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41 Colossus - Thorpe Park UK
42 Nitro - Six Flags Great Adventure USA V 2 Comments
43 Eejanaika - Fuji-Q Highland Japan
44 Speed Monster - Tusenfryd Norway

the Americans must be told about this one. - Masterofcheeseing

45 Magnum XL-200 - Cedar Point USA V 1 Comment
46 Matterhorn Bobsleds - Disneyland

What makes this roller coaster so special is that this is the ride that influenced others to make steel type roller coasters too! It is the first steel tubular roller coaster in the world! I simply love this attraction! It sure makes me want to yodel!

PUT THIS OFF THE LIST! This is too tame and slow, you're only spiraling down the "mountain" at 27 mph.
I don't get why it should be so high on the list, just because it's special doesn't mean it should be up on here.

47 Th13teen - Alton Towers UK
48 Formula Rossa - Ferrari World Germany

This is in the UEA not germany - InfraRed

Ok, tell me this, if this is the fastes roller coaster in the world, THEN WHY IS IT SO LOW ON THE LIST THIS SHOULD BE WAY HIGHER

49 Verbolten - Busch Gardens Williamsburg USA
50 Inferno - Thorpe Park UK

An inverted Coaster at Thorpe Park! This intence Coaster had to be on the list it squeezed into second and is currently the UK's 3rd top Roller Coaster! - Karl

51 Fujiyama - Fuji-Q Highland Japan
52 Dominator - Kings Dominion USA
53 California Screamin - Disney California Adventure USA
54 Air - Alton Towers UK

This is a really cool ride. I went on it three times in one day. - nic1997ps3

lets fly this ride is Alton Towers's best achivement eva - Karl

55 Superman: The Ride - Six Flags: New England

Bizzaro renamed

56 Outlaw Run - Silver Dollar City USA
57 Gatekeeper - Cedar Point USA
58 Alpengeist - Busch Gardens Williamsburg USA
59 Infusion - Blackpool Pleasure Beach UK
60 Iron Rattler - Six Flags Fiesta Texas USA
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