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1 Situations

Classic song, no lie ;) one of the best songs he dropped and it's the first I heard from him and I won't forget how nice it was the first time I head it. One of the best songs for sure.

Um... Who ever voted for tragic magic and good girls bad boys are wrong.

At first to last second I love to listening this song!

Definitely my favorite Ronnie Radke song

2 Tragic Magic
3 Good Girls Bad Boys

Love this song, even though it's really called good girls bad guys...

One of the first songs that I heard by Falling in Reverse and I honestly loved it so much.

Its just a amazing song I listen to it aboout a hundred times a day everyone that listens to falling in reverse likes this awesome ass song and I'm a bad guy so it describes me! So go FIR!

Really good song

4 The Drug In Me Is You

NO its number 1 by far? This song is about him singing to himself whilst he was in prison. He couldn't trust himself and he was literally running from his past and praying for his feet to not fail him, now. Lets hear it for Ronnie Radkes number one song!

This entire album and fashionably late as well as dying is you're latest fashion is incredible! I can't pick just one song

Beast song yo I'm listen to it right now it's he 17 th time today

Situations is a great song, BUT THIS IS THE FUTURE

5 Not Good Enough for the Truth In Cliche

This should be one of the higher songs, I believe because of the music video, it was really well done and it really showed how much he cares for music, which is really important.

God I just love this song so much! Ronnie's vocal where as they say 'on point' he was just simply amazing!

This was the first song ever... It's the nly one that can be the best one! It's so full of emotions... And it brings back so many memories of the past... Not offensive - I love every single ronnie song. But the old ones will ever be the best!

An awesome Ronnie classic. Never gets old and is so deep

6 Raised by Wolves

Epic screams combined with Ronnie radke's natural great voice to make one of the best songs in the current post-hardcore scene.

Classic Song that shows all of Ronnie's abilities and beautiful lyrics! Ronnie is a true mastermind and saved my life! Thank you Ronold!

It Has that punk rock feeling to it not lik good girls bad guys that's kinda prpi but I love all of ronnies song is his doing him and only good job

7 The Ransom

Just the lyrics themselves send shivers down my spine, it's crazy how he can take such simple words and turn them into something beautiful.

8 Friends and Alibis
9 My Apocalypse

By far the best. Amazing song if you listen to the lyrics

10 Goodbye Graceful

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11 Who Can Stop Us?

Ronnie has done a great job with deuce coming in for chorus and blain going from fast 2 suprfast... Awsmm song

12 The Day I Left the Womb

The lyrics! He's so emotional he's about to cry sad but amazing! About his mother and his brother

Pretty sad in my opinion

13 Reverse This Curse
14 I'm Not a Vampire

I'm insane! I can feel it in my bones! Ronnie Radke is the king of the music scene! This has to be at least in the top 10!

15 The Webs We Weave
16 Don't Mess With Ouija Boards
17 Never the Same
18 Alone
19 Makeup

This song is truly a masterpiece.

20 Listen Up

I love listen up it was the first song he released when he got out of jail the band at the time was call from behind these walls then changed to falling in reverse

The lyrics are ok but I do like the beat of this song.

21 Dragging Dead Bodies in Blue Bags Up Really Long Hills
22 Fair Weather Fans

It's Awesome How Ronnie rap's in this song and talks about his feelings.

The best song I've herd it's really there it's understable

23 Gangsta's Paradise

The cover he did was far better than the original

24 The Guillotine
25 God If You Are Above
26 Cellar Door
27 Blacklist
28 There's No Sympathy for the Dead

Best screamo from Radke love all his songs but the lyrics combined with his screams and clean vocals makes this one the best

29 Pick Up the Phone
30 The Westerner
31 Just Like You

I love this song all my friends say it's my theme song. The guitar riff is so great and I love the intro

32 Beautiful

This was the first song I heard of Ronnie radke because of my uncle

33 Devil
34 Drugs

I was never into rap until I listened to this along with his colab with Andy Biersack singing ###hole is was awesome!

35 Chemical Prisoner
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