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1 Red Dead Redemption

Not even rockstars best game, the worlds best game.

Best game of all, makes me wanna forget about the whole world, and just feel the Wild West of RDR, best game ever

Amazing game I think it's even better than Grand Theft Auto sa

Best character, best plot, best soundrack... Simply the best thing I've played in my life.. And I was giving a zero chance to succeed in my personal list of video games. I was hella wrong. Doesn't matter how old this game is, it will always be my number one

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2 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

All these games on this list are great, but this one is my favorite of all, hope they make a sequel in the coming years

BEST GAME EVER released by Rockstar! Cool missions, sound, graphics...

Epic game.. IMAGINE IF THE MADE A SEQUEL! It would be amazing! I hope they do in the future

This game has the most longevity and replayability out of all Rockstar games.

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3 Grand Theft Auto V

Although Grand Theft Auto V is a phenomenal game, I wouldn't say it was the best of all time. I like the three protagonists - Michael, Franklin and Trevor - but I can't see it being the best they have ever made. Agreed it would be close to the top, but not the best. San Andreas does it for me. It was different, the whole flying a different range of aircraft (both I and Vice City only had the dodo). I think the flight school in both games is good. I, like most people, got very frustrated at it but it's a nice gimmick to have. Unfortunately, the one in San Andreas was mandatory. Grand Theft Auto V has it's own gimmicks as well, such as the whole Trevor character. The meth-cooking, violent redneck stereotype.

Franklin compares well to CJ on the gang front. They are both ready to shoot on sight. In San Andreas, CJ is part of The Grove, whereas in V, Franklin lives near The Grove which has been taken over by Ballas. All in all, Grand Theft Auto SA is my favourite game, with Grand ...more

Set in Los Angeles and rural California. You have a world to explore, larger than San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption, and Grand Theft Auto IV combined. You have a story that takes roughly 25-30 hours to complete, with an amazing storyline to say the least. 3 Hilarious characters to use, Countless Easter eggs and mini games. You have a virtual internet to browse with a stock market, purchasable vehicles, wide selection of weapons. You have an online experience that is impossible to beat, it never ends. Countless missions, side jobs, vehicles and weapons for purchase, races, games, heists, everything you can imagine. - ryanrimmel

The game is not out yet, but by looking at all screenshots and 2 trailers, Grand Theft Auto V another Rockstar games masterpiece

This is a very very nice game
I like it very much
And I hope you also

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4 Bully

This is the best game in ps2 and I request all the fans of the game "bully" to ask the rockstar games to make its sequel!

This game is amazing, I don't know anyone who wouldn't like it, stunning. Brilliant. God knows why but it made me wanna go to a private school laugh out loud

Awesome game! The combat system is one of the best in a game that I have ever seen!

This game is fun. It's not a easy game but it's still awesome. I'm playing it on x box one today - Sabbath

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5 Grand Theft Auto IV

Oh man! It's one from the best games I ever played!
It is fantastic! You can do lots of things and it is fun
Too! I just love this game! Vote up!

This has got to be the number one game of all time! It's got the best ratings and the best sales. zwe can do anything in this game!

Its good but I have an problem that the application failed to because it been blocked by windows parental control/family safety I don't know what to do so that's the problem that I have.

My favourite Grand Theft Auto game!

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6 Max Payne 3

Best story and music and gameplay and and and ever!
Max payne 2 should be on the list man!


Very very very nice and beauti full game

Max Payne 3 is my favourite game ever very good story amazing multiplayer only thing I don't like is it has the longest loading ever the loading is in the background of the cut scenes so you can't skip them Grand Theft Auto V is my second favourite but it gets a bit repetitive after so long

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7 L.A. Noire

This is the best game I have ever played. Please make it's 2 part. What a stories man? Like a whole movie. Lucky to play.

This game has the best dialogues I have ever seen! I want to see a second part of this game. Rockstar You Rock!

It's a ridiculously long game if you do all the cases and side missions (which are ALL fun! ) and the voice acting and music is second to none. The interrogation is a great concept and it's pulled off extremely well. It's a steal at the price you can find it at!

Amazing rockstar game. - Fullwalking2

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8 Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Best game I have ever played, who has not played the game... Must play it, you will be crazy busterd of the whole city

The Soundtrack The 80s dude

I want to be like tommy vercetti

This game is much better than Grand Theft Auto 3 and 4.This game deserves to be the best game of all time.

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9 Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

What are you guys talking about this game sucks! The story was short and stupid and you always have to save towns every 5 minutes or else they die off, even if you save them after the town dies it makes them more easier to die again afterwards, SO annoying! You guys should vote for the first red dead redemption PERIOD.

Hey, I thought it was better than the first

I have always loved zombies so this was the perfect game for me!

i like

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10 Grand Theft Auto III

This game got me into Rockstar and the sandbox genre, this game also invented the sandbox genre where driving and shooting are main things to do.

This should be in the top ten, much more than Red Dead Redemption. It put Rockstar on the map and is an extremely influential game.

Best game I ever played.

It is better than Vice City.

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11 The Warriors

This game is awesome. I loved the film and Rockstar managed to maintain the dark side of the film throughout the game.

This game is way better than any other game on this list cause it has way more entertainment than any other game

A cool and badass masterpiece that's full of mayhem. One of those rare games that does the film justice. Have played through the game multiple times and it's always entertaining. Incredible atmosphere and just about perfect in every aspect. "Can You Dig It? " - DamnFineCupOfCoffee

Very bad

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12 Manhunt

Awesome game! The music is so creepy and the sick executions are epic :O

Don't like this game. It's a little too violent for me. If you think that Grand Theft Auto was Rockstar's most violent franchise, think again! - Alpha101

This game is good because of how violent it is.

13 Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Best racing game of 08, this game beats all of the nascar games except thunder 2004 and 2005 chase for the cup, which are slightly better. I love pissing off traffic and they get angry when you ram into them. It's funny!

Best racing game ever

One of the best racing games of all time.


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14 Midnight Club 3

I bought the game and while listening to Metallica and megadeth I made a mustang and it was cool and yea the game needs free roam and lambos

Not the best but better than midnight club la

Best game I've played

In my opinion, I think MC3 is better than Midnight Club: Los Angeles...

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15 Bully: Scholarship Edition

One of Rockstar's best Teen Rated games ever! Contains violence, but not guns. Classes, Bikes, Skateboards, Girlfriends and more! And with the extra missions and classes the improved verison of the PS2 game has come out to be a success!

The "characters" in this game were suitable. There are many shouting people the don is first represented as teds friend. At last his friend is represented as the school don.

The chracters represented in this game were funny, and the chasing pricipal were looked the same. The clases were very useful for the children in studies. This GAME also helps in our future activities.

One of the awesome games that I have played nice concept of introducing college days to every one

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16 Max Payne

Its also a good game
The best game I had minor expectations. It just had so much to do in it an awesome story and a good multiplayer. Single handidly best cowboy game ever made.
This game is awesome. I loved the film and Rockstar managed to maintain the dark side of the film throughout the game.

Great game and can't wait for the max payne 3 release! It's a great one person shooter and is a lot like rockstars game style. There's a lot of story to it and the mix between this comic book style kind of noire genre gave the game its uniqueness if you Grand Theft Auto and bully youl like this and I think you should definitely luk out for max payne 3 this year its amazing!

Max payne rocking my list is 01. Max payne2,02 max payne 3,03 max payne 1,04 manhunt 2,05 manhunt 1, max payne bettar than Grand Theft Auto in my opinion

17 Manhunt 2

I have torrent please can you tell from where I can download this mind blowing game plese I like it you also like it if anyone knows from where we can download it then many peoples have this game then it becomes world's best game in the world..

Best game ever

I like this game verry much

18 Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City

Best game next to the original gta4 my fave game I would have to rate tlad and then tbogt THIS HAS TO BE THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD!

19 Red Dead Revolver

This game was decent at most and forgettable but it paved the way for red dead redemption so I'll give it points for that.

Best story I have seen stool my favorite game

20 Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Adding all weapons at the start of the game, parachuting, and non constant calls from Roman as you are Louis, how is this not in the top ten?

I had a lot of trouble playing this game so I put it down but it was awesome I just failed at it - Sabbath

Much more fun than Grand Theft Auto IV or LATD but the story sucked.

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