Best Roller Coasters In the United States

Best, funnest, scariest, most enjoyable roller coasters.

The Top Ten

1 Millennium Force (OH)

Millenium force

Awesome turns and banks

No doubt, the best!

2 Kingda Ka (NJ)

The tallest, fastest, and steepest rollercoaster in the world! You have to be very daring to ride this!

1st tallest and 2nd fastest coaster in the world, The fastest is Formula Rossa.

I just came off that ride and man I'm going on again

3 Top Thrill Dragster (OH)
4 Intimidator 305 (VA)

Loved this Coaster! I put it above Top Thrill. I have not ridden Kingda Ka but it is just Top Thrill a few feet higher and a few MPH faster, so I would say this is No. 2. The 300 foot drop is amazing, but hold on because you then take a hard bank to the right that has some people lose vision or even black out momentarily as you face nearly 5 G's of force. After that, it is all smooth turns and a great experience

This coaster is unbelievable!

5 Titan (TX)

It was good just that turn though

Holy cow! This is fast!

6 Bizarro (MA)

Best overall coaster. I've ridden six of these (including Bizarro) and Bizarro is the total package.

7 Nitro (NJ)
8 Goliath (CA)
9 Desperado (NV)
10 Mamba (MO)

The Contenders

11 California Screamin (CA)
12 Medusa (CA)

So awesome! I love the loops! It's so smooth.

13 Texas Giant (TX)

Good fun steep drop

14 Maverick (Cedar Point)
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