Yoshiki Hayashi

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Yoshiki Hayashi is a Japanese musician, songwriter, composer and record producer. Better known by his stage name Yoshiki, he is best known as the leader and a co-founder of the heavy metal band X Japan, for which he is the drummer, pianist and main songwriter. The band achieved breakthrough success ...read more.


The group X-Japan is a legend in Japan. Its a start and the most respected band in Japan, a granddaddy of all visual bands today in Japan.

Yoshiki built up X, he made nearly every song there is, he plays guitar, piano, drum, in any way perfection. His song is non-repetition, meaning they don't always repeat same as other lame bands do.

Yoshiki's lyrics are like poems. If you google his songs, the translations are like beautiful poems.

Trust me, once you listen to every X-Japan's song,
You'd be saying

" W.. T.. F.. L. Parks, Metallica, Justin bieber, what the F... Have I been listening to ".

Guaranteed, with insurance.

He is simply the best Musician/Drummer I ever heard - I have been a hardcore Queen Fan since I can think and I remember seeing him playing together with Roger Taylor on an Open Air Concert in Japan in the early 90's where Roger, Yoshiki and Toshi were playing' together. As of now I know no better Metal Drummer in the World - his Performance in the last Live Concert from Sylvester 1997 is outstanding - especially in Orgasm and his Drum Solo's - no other famous Drummer I know of can compare to this. Of Course we all don't know some unknown Drummers out there but from the Drummers I can see here he is the best without a Doubt and without being a X Japan Fanboy.

He is not in 1st top list because of he's not American or American popular, because people is racist, because with no doubt he is the best. He beats like drums are his own heart beatings, the feeling is intense and no lack of technical. Shame he hasn't been enough recognized.

Before I don't like drummers because all they do is to hurt my ears, lead guitar is always the best for me. But after I heard him playing at X Japan last live I came to love him too. He plays drums not just loud and fast, I also like the harmony of it.

Try watching the X Japan LAST LIVE "Weekend" and see how he plays drum beautifully and plays the piano elegantly.

YOSHIKI HAYASHI you are the best! You are the living proof that we Asians can also Rock the World!

Crazy guy, can't compR. I always find his music so emotional, and his drumming is just incomparable. Now that the group X Japn is reforming, I think the world will now have a taste of their music. AND They are releasing a single to go along with SAW4 movie original soundtrack. Go and listen. You will be blown away.

Yoshiki has fueled X Japan and reunited it after the loss of their lead guitarist, Hideto Matsumoto. Yoshiki has kept X Japan one of the best, if not the best, bands of all time alive.
Yoshiki has played the drums so enthusiastically and awesomely that he has even messed up his back. Even though this is tragic it shows his devotion to his band and music. - mrpawn

Oh my goodness- what has happened? Why 6th place? No no... This shouldn't be happening! Has everyone forgotten-WHO brought visual kei and heavy metal in Japan to its glory? X Japan. Did everyone forgot their leader? YOSHIKI. This man, Yoshiki, is SUPER DUPER TALENTED. By far, he's the GREATEST! We are X!

P/S: He's not a god. But God made him so talented, people often mistaken him to be one. Thank God for Yoshiki. Thank God for X Japan! 8)

Considering he composed not just the drum parts but the whole songs giving out sheet music to his band mates (which he was surprised they were cool with). He is one of the most under-rated drummers in my opinion, as many people aren't even aware of him

Also considering the consistent speed of the faster songs that he maintained form long periods of time (and very accurrately might I add as his studio album drumming matches his lives spot on)

He is a pleasure to listen to and I suggest him to drummers so they can expand their rotation of Rock Gods that they watch and learn from.

Yoshiki is the greatest drummer so far I know. The very powerful factor I love from his drum play is so many feelings poured into it. As for technique, he is unquestionable already. The great musician is the one able to bring the listeners into their world, drifting them to his emotion & mind.
Yoshiki is just... Awesome.
I can't wait for X Japan to rock the world, go more international and be recognized by at least 2/3 of the world's population

Yoshiki is the best rock drummer in the world, his technique, his passion and love in each show, everything is amazing! The best pianist and magnificent composer. "Yoshiki's passion and artistry touches hearts and changes lives" I really believe it, because has changed my life! His influence and love through music makes no barriers and now I firmly believe that nothing is impossible... I believe that Yoshiki is the best musician because it makes our bones are in agony with his amazing drum solos and our hearts are touched by his sweet melodies. We are proudly #X!

Never heard Yoshiki Hayashi? You should listen, and watch his show or concert with his band X Japan. His drum skill is kicking ass! So far I haven't know who can beat his speed, skill and stamina behind that drum sets. HE DESERVES TO BE NUMBER ONE! - Alternated_Lost_Devil

Yoshiki greatest musician of our time. Music is his life. During the drumming from him comes the fire, passion, reason, and folly, love and tenderness. It is a source of nuclear energy, inspiration victories, a new powerful engine and progressive in the work of the group X Japan. Yoshiki is the best!

Yoshiki is brilliant songwriter,musishian ,piano player and BEST IN THE WORLD drammer. Hi's soo fast,he is fool of power and strange, and first thing-he is a SO NICE PERSON! He is just wonderfool!!!! He is idol of many people and my lovely person # 1!
He 'll alwais stay on top!

He's the godfather. he's the one that would tell you to take the canolli. It's because of him and X Japan that JRock is what it is today. He is full of passion for everything that he does. One can't help but admire him.
...And his skills on the drums aren't exactly bad either. ;)

Yoshiki is a master composer and an awesome drummer. I came to vote for someone else but when I saw him on this list my vote was immediately swayed. I had the pleasure of seeing him live once and his energy on stage is amazing.

Yoshiki has both a rock and a classical background, allowing him to do exactly whatever he wants with his drums. His full knowledge of other instruments (he also plays the piano, the bass, the guitar and the trumpet) allows him to write beautiful songs with a rich architecture. Check his 39-minute masterpiece "Art of Life".

yoshiki is my drum hero! just thay way he plays drums... its just too cool I dident think he would be number one on this list but it dasent seprise me that much I was shor he would be in the top 10! but number 1=O yoshiki.. you rock! - gabi326jjk

He has injured nowadays for the way he play the drums. With problems in his neck and wrist he is still giving all on the concerts to their fans. AWESOME INDEED!

Yoshiki is not only a great, full energy drummer, he's also a tremendous composer, producer, and songwriter. He can play Drums, Piano, Bass, Guitar. He's a genius musically speaking. And for me, he is by far the best drummer of the world.

Yoshiki is fabulous. He's a great human and perfect drummer. His speed is something incredible!
I think no matter if you like him as a man or as one of the founders of Visual Kei or not he's just amazing drummer with a very strong will and warm heart.
Thank you, Yoshiki! You are the best drummer in my life!

Yoshiki is one pure talent, real raw talent. His amazing skill and stamina in concerts just blows my mind. He should be worshiped like a true GOD! because he really is a god, god of drums, god of the piano, GOD OF MUSIC

Drummer, pianist, composer, producer, lyricist, this man is amazing at anything he does. If you DIDN'T vote for him, you've probably never heard him. (Or you're a a REALLY obsessive Dir en grey fan. Either one.)

He is the fastest and most emotional drummer who can make audience go mad when he plays drums and make them cry when he plays piano. he devoted to the two instruments- he is the best. Just wait til' the world knows it

Yoshiki plays with a very good harmony with the song and he makes drum sounds beautiful when he plays solo. Try listening to his drum solos in the concert or evaluate X-Japan's music when he plays drum, splendid!

Yoshiki-san is amazing, beyond words! He is not only an awesome drummer, but a great person and a great piano player. I can't wait for the whole world to know how great Yoshiki is!