Travis Barker

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Travis Landon Barker is an American musician and producer, and the drummer for the American rock band Blink-182. Barker has also performed as a frequent collaborator with hip-hop artists, and with the alternative rock band +44, the rap rock group the Transplants, and the alternative rock band Box Car more.


What makes all these other drummers so much better than Travis? I'm not debating that the drummers from the 60's and up were good for there time, what I'm saying is just because a drummer decides that they want a huge kit and can utilize every cymbal and drum doesn't make them better. And this about "oh he plays with a double bass pedal so he's better then someone who doesn't" that's completely stupid and makes no sense. Any mediocre drummer is able to kick their feet in rhythm; that's not a basis for skill. And the reason Travis should be rated above all is because he creates rhythms and fills that are so unique that he's wanted by so many famous artists. why? Because they know he can do it. He makes the song by himself. anything he puts his work too always gets brought to a whole nother level. I've never seen anyone portrayed by so many artists as do dynamic that he's so highly valued by so many artists. And again, 40 years ago, all those artists were considered to be in a ...more

Travis Barker plays hardcore, with so much energy. He is also very universal with music because he started listening to jazz and later on he started getting into more types of different genres. If anyone could get married to any object or thing, Travis Barker would be the first one to get married with music. I believe he dedicates his whole life to music, and that's just a wonderful commitment, because the people he plays music in front of, feel the energy and the feelings and work he puts into it.

Travis barker is no doubt one of the greatest drummers ever! He is the most versatile drummer ever he never uses the same beat twice not to mention the beats he comes up with are insane! He can do every genre as well. Punk. Rock. Hip hop. Travis does it all. If you don't believe go listen to his solo album or blink-182s album. Take off your pants and jacket. Travis is the sickest drummer out there.

Travis barker should be #1 on this list... He is the most original drummer and he is 10 times better than joey jordison and lars ulrich... Joey jordison is faster with his feet with the double bass pedal (which is the most deceiving thing in the world) and travis is just the best end of story

Travis Barker is the reason I started drumming. He has a lot of talent and is amazing at rudiments. But there are other people that should be ahead of him that aren't. Buddy Rich should be number 1. And Ginger Baker, Chad Smith, Keith Moon, etc. Should be up there. And Joey Jordison shouldn't even be on the list. He may play fast, but not tastefully. At least John Bonham is on the list. He deserves it.

The way he plays amazes me. He can play simple beats some of the rest of these guys do with two hands just as well as they can... With ONE HAND! And both his hands have equal talent. No doubt in my mind, Travis Barker is the best drummer of all time!

Travis is a mixture of all sorts of styles, he's a brilliant drummer showing off on just a simple kit as tom, floor tom and base drum and not like other drummers with thousands of cymbals and toms. His rhythms are impressive and live is a genius. Personally Travis Barker is one of the best drummers of all time and every time I see him plying is just amazing. Thank you Travis to offer us all you're best!

Travis is one of the most original drummers I know. He's got the talent, and definitely has the skill to be named the best rock drummer. He's got his heart and soul in his drumming, and you can tell.

Just because he's not in a metal band or play a giant kit doesn't mean he is not one of the best drummers in the world. Listen to "Heart's All Gone" from Blink-182's Neighborhoods, I challenge any drummer on this list to play it, and play it well. He has a solo record, numerous guest appearances, and one of the most popular punk bands to date. He deserves to be top 3 at least, and he's #1 in my book.

Travis Barker is a huge inspiration to me. He got a awesome creativity and groove. My vote is for him, not because what he gave to the music, cause if it was in that way I have to name a drummer like Buddy Rich. My vote its for him, because thanks to blink-182, I discover my passion, drums.

Travis barker is the best drummer of all time! So amazing! I listen to his drum solos all of the time and they are just unbelievable! He is in the bank blink 182 and they are like wow! But it is Travis Barker that makes them amazing! He is unbelievable and like a hero to me!

Damn travis is the best!, that's it, he makes beats for other people and he's not only into rock he like rap more, and most drummers are just into rock, so travis is #1 he's an all around drummer if you can say

He is one of my heroes (mark, blink tom, chris farley are the other ones) and I think he is the 2nd most amazing drummer of all time... Peart is just too sick... Although he uses a double kick he is still amazing... He uses it properly

Travis is really great at drums and also a very nice person as well! Also the fact that he's in blink-182 makes him fabulous

Travis Barker is totally awesome, see him live is just better than your most beautiful dream, his technic, his playing, all what he does is truly upsetting, and of course I admit that Blink-182 and 44 are two of my favourite bands! Watch videos from Travis Barker with one of them and then you will know what to vote! (Haha I like my last sentence)

For me Travis Barker is the best drummer around the world, solos are staggering him and he gives everything in every song, like the last song of his life. I love to see Travis playing drums and Blink 182 have all to gain from him in the band. Travis Barker for me are the best in the world, you are the father of all drummers. Embraces to Travis

He is by far one of the greatest drummers to ever live. He can play multiple types of music extremely well. Travis Barker is the man. He deserves AT LEAST top five on this list

Are you guys fn' kidding me? Is really TRAVIS BARKER in 9th position? This list is obviously wrong, I mean, Shannon Leto in the 1st position? This list BLOWS! Mike portnoy, Lars Ulrich and other real DRUMMERS need a better position! These guys who are voting, they don't know a thing about drummers

Defiantly I believe that Travis Barker should be in the top 5. As a drummer myself I look up to him in every way possible. His muscle style in some of the best that I've ever heard. Just listing to him play drums gives me motivation to get on my set and practice hoping that one day I'll be as good as him.

He drums every genre possible! Man is a musical genius and deserves to be one of the top five best drummers in the world.

He should be far hire than this travis barker could kick shannon letos ass at drumming. I would have to play drums every day non stop for the rest of my life to be as good as he is and I'm 15 years old.

In my opinion, Travis is the best drummer ever. He has drummed all of his life (despite a near death plane crash) and his music is very versatile, not only that, but he can do literally anything. He was in the marching band in high school, and worked his way up to doing things with blink-182 to Yelawolf, Little Jon, etc. Not too many can or do so

Travis Should Be The Best Drummer Because He's Good Some Sort Of Skill He's Got Drumming Power (He Drummed With One Hand).. He's Drums Are Fast Way Better Than Other Drummers On Top I See! He Should At Least Be In The 3rd Or At Least Be In Top 5! But In My Way He's Number 1.!
People Vote For Travis!

Travies is the best drummer in this world. When he plays drums everyones head goes banging and his talent is also great. One thing I like most about him is his style of playing the hi-hat and toms. Like in the song after mid night. Travies you r the life of the band blink 182. My aim is to be just like travies

Travis Barker! I love your drumming! I think you should definitely be number 1 without a doubt! Every time I see you play the drums I just want to scream out with joy! You are amazing and I love you and Blink 182! By the way, just want to let you know, that I think you're really hot too! LOVE YOU TRAVIS! MARRY ME!