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101 Gemini - Cedar Point USA
102 Colussus - Six Flags Magic Mountain USA V 2 Comments
103 Desperado - Buffalo Bill's Hotel and Casino USA
104 GhostRider - Knott's Berry Farm, USA

My Favorite Wooden Rollercoaster

NOTE-Ghostrider Is Currently Closed For A Massive Renovation
Typed On February 5 2016

105 Montezooma's Revenge - Knott's Berry Farm

A great ride for you if you want to go a loop and drop backwards!

106 Boomerang - Knott's Berry Farm

My favorite ride ever I made it my record when I went on it

107 Jaguar - Knott's Berry Farm

A great roller coaster that doesn't have a high degree angle drop but it is long and fast but not that high but the angle of the drop makes it a long drop. A good family ride to go on it beats lots and lots of family roller coaster records. One of my favorites at the park

108 Vortex - Kings Island USA V 2 Comments
109 Wild Eagle - Dollywood USA

Gatekeeper is a lot better than wild eagle

110 Firehawk - Kings Island, USA

This is definitely a really unique coaster. You go up the hill headfirst, laying on your back. The track flips over, and it makes you feel, literally, like you're flying.

V 1 Comment
111 Batman - Six Flags Great Adventure

My 1st big roller coaster

112 Shockwave - Six Flags Over Texas USA
113 Storm Runner - Hershey Park USA
114 The Twister - Lightwater Valley UK

Brill. Especially twists while drops (like Supreme Waltzers with drops).

115 Bugs Bunny Water Rapids - Six Flags
116 Gully Washer - Six Flags Fiesta Texas

This is not a roller coaster, delete it from the list

117 Bahama Blaster - Six Flags

This is not a roller coaster, delete it from the list

118 Shamus Express - Seaworld Orlando

How is the on the list

119 Journey To Atlantis - SeaWorld
120 Mean Streak - Cedar Point USA

One of the best wooden coasters in the world it is very long.

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