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1 Iron Maiden - 2001

The band had just re-united and they were REALLY at the top of their game. The energy was palpable. The was bruce connected with the crowd was just amazing. I have never seen the Rock in Rio in such flow along with the band.

This concert was just absolutely amazing. Atmosphere was ecstatic!

Seen videos of the performance and they really nailed it - bobbythebrony

I mean, does it get any better than Iron Maiden Rock in Rio 2001?... No. It does not. Not yet at least.

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2 Coldplay - 2011

Hands down best performance ever! Listen to the show daily during my runs.

3 Queen - 1985

I was there. I saw the iron maiden show in 85 too. Both were stellar but Queen was beyond simply pop / rock or entertainment. They were transcendental.

There is no better band live. They headlined in front of over 200,000 people! I don't understand how Coldplay even be mentioned! We are living in a SAD SAD world!

Queen were spectacular and nobody could do live like Freddie could...

Just... perfection.

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4 Guns N' Roses - 1991

This the greatest use your illusion tour concert!
And this is an unforgettable concert!
Sweet memories from guns n' roses tour!
Thanks god to create one most legendary rock band in the world!

5 Slipknot - 2011
6 AC/DC - 1985

Best ever!

7 Red Hot Chilli Peppers - 2001
8 Ozzy Osbourne - 1985
9 Maroon 5 - 2011

The energy of the fans is amazing. Much better than Coldplay's or any others. The audience just loved them more.

10 System of a Down - 2011

They own the stage

The Contenders

11 Linkin Park - 2012
12 Evanescence - 2011
13 Rush - 2003


14 Iron Maiden - 1985

That concert made Bruce Dickinson a legend and there's also a amazing Dave Murray solo after Powerslave

15 Megadeth - 1991
16 The Scorpions - 1985
17 Faith No More - 1991
18 Sepultura - 2011
19 BarĂ£o Vermelho - 1985
20 Stevie Wonder - 2011
21 Aerosmith - 2017

Steven is in my opinion the best vocalist ever because he has been sings at the same range for almost 50 years and still today can take these very high vocals like back in the day

22 R.E.M. - 2001
23 Neil Young & Crazy Horse - 2001
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