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61 The Beast - Kings Island

Best wooden coaster ever! It goes up a 110 foot tall hill very slowly, then plunges you into a dark tunnel. Then you emerge out of it and go down and up a hill, getting deeper and deeper into the woods. Then you go through a tunnel again and climb up another hill. Then you plunge down into a 570 degree helix.

Not only is it the longest wooden coaster in the world (7,359 feet of wooden track), it's a classic. - GEMINI-42

62 Shambhala - PortAventura
63 Oblivion - Alton Towers, England
64 Flight of Fear - Kings Dominion USA
65 Kong - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom USA V 1 Comment
66 Superman: Ultimate Flight - Six Flags Great Adventure

The tallest heartline roll in the world with 5 inversions is awesome!

This ride is so great you don't realize your 415 ft in the air!

67 Mr. Freeze - Six Flags Over Texas USA

Most epic roller coaster ever

68 Loch Ness Monster - Busch Gardens Williamsburg USA

A cool ride with has two interlocking loops!

It is awesome

69 Storm Chaser - Kentucky Kingdom
70 Iron Rattler - Six Flags Fiesta Texas USA
71 Revolution - Six Flags Magic Mountain USA

The world's first loop and one of the best looping coasters I have been on!

72 Magnum - Cedar Point USA
73 Phantom's Revenge - Kennywood USA

I love this coaster! It most likely doesn't have that many votes because kennywood isn't that large in pittsburg, but this is an awesome rollercoaster

Let's get this kick as

74 Xcelerator - Knotts Berry Farm, USA

Always a great thrill. I love it. WAY better than stealth.

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75 Hades - Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park USA

I went to mt Olympus a few days ago and went on this ride. It kicked so much ass.

V 1 Comment
76 Behemoth - Canada's Wonderland
77 Expedition Everest - Disney's Animal Kingdom V 1 Comment
78 Big Dipper - Geauga Lake USA
79 Rebel Yell - Kings Dominion USA
80 Fahrenheit - Hersheypark, USA
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