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61 No Strings Attached

Best film in the world every one should watch it.
p. S natalie portman is amazing in the film

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62 Confessions of a Shopaholic

Isla Fisher is hilarious in this movie. If you see a movie like this one it's hard to understand why Isla Fisher is a so underrated actress.

63 Just Friends

Amy Smart is so good in this movie that I can watch this movie over and over without being bored. This movie should move up in this list.

Ryan reynolds is freeking funny in this movie 2 tumbes up to this movie

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64 A Lot Like Love

It's funny and romantic at the same time... - jayecandiceramintas

65 While You Were Sleeping

Just lovely; with some of the best quotes: "These mashed potatoes are so creamy", "leaning"...

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66 Kate and Leopold

Mangold is a directorial genius. Hugh Jackman's performance is amazing and this is easily one of the most creative, albeit formulaic rom-coms I have seen.

67 Say Anything...

Come's Lloyd Dobler.

68 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
69 The Girl Next Door

It's my favorite romantic comedy

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70 About Time

One of the best Rachel McAdams romantic comedy movies. Never tired to watch this again and again.

Don't understand why this movie is ranked lower than the other Rachel McAdams movie
" The Vow "? About time is way better as an rom-com than " the vow ". If you have the chance one day to look this two movies the one after the other you will agree that the movie " About time " is more romance material.

71 Breakfast at Tiffany's
72 Emma
73 Someone Like You
74 Return to Me
75 Definitely, Maybe

Well written. Beautiful plot and acting. You will fall in love with Isla Fisher's character. And plus, it's not mushy. - Castiel

I love this movie! Can't get enough of Ryan Reynolds and Isla Fisher

Really unique story. Unpredictable. Everybody have to watch this. The ending are so great. Best romantic comedy with mistery story

76 So, I Married An Axe Murderer

This should be on the top for almost any comedy list! Mike Meyers is freakin hilarious! - heather

77 Bruce Almighty

Jim Carrey is perfect comic.
Jennifer Aniston makes the romantic part. - kkkppp

This movie is both hilarious and romantic. Jim Carey and Jennifer Aniston star in this, and their argumemts are priceless! This movie has been an absolute favorite of mine since I was little.

78 The Wedding Date

To me, Debra Messing is the main reason. She blends comedy and drama so well. - luvthtv

Its one of those movies which make you smile

79 Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!

I don't usually watch romantic comedies but last night, while deciding on what thriller DVD to watch, this was on T.V. and the strikingly beautiful main actress in it (Kate Bosworth) caught my eye (I'm allowed to appreciate female beauty without being a lesbian, yes? ) Ahh...anyway, the point is...I watched this film from beginning to end. It's warmth and cuteness had me hooked. And yes, I'm proud to say that I cried at the end; real, big, hot tears rolled down my cheeks. I literally cried myself blissfully into sleep. Wonderfully heartwarming film. Would I watch again? Of course. - Britgirl

It's funny and cute... - jayecandiceramintas

80 The Whole Nine Yards

This for me is close in 40 year old for pure hilarity! Matthew Perry is So stinkin funny! - heather

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