Best Rolling Stones Songs From the '60s


The Top Ten

1 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

The best Rolling Stones song from any decade.
Killer intro - Ajkloth

2 Gimme Shelter

The best Stones song ever recorded.

3 Paint It, Black V 1 Comment
4 Sympathy for the Devil

This song is their best work up with paint it black, and gimme shelter, at least in my opinion. - Beatlesboy9

5 It's All Over Now

This number were the first single from the Stones that I've had for my birthday. Than I were always fan from you. Have you see on stage into Feyenoord-Stadion and Roche Wechner and many many time! I'm 62 years and still your fan, Thank you for Music I love it

6 Jumpin' Jack Flash
7 You Can't Always Get What You Want
8 Tell Me

Unique and never surpassed

9 Little Red Rooster
10 Time Is On My Side

The Contenders

11 Heart of Stone
12 The Last Time
13 Under My Thumb
14 Get Off of My Cloud
15 Street Fighting Man
16 Honky Tonk Women
17 Mother's Little Helper
18 19th Nervous Breakdown
19 Ruby Tuesday
20 Miss Amanda Jones
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1. Paint It, Black
2. Heart of Stone
3. It's All Over Now
1. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
2. Sympathy for the Devil
3. Gimme Shelter
1. Tell Me
2. It's All Over Now
3. Little Red Rooster



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