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101 ZP Theart ZP Theart ZP Theart is a South African singer, and songwriter, best known as the former singer of British power metal band DragonForce.

Great voice of dragonforce band m/_

102 Robin Zander

Zander has been the lead singer for Cheap Trick for over 35 years and is often referred to as "the man with a thousand voices. " Listen to the first Cheap Trick album (Cheap Trick) from 1976 and realize that this man has been sorely under represented. And who the H is Jared Leto? I don't know who put this list together, but Jebus, it certainly does NOT represent an informed view of the greatest rock vocalists of all time. Who are #'s 4 & 5?

105? Are you kidding me? Zander is the best rock singer who has ever drawn breath. Still operating on a level that nobody can even approach let alone reach. FACT.

THE rock vocalist of all time. There is no one else in this league.

103 Lou Gramm Lou Gramm Lou Gramm is an American rock vocalist, and songwriter, best known for being the original lead singer for the British-American rock band Foreigner.

How was foreigner's classic lead singer not even on this list? Lou had an amazing range and he has even been recovering from throat surgery at least put him in the top 40

Gramm should be in the top ten. Waiting for a girl like you was played at every high school dance during the 80's. His voice wasn't to deep or too high; it was perfect.

What can I say? Of course this absolutely outstanding singer, Mr Lou Gramm should be number one on any singing list. Just check out videos showing his vocal range and the way he does it - it's measurable and not even a question of whom shoul be on top of this list!

104 Andy Biersack Andy Biersack

He is a excellent singer

He needs to be higher!

Andy Biersack makes the most inspirational music,he inspires so many people to be them selves and believe in yourself,and to do what makes you happy. Black Veil Brides will always be my favorite band no matter what!

Number one

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105 Hayley Williams Hayley Williams Hayley Nichole Williams is an American singer, songwriter and musician. She is best known as the lead vocalist, occasional keyboardist and primary songwriter of the American rock band Paramore.

In my opinion the best Rock Singer!

106 Maynard James Keenan Maynard James Keenan Maynard James Keenan, often referred to by his initials MJK, is an American musician, record producer, winemaker, and actor, best known as the vocalist for Grammy Award-winning progressive metal band Tool.

Why on earth isn't Maynard James Keenan in the top 10? He is easily one of the most gifted singers I've ever heard. The emotional range that he is able convey with is voice is jaw dropping. It's a darn shame that he's this low. :(

Lord Maynard belongs at the top

Not surprised... Just read these comments, Maynard is so amazing but oddly never atop any Best Singers list... It's non-stop Puscifer - Tool - APC for me!

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107 Ian Anderson Ian Anderson Ian Scott Anderson, MBE is a Scottish-born musician, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist best known for his work as the lead vocalist, flautist and acoustic guitarist of British rock band Jethro Tull.

How can you not love Jethro Tull? Should be at least in the top 25.

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108 Brandon Boyd

The singer from incubus, one of the most controlled and inspired singers ever. Him and incubus easily ruled the early 2000s. The fact that he wasn't even on here was a pure tragedy

109 Mike Perrino

Great singer. Great friend. Great guitarist. Check out this brah.

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110 Dustin Bates
111 Sakurai Atsushi
112 Koshi Inaba
113 Ryuichi Kawamura

He can sing any kind of songs very well since in his carrer he had a rock band and pop/opera solo work. He has a world record of singing more than 100 songs in one show due to his extremely powerful voice. He is just the best

114 Michael Barnes
115 Chris Daughtry Chris Daughtry Christopher Adam "Chris" Daughtry is an American musician and actor, best known as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the rock band Daughtry and as the fourth-place contestant on the fifth season of American Idol.

He is definitely top 3 material... His voice is a collage of emotions and what a range whoa words don't do justice to this guy

116 Mickey Thomas

Mickey Thomas got his break with Elvin Bishop and then with Jefferson Starship sang lead on the classic songs after Grace Slick had destroyed her voice with drugs and alcohol. (Don't do drugs, kiddies - you'll end up like Grace Slick)

I would put Thomas up against any singer on this list. Listen to Jane by Jefferson Starship and name one other singer who could pull this off. The only one who might be able to do it is Steve Perry.

You clearly do not know much by Journey if think that Steve Perry might be able to sing Jane. Of course he can sing Jane.

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117 Jon Anderson Jon Anderson John Roy Anderson, known professionally as Jon Anderson, is an English singer, songwriter, and musician best known as the former lead singer of the progressive rock band Yes, which he co-founded in 1968 with bassist Chris Squire.

Jon Anderson is like the 4th or 5th best singer ever and should be there. Legendary!

Why is Jon Anderson not here! He is one of the greatest singers of all time!

Easily the top 5 best singers of all time.

Is the voice of God, of Nature, of Universe...I can´┐Ż't belive. The Angels sings Rock Sinfonic

118 Thom Yorke Thom Yorke Thomas Edward "Thom" Yorke is an English musician best known as the singer and principal songwriter of the alternative rock band Radiohead.

Only the greatest singer in rock music this past decade. He's the man with the iron lung, he deserves to be in the top 5 of this list

He's low because radiohead isn't as popular or well-known

Thom Yorke on 123? Stop it, this is not funny anymore guys..

119 Mark Hoppus Mark Hoppus Mark Allan Hoppus is an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and television personality best known as the bassist and co-lead vocalist for the pop punk band Blink-182. Born in Ridgecrest, California, Hoppus spent his childhood moving back and forth between his mother and father's more.
120 Miyavi Miyavi
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