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81 Mindbender - Galaxyland Canada

I don't want this to be number 86. It's a fantastic ride. Screw you all.

82 Fire In the Hole - Silver Dollar City, USA
83 Mystery Mine - Dollywood, USA
84 Riddler's Revenge - Six Flags Magic Mountain, USA
85 New Texas Giant - Six Flags Over Texas USA
86 Full Throttle - Six Flags Magic Mountain USA

The largest, best looping coaster in the world! The best 20 seconds on a roller coaster in my life!

Out of all the roller coasters I have been on none had me upside down for 3 seconds!

87 Banshee - Kings Island USA

This is an awesome coaster that deserves to be higher on the list

Smooth and fast with 7 inversions!

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88 Colossos - Heide Park Germany

The tallest, fastest, and not too long wooden roller coaster in the world one of my favorites

This Is Responsible For The Wooden Masterpiece Named El Toro

89 Stealth - Thorpe Park UK

hm... speed and speed and also it has speed and also a mighty 200f drop the UK's top Roller Coaster since 2005! This is STEALTH baby yehhhh - Karl

The second highest ride in the uk is,in my opinion the best ride the whole world.

90 Thunderhawk - Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom USA
91 Silver Bullet - Knott's Berry Farm

Best ride ever! Who knew a half-inversion existed

92 Rita - Alton Towers UK
93 The Ultimate - Lightwater Valley UK

I love this because it is so long and durable. It is the 2nd longest rollercoaster in the world and is 7 MINUTES long.

Brilliant ride. Apparently has a world record for being 1.5 miles long. There is also cliffhangers E.G. dump into forest, giant plunge at beginning. Enjoy the ride!

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94 Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast ~ Six Flags St. Louis

Now I did the research. Let me reword it:

First, you go backwards going from 0-70 MPH in 3.8 seconds. Then you go through AN inversion (an inside top hat) until you reach a 218 ft. high 90 degree angle. Then you do the ride forwards. - N64Dude

First, you go backwards going from 0-70 MPH in 4 seconds. Then you go through a couple of loops until you reach a 122 ft. high 90 degree angle. Then you do the ride forwards. - N64Dude

95 Thunderbird - Holiday World USA

This is the best wing coaster out there I don't know why it is so low - u_maddox_bro

96 Tower of Terror II - Dreamworld Australia
97 Cannibal - Lagoon Amusement Park USA

This is an amazing ride very smooth should be a lot higher than 136 best roller coaster ever enough said

98 Revenge of the Mummy - Universal Florida
99 Lightning Racer - Hersheypark
100 Dragon Khan - PortAventura Spain
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