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21 Mean Girls
22 Dating The Enemy
23 Juno V 1 Comment
24 Spaceballs

It is totally a romantic comedy, if also a Star Wars parody. As it turned out, Yogurt was rooting for a Lone Starr/Vespa hookup the entire time. - SourNote2014

25 Maid in Manhattan


26 Forrest Gump
27 He's Just Not That Into You

I was amazed that this movie was so good because most of the actresses in it are really not my favorite actresses ( Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johanson ) but to my surprise ( especially Drew Barrymore ) they did all a great job. The ones who stand out however are Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Connelly (as the detail obsessed woman ). All the actors are equally great in this movie and even the more lesser-known actresses who played just a small part are all doing a great job. As for the film, the script is very well done. So good as a matter of fact that you can watch this movie over and over again.

So many good actors in that movie. It's so inspiring, fresh, cute, young, funny...and actually Jennifer Aniston is pretty good in that film, even though overall I don't like her as an actress. I've watched that movie 4 times. Enough said.

Very entertainig movie! You'll not regret watching it! A good, cheery and funny movie if you're feeling down or just not in the mood of going out a saturday night.

ómg that guy that was married is from me

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28 When in Rome

This proves that Kristen Bell is a much underrated actress. She does an amazing acting job in this amazing movie.

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29 Easy A

I just love the movie!

Cute movie :)) A for awesome!

I love this movie

30 Lake House

I love it! The soundtrack, keanu reeves, the story, the endin', everything!

Who wrote the comment about " Sandra Bolluck " (? ). Is this from a 5year old kid?


31 Knocked Up V 1 Comment
32 There's Something About Mary

The funniest romantic comedy - Gaspar

33 The Holiday

I loved it, I felt so sorry for the English woman at the beginning, because of the thing with jasper, I also felt sorry for Miles when he saw his girlfriend with someone else, but all in all, great film! Bit stereotypical of England

It was hilarious and at the same time so sweet. I have to admit in the start I had my reserves especially with so many top name actors and actresses participating. But it was truly wonderful.

I thought this movie was brilliantly done. Was touching, charming, and completely gorgeous (jude law anyone? ).

It was cute. The Winslet and Wallach scenes are just adorable, though. - SourNote2014

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34 Wedding Crashers

One of the best "Funny movie" I Ever seen Owen Wilson is awesome. Not for kids and family.

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35 Bridget Jones' Diary

I love this movie! You simply fall in love with Bridget and her way of being able to describe life in such an amazing and comedic point of view, and be able to make fun of herself and her own flaws. I think this movie is down to earth, contains great acting, as well as having great humor that seems to be very greatly woven in the plot, instead of pushing jokes into the movie that has no real effect on the actual story (which many romantic comedies do nowadays). The story has the, very un-rated, ability to be able to watch many, many, times without losing the greatness and the comedy.

Love this movie. So romantic. Why is this not #1. I love it. The audience fall in love with bridget jones and also this movie shows the real truth.

Endlessly funny, amazingly sweet. One of the top romantic comedies ever!

36 Sweet Home Alabama

A really cute movie! Reese Witherspoon did justice to her role! Loved it! I've watched it like 10 times and I'm still not bored of it.

37 27 Dresses

Out of all the romantic comedies I've ever seen, this movie takes the number 1 spot in my eyes. I absolutely love it because it seems like something that could actually happen and I bet by the end of the summer I'll have watched it 27 times! xD It's great.. and so is James Marsden. so cute!

Love this movie like anything! I loved the climax... especially the marriage in boat scene... wow watching the climax over n over again! :) must watch movie for those who like light hearted films!

38 Up in the Air
39 The Bounty Hunter

It is nice and sweet love story

40 Midnight in Paris

If you don't understand art, you might just after this film. A real treat. Paris is lovely in the rain!

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