Linkin Park

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Linkin Park is an American rock band formed in Agoura Hills, California, in 1996. The members currently include Mike Shinoda (vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar), Brad Delson (guitar), Dave "Phoenix" Farrell (bass), Joe Hahn (DJ) and Rob Bourdon (drums). Linkin Park are associated with a mixture of Nu-metal more.


They are nothing short of incredible. Mike shinoda is an awesome underrated rapper with many great songs (in the end, somewhere I belong, faint, lost in the echo, high voltage, etc.) Chester Bennington has an amazing voice. He can sing beautifully or scream awesomely. They give the rock/metal effect. Overall, Linkin Park is the best rap rick band ever.

To describe their style of music there old style that is meaning hybrid theory and meteora, first take Eminem for the cynical rapping on their underground stuff combine that with limp bizkit for the nu metal style add some korn in there for the pissed then take slipknot for the scream and rage factor that they both bring and you have linkin park

Without a slightest doubt, easily the best in the game! And all those comparing Hollywood undead with Linkin Park, laugh out loud get life or a headphone maybe... This is true metal rap, undead is good too, but the delivery lies here... Plus this guys have way lot better tracks then UNDEAD! Geddit?

I find that the thing that makes Linkin Park the best is that they have excellent beats and melodies in their music, Chester's voice is excellent, Mike's raps are meaningful, and the way the two do vocals together are awesome in general.

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Linkin park is the best Nu metal and Alt rock band EVER! I am not going to say they are the best band in general cause everyone has a difrent taste in music, although they are the best band to me. Although they are not limited ONLY to nu metal and Alt rock which combine parts of rock, hard rock, heavy metal, soft rock, rap, hip-hop and electronica, they also expand to

They don't really rap as much as the other bands and their still killing it... Lets go Linkin Park... But really they better not screw up next album with experimental crap... On the real though... And I love Linkin Park believe me I still listen to their first two albums... Know why...?... You know why...

Linkin park totally rocks. The rap rock songs of linkin park are just awesome
And the combined singing of chester bennington and mike shinoda is very cool and they are the kings of alternative rock, rap rock and nu metal

Linkin park is amazing! They are never afraid to try something different, and are just as amazing live as they are recorded. It's amazing to me, and all of their music means something. Can't wait to see them in concert!

Linkin park is amazing. Honestly the only band I like next to rage against the machine. They have been very influential and they are amazing live and this is coming from a hip hop head.

I've listened to Linkin Park my whole life. They are the best rap/rock band. With Mike Shinoda's rapping and Chester's vocals, along with some insane instruments Linkin Park is easily the best rap/rock band

Linkin Park members are six music geniuses... the synergy between Chester and Mike is amazing.. and they are the most versatile band on the planet with all the genres in their songs!

with 1 of the most gifted lyricists in the world, and 1 of the most extraordinary metal vocalists around... should be considered utter blasphemy not to be appointed #1!

How can any one argue against the true kings of rap rock. I remember the first time listening to end the end and somewhere I belong and my mind was blown.

Linkin Park's music is out of this world. Have been searching for similar band but I haven't found a single one that can match the standards of Linkin Park. My best band ever.

LP is clearly the best. They may not rap in every song but Mike shinoda is probably the best rapper I've ever heard, other than maybe Tyler Joseph of twenty one pilots. Love the messages, and how they can look at the world through other people's eyes and write lyrics conveying those thoughts.

By far the best! They have a VERY wide diversity of very good music that almost anyone can like. I've loved them since I was a kid. VERY few songs by them I don't like.

Hats off to Linkin Park. They are the simply awesome. I cannot live even a single day with hearing their songs. Linkin Park ROCKS! KEEP rocking Linkin Park

I hate the people who sit there and sat LP doesn't deserve top spot just because they don't rap in every song. Rap is a good style, but shouldn't be in every song or you'd get annoyed with it in my opinion. I like the tracks where they sing. And Hands Held High is an amazing song and I love the meaningful rap in that song. LP is the best anyone who says otherwise just needs to give them a listen objectively instead of holding tightly to their favorite band.

I'm completely okay with them being at the top of this list. They are on the top of a lot of other lists that they shouldn't be, but this one is totally okay.

To all people who say that linkin doesn't deserve this listen to "papercut" "faint" "in the end" if you want more then listen to linkin park Jay-z collaboration it dazzles me every time to listen to "numb/encore" "dirt off your shoulder/Lying from you". LiNkIn PaRk Is ThE BeSttt!

Love you linkin park. Chester;s songs are best in the whole world but if there would be less rap than song dan they would be best in whole universe...

When chester screams and mike raps no can stop the show. Linkin Park the best till the end. Their powerful music makes them what they are now.

There songs are the best in world. I guess Chester has the best voice amongst all rock singer. I like to listen there songs daily.

I love this band so much. My personal favorites are their first two albums (obviously) and their latest album The Hunting Party. They perfectly blend the two greatest genres of all time, Hip Hop and Rock. These guys get way too many haters. Aan Mike is also a pretty chill guy