Best Ronnie James Dio Songs

In Memory Of One Of The Greatest Legends In Metal Music 1942-2010. Here's The Top 10 Songs with Ronnie James Dio Singing Vocals.

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1 Stargazer - Rainbow

I completely agree with the top five, just not with the order, but I suppose its all just personal preference though.
Got to be honest though, his voice is probably my favourite out of any rock singer, and this song and the lyrics are the reason

Just try copying his sing and you'll know its one of the toughest song to sing

This is the one that really deserves the first spot. So much power every moment, if this song doesn't blow your mind, I don't think anything would.

This might actually be the first list I see that makes perfect sence. I know that a lot of it is personal preference when it comes to music. But this song is amazing. It is so epic the power in Dios voice really hits you when he sings "Now where do we gooo". Every time I listen to this song I have to turn up the volume just for the epicness of this song. Stargazer is perfect. - Grouse

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2 Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath

the shift in the slow solo to the fast solo is the best part of the song... never get bored of it! also has wonderful meaning..

just awesome the perfect voice of Ronnie James Dio mixed on the sabbath's style of music. Awesome!

When the vocals come back after the solo and smacks you in the face- it's one of the best moments in metal.

Because it's black sabbath with dio singing makes this amazing

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3 Holy Diver - Dio

1. Holy Diver - Dio
2. Stargazer - Rainbow
3. Rainbow In The Dark - Dio
4. Don't Talk To Strangers - Dio
5. Heaven And Hell - Black Sabbath (I like Dio, and I like Black Sabbath alot, but not as much together. Still pretty good though. )

The perfect song. Listened to this song hundreds of times and it never gets old.

lovely lovely riff and awesome solo - sharm7064

Holy Diver, you've been down too long in the midnight sea, oh what's becoming of me. - IronSabbathPriest

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4 Rainbow in the Dark - Dio

Vocals, lyrics and the keyboard riff. Rainbow in the Dark is an epitome of a hard rock/heavy metal track with such obscure yet beautiful lyrics.

Rainbow in the dark is the BEST song ever it was a big hit for ronnie james dio by the way RIP Dio you will be in our hearts forever - rocknrollhorselover

I love this song its one of my top favorites of all time - rocknrollhorselover

The best metal synth riff! - somekindofaguy

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5 Gates of Babylon - Rainbow

The best, as so many are of Dio/early Rainbow songs were
Cutting edge, and as usual, Blackmore started that style of rock, and Ronnie was the perfect fit, and he put Ronnie on the "map" to be seen...

Just listen to it and you'll understand completely why this is my choice.

A stand out track.

Still one of the best ever made.

6 A Light In the Black - Rainbow

Great track from rainbow rising awesome vocals by ronnie james dio

7 Turn Up the Night - Black Sabbath
8 The Last in Line - Dio

After Heaven and Hell this is the next best song!

So Good, Can't stop Listening to this song!

Best dio song on any formation

I don't speak inglish, but;it's wonderful!

9 Children of the Sea - Black Sabbath

Its totally a kick ass song. love the vocals of ronnie I guess this is one of Black Sabbath's epic rock song

Great song on an epic album. Lady Evil should be here as well...

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10 Man on the Silver Mountain - Rainbow

Ritchie and Ronnie are a perfect duo for metal. Nothing comes close, not even Hetfield and Hammett. - bighercules

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11 Don't Talk to Strangers - Dio

The vocals in this song were unbelievably beautiful. So high at the beginning, yet so powerful towards the end.

Ronnie James Dio is the greatest rock singer that has ever lived on the planet earth since the beginning of time... Plain and simple... And for some one to be better then him your above god... When he passed I cryed badly... I have all his cd's and movie's of him... He is a legend... If life lasts another million years how will he ever be beaten...

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12 Lock Up the Wolves - Dio

Appeared on the last dio album that went Gold in the states.

13 Between Two Hearts - Dio

A stand out track.

14 The Sign of the Southern Cross - Black Sabbath

Iommi's beautiful acoustic intro followed by a bad-ass riff and Dio's amazing voice and fantastical lyrics at their best. The dichotomy between gentle and powerful both musically and vocally make this a very special song.

15 Neon Knights - Black Sabbath V 1 Comment
16 Rainbow Eyes - Rainbow

Wonderful melody, Ronnie sings so good.. love this song

The word 'magical' describes best this tune. - Metal_Treasure

17 Bible Black - Heaven & Hell

Song to be listened closely by all religious extremists

Song Comes in mind when I hear News about is and that

It is here at number 10! Are you mad? This is one of the sweetest songs of RJD.

I love this album because of this song.
Don't get me wrong the whole album is great but this song is art

18 Push - Dio
19 Love is All - Roger Glover (Featuring Ronnie James Dio)

Great performance on this fun track. From the Butterfly Ball and the Grasshoppers Feast concept album, and later on deep purple's live at the royal albert hall. Was well received in the Netherlands and Australia.

20 This is Your Life - Dio
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1. Stargazer - Rainbow
2. A Light In the Black - Rainbow
3. The Sign of the Southern Cross - Black Sabbath
1. Stargazer - Rainbow
2. Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath
3. Holy Diver - Dio
1. Stargazer - Rainbow
2. Rainbow in the Dark - Dio
3. A Light In the Black - Rainbow

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