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Frank Edwin Wright III, known professionally as Tré Cool, is a German-born American drummer, best known as the drummer for the American punk rock/pop punk band Green Day. He replaced the band's former drummer John Kiffmeyer in 1990.


Tre is the epitome of a drummer: he's funny, he's energetic, and he sure as hell can crank out some major beats! He's is THE most talented drummer out there, and I believe that he deserves the title of Best Rock Drummer a whole lot more than Shannon Leto does. As for people like Neil Pert and John Bonham, I agree that they are amazing drummers, but lets face it: their place in music history has been established. They were the best of their time, and today is a new day in a new time. So let the drummers of this time establish their place in history and not let the dug-up spirits of the past hinder them from their rightful place. Long live Tre Cool and long live GREEN DAY!

The best drummer ever! I love him and his band - Green Day. BJ, for me, is the best vocalist which can ever been. Ok, I know that there are also great bands, like 30seconds to mars, Red hot chilli peppers, Nirvana, Evanescence and many like that, but Green Day has wonderful songs, about teenagers and our life, maybe in some funny style. But let's back to Tre. Tre has amazing play on drums! I read that he hasn't one of his whorl, because it has been grind up! So that says that he is the best drumer ever!

"I told my dad, yeah I'm going to be a drummer and he said, 'well, if you can rub your stomach at the same time you can pat your head at the same time while you're standing on one leg and kicking the other one out and say the pledge of allegiance. And I did all that just like bam you know." - Tre Cool

That's a better reason than any I say... Haha

My favorite thing about Tre is that he also plays guitar. He knows the dynamics of just about every instrument in Green Day's songs. That way, he can actually compose drum lines that not only fit the song, but grow, move, and fluctuate with every change in the guitar playing, not just to change with chords or steps, but with elements of pretty complex pieces.

Tre is the best drummer in the world. When Tre plays, god listens. How good is this drummer? He can play drums, play guitar, play sax AND bass? I'm sure there are others. I've seen this guy in concert 23 times over the last 17 years and he is by far, the best drummer in the world. Got to meet him one day and he was the NICEST drummer in the world. Love you guys!

He is well the best drummer in the world he plays some of the best beats ever and he is so... Lucky to be in a band with 2 of the other best people ever rock on Green Day, hope they start doing so more tours and I hope if they do they come to sunderland to me tre cool is the best drummer in the world. It would be a dream come true to meet him. Never mind a drumming lesson. Wow rock on tre cool and Green Day!

He's helped one of the greatest bands I've ever known rise to the top when he joined them to make their second studio album Kerplunk! He's wacky and goofy and overall a great guy, and his drumming skills are amazing! His drum fills throughout the album Dookie were spectacular, and as they progressed, his drumming just gained momentum. Rock on, Tre!

Tre has skills and personality, he always looks like he's perfectly capable of play what he's playing and he looks a little mad live in concert, but, I don't know why, this kinda make you feel like you know that he knows perfectly what he's doing. In a few words: Tre knows what a drummer is on the stage for.

You don't know a good drummer until you have seen this man play live! All I can say is LEGEND! He has the most energy a man can have multiplied by 100! Green day is my favorite band and Tre Cool is the most deserving artist on this page!

Once upon a time Tre was destined to be a drummer. Nowadays, he still fulfills a prophecy. It's all clear, he rocks our world by playing drums. His fame came along with his song called 'All By Myself' where he represented his nightingale voice. If you see him around the corner, don't fear, he's looking for food.

He is an insane drummer! He is super funny, a huge spaz, and makes the funniest jokes. He definitely has the energy he needs to do all that and kick ass at drums at the same time. "Roll roll roll your joint, twist it at the end. Light it up and take a puff and pass it to your friend"

He may not be the most complicated drummer, but everything he plays is CATCHY; I always find myself tapping his rhythms on my desk! Green Day is such a great band, my all time favorite, and Tre Cool is the funniest, most outgoing drummer I know! Entertaining as always, he'll always have my vote

Well, Green Day is the only band, in which I know the drummer's name... 8) Seriously though, he is the best drummer of all mentioned, in my humble opinion. This is because his professional qualities, which make him quite successful on stage, and, for sure, his sense of humour 8) Respect and good luck!

He is the best an funniest drummer of al time, and green day are the best band of al time, you don't see one live video from green day without him goofing of!
Love him and the band!
He deserves more credit because of his drumming abilities!

Keep the beat up tre we all love you!
Some credit from sweden!

Tre is the funniest person in the world. Try watching one youtube video of him and not laughing. He's always in the background but deserves to be at center stage! Not only is everything he does outrageously funny, but he is also an awesome drummer. Just listen to his solo in Burnout and you'll know what I mean!

I love Tre! He should be #1! He has a personality no other drummer has which makes him original! Vote for him or else you will DIE...! ;D

My first concert ever was Green Day and at the time I only played rhythm guitar and bass guitar. I never really thought about playing drums before. But during and after that concert, I honestly though Tre was the coolest bit about all of it. Sure, Billie and Mike were awesome and I'm not saying they weren't, but Tre was the centre of it all, the heartbeat that kept it going. He inspired me to learn drums and making me learn something new is HARD! :D

The number "4" and the words "Tre Cool" DO NOT match. Where is that almighty "#1"? Viva la Green Day!

I have been a Green Day fan since I was 6 years old and though I think Neil Pert of Rush is excellent I have to go with Tre not only is he a fantastic drummer with a unique style and sheer talent but he also is enjoyable to watch he joins in with the crowd he's a character and a lot of drummers can't do that. He inspired me to learn how to drum.

AMAZING Tre is able to be in the top 5. He's got mad skills and has a great personality. I love this man so much. Definitely would be #1 if this was the best punk drummers list. Burnout, chump, Jaded, and many many many many many more songs, does he show his amazing talent. Love you Tre. Keep doing what you're doing man.

He's the best drummer in my opinion, I can't play the drums but in the future I want to be a drummer like him. There's no drummer as crazy as he is! I like to watch videos on the internet that he's playing the drums, he's the best! He must be on the top of this list.

Tre is just so amazing and energetic and Green Day is the best band ever!

Listen to Dookie, Worry Rock and Jesus of Suburbia,
He can handle all kinds of music amazingly with his drums.
Otherwise he is so funny..
Greetings from Shanghai but now living in the US

Not only does Tre have some of the best if not the best drumming in punk he also has some of the best drumming in Rock. He deserves more credit than he gets, and on top of that he is a fun drummer, at every concert he is there goofing off and having a good time. He needs to be in at least the top 3, if not #1

is the most talented drummer in the world is fun, the energy spread to the public at shows give a good show along with Billie and Mike. You echo ah good drum solos, but it has more quality show that the transmitted and how that plays his drums! Live TRE COOL AND GREEN DAY! up punk!

I got my first drum set because I wanted to be this guy. While there are some great drummers here, Tre will always get my vote for the machine gun fast rolls, and his one of a kind personality. BTW, its been 10 years and I'm a long long way off being Tre Cool