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141 RUKA

He is the best drummer he is the perfects man in the world he played so good he is the best human in my life he is my lifesaver really I love him so much he is the only man who I love I wish he lives in my country but he is only in Japan I wish so much that he come to Germany yes that's my onlyest wish I will meet him I will live with him together please ruka when you see this and anyone translate this for you come to my country pleasr I will see nightmare live

Ruka is in a band called Nightmare one of his best songs are White Room (No not the one by Creme. )

Ruka is very rude! But he's always playing with emotion, with intensity and feeling the power of every song

142 Christian Coma

Easily the best drummer ever. He plays like a nutter! Honestly, listen to him drum, and you'll wonder how he does it. Do Black Veil Brides give him RedBull or something before they play? Who knows. He's just amazing

The best drummer ever! He gets so into his music and has such a good time while doing it.

Great band. Great guitarists. AND A GREAT DRUMMER!

The best drummer ever

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143 Kami

Kami the best, fhf, fyobr which I know. It the God and sitting for shock it gives all itself(himself). Gave more precisely. We grieve over its death, such person as it should not die, for such people as Кami are not present more. Only it. Only Kami. Not only that it it is remarkable plays on drums, it also is very good itself(himself). A small angel with long red hair...

Kami is really amazing. As a drummer and as a person. Not "was", but "is". People are alive, when we keep them in our hearts. You are in our hearts, dear Kami-san. We remember You. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. Rest in peace.
He is the best. Definitely.

There was something remarkable about Kami's drumming - whether playing something complex or simple, he never just simply 'drummed along' to the music in a way you'd expect - he always added something special. An amazing, truly underrated drummer who gets my vote.

144 Joey Castillo

Is the best drummer in rock right now to me. He has a new fresh sound that is quick and on point.

145 Jason Bittner

This guy is amazing, he should be top 20 easily...200 bpm double bass and amazing metalcore fills.

wtf is he doin below all these worthless drummers vote him up noobs

146 Prairie Prince

Absolute genius on drums. Saw him with Todd Rundgren recently and he adapts to any style without breaking sweat.

Tightest, in-the-pocket drummer ever. Seen him a dozen times and am always blown away. Wish he was higher on this list than where he is!

Currently touring with Todd Rundgren, who's said he's one of the best.

Prince is a king among drummers.

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147 Jason Costa

Jason Costa is amazing! Should be in the top ten! I don't think he's the best drummer, but come on, he needs votes! The top ten should be Joey Jordison, Neil Peart, The Rev, John Bonham, Danny Carey, Jason Costa, Nicko McBrain, Matt McDonough, Mike Wengren, and Shannon Larkin. And to the other guy who posted a comment for Jason, he did not play the drums on This Calling. He's only been with ATR for their last two albums (Overcome and For We Are Many).

Jason Costa has got to be in the top 75 and moving up. People just don't know who he is. Look him up and listen.

I can't believe after 100 entries Jason hasn't been one, id say he's a load better then Slipknots Joey. Listen to This Calling, amazing

148 Billy Cobham Billy Cobham William Emanuel "Billy" Cobham is a Panamanian American jazz drummer, composer and bandleader, who permanently relocated to Switzerland during the late 1970s.

my god.. this is my first hour on this site and the lack of these three drummers on this list has shown me just who the target audience is for these lists.. sigh, is there any point to describing these incredible drummers when people are making inclusions based on things like "polyrhythms aren't easy" or "fastest drummer ever".. hopefully people will pull their heads out of their asses by the time they turn 20 (judging by the top 5 I'm guessing most of you are 13-18) - wildaminal

It is unbelievable that he rates this low, considering he is regarded by many as one of the greatest, for years and still is by many professional drummers I know.

Where is Airto Moreira, also unbelievable to be omitted from this list.

You obviously have never heard Billy Cobham.
You must be a real youngster. Most professional drummers can't hold a candle to him. Check out his first solo album, then tell me all the drummers you've rated ahead of him deserve their ranking. Idiots!

The best drummer ever.

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149 Dave Abbruzzese

Nobody beats the crisp, grooving sound that Dave A brought to Pearl Jam. Too bad nobody who isn't a big Pearl Jam fan knows who he is.

150 John Densmore

This is bull! The Doors? Come on, John should be higher.

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151 Tommy Ramone Tommy Ramone Thomas Erdelyi, better known by his stage name Tommy Ramone, was a Hungarian American record producer, musician, and songwriter.

This dude is awesome should be #2 after Tico Torres

152 Hayden Scott
153 David Lovering
154 Travis Smith

I've been a drummer for 10 years and he is by far the drummer I learned the most from studying. I have most of their songs memorized too. That took me the better part of 6 years to do. Gotten to meet trivium on numerous occasions and I enjoyed it every time.

One of the most insane drummers ever to be on the death metal scene, awesome double bass and lighting fast feet

Best drummer ever in my opinion. fastest pedal hits I've ever heard - mike2fristick

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155 Clark Trasmonte
156 Morgan Rose

Sevendusts drummer is amzing and is the best drummer ive seen live this guy will blow you away with his vocals and drumming

Incredibly unique drummer, what a performer. The man is very talented with such a great style.

The best show hands down
He will blow your mind! Make you look at drumming in a whole new light

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157 Alex El Animal Gonzalez

Alex is the best! I live in Costa Rica and I read what someone wrote, that no drummer could make a 10 min solo spinning around... well Alex's band (Mana) came to me country and in the middle of the concert, he played a 10 min solo! and spinning around! well you can find it in youtube typing: solo alex mana costa rica.
Check it out! He's #1!

Has been named a top 3 drummer by 'Modern Drummer' 3 times... THE BEST! His solos are completely out of this world! (10-15 min regularly) Great composer and singer too

Definitely, he is the best no one can beat this guy. He give everything that he can in the stage. Nice person, who fights for the human rights and the conservation of the environment. I admire this guy!

Alex is by far the best alive! I saw him perform live for the first time when I was 12 and I just saw him a couple years ago!, he just gets better and better!, his wrist snapping and speed control over his rhythm and beats are unbelievable truly one of a kind!

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158 Tony Royster Jr

Tony is and always will be my favorite drummer, I know this is an opinionated list but why would someone put Travis Barker even above top 100 when tony is all the way at 97? Tony is arguably the best drummer in the world and not for speed, but because he can control that speed and make it sound beautiful.

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159 Gas Lipstick

This guy never gets his share of the fame, I'm sure half the drummers voted for on these pages are asking themselves why isn't Gas on here? Well I will put his name in, cause if you have ever been to a live HIM concert you will know the power in this guy, yeah he is a big man but damn he can drum, his solos are magnificent and HIM songs wouldn't ever sound the same without this quiet yet talented guy... GAS LIPSTICK ROCKS

His drumming style is amazing, I like it very much.

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160 Tim Alexander

wow this guy should have been so much higher. listen to "defy the laws of tradition" and "john the fisherman" and you will know what I am talking about.

Alexander's favorite drummers are Bonham & Peart. He's a perfect mix between the two. He's number 3 in my book.

Sure he isn't the #1 drummer, but listen to songs like "Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers" and "DMV," and you'll hear how amazing he is. Plus, he does crazy fast bass drum beats while his other foot is still on the hi hat pedal.

-John the Fisherman
-Tommy the Cat
-My Name is Mud -

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