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41 There's Something About Mary

The funniest romantic comedy - Gaspar

42 The Sweetest Thing V 1 Comment
43 13 Going on 30

Jennifer Garner was awesome in that one. I actually watched when I was 13 and I kinda hated at first, because I didn't wanna grow up too fast, but then I actually loved it when I found out about the message that movie sends.

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44 Aquamarine

Love this movie. All actors and actresses are playing very well their role but it's Emma Roberts ho steals the show. She's really fantastic in that movie.

I love this movie

I would wath this all the time and I still love it

45 Blast From The Past
46 Just My Luck

The movie is hilarious and lindsay's performance too is appreceable

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47 This Means War

. CHRIS PINE. REESE WITHERSPOON. TOM HARDY. How much more do I have to say? Great story line. Amazing acting. Hot guys / girl. YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

48 Never Been Kissed

For some reason, this movie always stuck with me, even more than 10 years after first watching it. It had such an important meaning that so many of us can relate to. Yes, it was really funny and had fun performances, but it goes a lot deeper than that. It is a good message for anyone who might be having a difficult time in high school. It does get better.

Drew is great for this part. She is one of the only people I know that can have that much visual difference. Cute,... Not cute... - heather

49 The Break-Up
50 She's All That

This is a very Heart warming story of how a guy changes someone for good.

51 Made of Honor
52 Chasing Liberty

Absolutely adorable. I could watch this movie every day and never get sick of it. It's such a good romantic movie. It makes you believe in true love.

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53 Life as We Know It

Its super hilarious and romantic and I love how Katherine and Josh made such a sweet story... The baby was a bonus too!

One of my favorite movies. Heartwarming plot and beautiful acting.

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54 The Wedding Singer

A classic, feel good movie! Must watch for cheesy-movie lovers.

55 Leap Year

Leap Year is a surprisingly good movie. At first, I wasn't expecting anything extraordinary, but now it's one of my favourite movies- a movie that I would easily watch again and again.

The scenery takes me back to Ireland. Great little film with terrific chemistry between Mathew and Amy. (Just not really Dingle folks! Dingle coastline is just as stunning though)

Awesome Movie.. Should be in top ten..! Funny Romantic, Already Watched it around 5-6 Times.. In Love with this Movie.. Come on guys vote this movie

One of the sweetest love story

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56 Boys and Girls

Awesome Acting. Very Underrated Movie. Soundtrack is great too. Should be higher up

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57 The Fault in our Stars
58 My Best Friend's Wedding
59 Shakespeare in Love
60 Flipped
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