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41 Lift Me Up - Five Finger Death Punch
42 Stone - Alice In Chains
43 Do Me a Favor - Stone Sour
44 Death of Me - Asking Alexandria
45 F*** You - Bad Religion
46 Perfect Life - Red
47 Release the Panic - Red
48 P.O.W. - Bullet for My Valentine
49 Dirty Little Secret - Bullet for My Valentine
50 Beautiful - P.O.D.
51 Super Collider - Megadeth
52 Freak Like Me - Halestorm
53 Rise - Skillet

This song is absolutely awesome. The entire album is awesome. Of course, the newest album is a concept album directed toward teenagers.

54 Here's to Us - Halestorm
55 Go to Hell, for Heaven's Sake - Bring Me the Horizon
56 Opposite - Biffy Clyro

This list would be nothing if opposites wasn't on this list because it is got to be one of my favourite rock songs ever in my life. I had to choose this song because I love it.

It has also been number one in the kerrang charts this year.
Keep it up biffy clyro.

57 The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
58 Pheromone CVLT - Letlive

Have you listened to this?

If you have not you need to listen to this it is absolutly amazing

59 Kiss the Ring - My Chemical Romance

Brilliant rock song. Well done my chemical romance you. Have been amazing

We all miss you, you should have stayed in the black parade

Miss you guys, you made great songs together.

You finished off with a superb song,

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60 My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up) - Fall Out Boy

First I didn't think that the comeback songs wouldn't be as good but the have rocked my year
My songs know what you did in the dark has defiantly rocked 2013

It is 100% fall out boy

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