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1 Guns N Roses - Knockin On Heavens Door (Bob Dylan)

How isn't it #1? - DunnaNunnaBatman

2 Korn - Word Up! (Cameo)
3 Metallica - Turn the Page (Bob Seger) UListen to Sample
4 Metallica - Am I Evil? (Diamond Head) UListen to Sample
5 Guns N Roses - Live and Let Die (Paul Mccartney)
6 A Day To Remember - Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson)

A Great Post-Hardcore cover of a pop song

7 Linkin Park - Wish (Nine Inch Nails)
8 Van Halen - You Really Got Me (Kinks)
9 Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes (The Who)

It isn't very good. - Userguy44

10 Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan)

Bob Dylan ADMITTED Hendrix's version was better...and it's only #20?! Shame on you people.

Hello Guys, wake up! How could you forget this awesome cover song. Hendrix made it even better then Dylan from my prespective. Just listen to it that must be at best in the top ten.

This list is hilarious. - ChefSkinner

The Newcomers

? Monstrosity - Angel of Death (Slayer)
? Bad Wolves - Zombie (The Cranberries)

The Contenders

11 Bless the Fall - Dream On (Aerosmith)

One of the most amazing covers I've heard

12 Judas Priest - The Green Manalishi (Fleetwood Mac) UListen to Sample
13 Thin Lizzy - Whiskey In the Jar (The Dubliners) UListen to Sample
14 Bullet for My Valentine - Welcome Home (Metallica)
15 Cold - Dream On (Aerosmith)
16 Yashin - Everytime (Britney Spears)

Another Amazing Scream influenced cover of a unexpected song

17 Disturbed - Land of Confusion (Genesis)

Where the hell is the Sound of Silence on this crappy list. Pure Emotion.

18 Hed PE - Crosstown Traffic (Jimi Hendrix)
19 Scary Kids, Scaring Kids - Losing My Religion (REM)
20 Children of Bodom - Oops, I Did It Again (Britney Spears)
21 Anthrax - Antisocial (Trust) UListen to Sample
22 Iron Maiden - Cross-Eyed Mary (Jethro Tull)
23 Mushroomhead - Crazy (Seal)
24 Asking Alexandria - Right Now (Akon)
25 Quiet Riot - Cum On Feel the Noize (Slade)

One of my favorite rock songs of all time! - MountainDewKid101

UListen to Sample
26 Judas Priest - Diamonds and Rust (Joan Baez) UListen to Sample
27 Dark Tranquility - 22 Acacia Avenue (Iron Maiden)
28 Guano Apes - Big in Japan (Alphaville)
29 Dope - People are People (Depeche Mode)
30 Fall Out Boy - Beat It (Michael Jackson)

Awesome guitar work, given totally a new dimension to MJ's masterpiece

31 James & FJ - Wide Awake (Katy Perry)
32 Lacuna Coil - Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode)
33 Machine Head - Hole in the Sky (Black Sabbath)
34 Breathe Carolina - Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)
35 Motley Crue - Smokin' In the Boy's Room (Brownsville Station)
36 Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Marvin Gaye)
37 Motörhead - Sympathy for the Devil (The Rolling Stones)
38 Three Days Grace - The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)
39 AC/DC - School Days (Chuck Berry)
40 Motörhead - Enter Sandman (Metallica)

I honestly think it's a lot better than the original.

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1. Metallica - Am I Evil? (Diamond Head)
2. Guns N Roses - Knockin On Heavens Door (Bob Dylan)
3. Metallica - Turn the Page (Bob Seger)
1. Linkin Park - Wish (Nine Inch Nails)
2. Guns N Roses - Knockin On Heavens Door (Bob Dylan)
3. Bullet for My Valentine - Welcome Home (Metallica)
1. Korn - Word Up! (Cameo)
2. Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes (The Who)
3. Cold - Dream On (Aerosmith)

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