Best Romanian House, Dance-pop Singers and Bands of the 2010s

House & Dance-Pop music is popular in Romania here is the list of best popcorn artists.

The Top Ten Best Romanian House, Dance-pop Singers and Bands of the 2010s

1 Elena Gheorghe
2 Inna

Inna is the first Balkan artist to become know in the whole world

Inna was noted as one of Romanian's Biggest Exports inthe music industry, and has been surpassed with many accolades.

3 Smiley

I used to love amiley back in 2010! He was great back then! But now... he has changed... badly

4 Andra
5 Edward Maya

King of Romanian house music

6 Alexandra Stan

Mr. Saxobeat became her worldwide breakthrough hit, selling almost 1, 000, 000 copies in less than a year and reachingthe top five in over twenty countries

7 Paula seling
8 Akcent Akcent, originally a wordplay on accent is a multi-certified, award-winning Romanian dance pop act whose members sing in Romanian, English, Polish and Spanish.

Nearly 1 billion views and 2 million fans in Facebook make Akcent on of the best band in Romania

9 What`s Up
10 Glance

The Contenders

11 Connect-R
12 Adrian Sina
13 David Deejay
14 Mandinga
15 O-Zone

Numa numa ye, numa numa

16 Deepside Deejays
17 Alex Mica
18 Deepcentral
19 Fly Project
20 Play & Win
21 Sunrise Inc.
22 Vika Jigulina
23 Dony
24 GeoDaSilva
25 Sahara
26 Arsenium

Former member of O-Zone. Receently seen on ViƱa del Mar - keyson

27 Lora
28 Ruby
29 Carla's Dreams
30 B.U.G mafia
31 Velea '
32 Denisa
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