobody who isn't a big Pearl Jam fan knows who he is.

134 John Densmore

This is bull! The Doors? Come on, John should be higher.

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135 Steve Smith

I have listened to many a drum solo by Steve Smith, during his time with Journey, and he is, as I have heard Steve Perry say many times, "the best rock and roll drummer in the world."

Steve smith is in my opinion the best drummer ever

Can't believe this amazing Journey drummer is not listed here and yet Dean Castrovano is here and Steve is his hero.

136 Hayden Scott
137 Mikko Siren

Mikko is an extremely incredible drummer, but not only is he an amazingly talented musician, versatile and incredibly skilled and fast on the drums, but he is also a wonderful and very unique individual. Along with the other members of Apocalyptica, he takes the time out of his busy day to interact with fans after gigs, charming and amusing with his great sense of humor, and making people happy just by being his real, caring self. Pearl Drums have made videos focusing just on Mikko during a live Apocalyptica performance, and he has written and helped write spectacular songs for/with Apocalyptica over the years. Let's just say that the guys of Apocalyptica played with him for live shows and then officially added him as band member...

Mikko is an amazing musician. He has such passion when he plays! He gives and gets energy to and from the crowd! Not to mention he is a super nice guy. So many musicians don't seem to have the time or patients for the fans but I've met Mikko and he loves the "meet and greet" time as much as the Apocalyptica fans do! ! So for this reason and many more he should be voted as the best drummer!

Mikko is perhaps one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. He is extremely passionate about life and sharing that enthusiasm with every person he encounters. A jack of all trades and always caught smiling with such positive energy! Absolutely amazing drummer with so much to give to the audience during each live and recordings.

Incredible talent. Definitely deserves higher place on this list.

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138 Vinnie Colaiuta

Just amazing, so technical. Seen him a few times and he makes a few on here listed above him look like amateurs.

The man. One of the best drummers alive. Just take a listen to his work with Frank Zappa and Jeff Beck and you'll see what I mean

One word: Zappa. Listen and learn.

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139 Kang Min Hyuk

He is very cute, even his personality. His father taught him how to play drums but he himself cultivated his skills. He is so sentimental and easy to cry from bumping himself which makes him even cuter. We love him! Very young but talented. A singer, a drummer, and an actor. He also specializes with Flutes. I love his song, 'Star', it also shows how cute he is.

Though everyone calls him cute, he doesn't like it that much because he wants to be manly, but everything is fine with his looks! Cool, cute, mature...

He is also very clean, he is the one who cleans their room whenever they go out of town and he cleans it before complaining.

This young Korean boy does it with so much ease. Though he is known for his innocent puppy face, this boy has amazing skills too. He can act, sing and play three instruments including flute and piano. His drumming skills are so stylish that you will fall in love with him the moment you feel it. He is genuine, sweet, cute and talented. This 21 year old kid will definitely carve his name in the history of best drummers.. Love you Kang

God He is so damn cute. A very young Korean drummer who can also play flute and piano. This cute innocent puppy boy can play drums with so much style that you fall in love with him the very moment. His song "star" is sooo soulful. His drumming skills are so amazing.. I could watch him play drums the whole day without food and water. He is genuine, attractive and talented. He can sing, act and perform well on stage. This young master will definitely carve his name in the history of best drummers of the world in the near future. Love you Kang..

Only by the look, you can never tell he is very skillful. His drum skill is without any doubt. He's enriched himself with his drum skill range. He has the ability to play different genres. He does not limit himself to grow in terms of playing the drums. It can be seen he's improved a lot.

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140 Clem Burke

He's cool! He got the drums under his control, but treats them not like slaves, but like a beautiful punk lady. In my mind he's simply the best drummer the world has ever seen.

Thank you Mr. Burke for so many magic musical moments!

The greatest 3 minutes drum kit ever, Blondie's Dreaming.. Debbie Harry vocals combined with Clem's madman 3 minutes rant is pure legendary. I totally challenge anyone to top his performance.

I just can't see how Clem is so far down on the list but am happy to see that at least he is recognized for the amazing drummer that he is!

Amazing...only problem is he knows it!

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