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21 Virgil's

It "was" the best root beer hands down on the market about a year ago, I drank it regularly however in the past year they have managed to change recipe/where product is manufactured and it no longer is worth drinking.

Virgil is the best I have ever had! Not cheap but worth the price. I have tried over two dozen different root beers and Virgil's is my favorite.

Great flavor. I love the hint of anise. After Virgil's the run of the mill brands just taste like syrup.

It is most possibly quite definite that Virgil's rootbeer is the best I have ever had.

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22 Saranac 1888 Root Beer

Unfortunately when it comes to these top 10 lists, it's not the best brand that reaches the top but the brand that has the most recognition. I have done a side-by-side comparison of Saranac and IBC and, while the two definitely have different flavors, Saranac left a better impression on me. It was sweet, had a nice bite, a strong body, and a wonderful vanilla aftertaste. I still haven't scoured the globe for the best brews out there, but Saranac is my favorite so far.

Definitely lots of corn syrup but has a strong root beer taste (as opposed to a lot of the others on this list. )

Smooth and uniquely flavored! One of my favorites!

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23 Carters

In England, it is all I can get my hands on, sold through a Walmart subsidiary, Asda. At first I was like 'what the he'll?! ', but then it has grown on me a little - enough to buy it by the crate, again because it's all I can get. Doesn't ring true of that original rooty flavour I enjoyed as a child in the Us though...

24 Lost Trail Root Beer

Regional, and an excellent root beer, very smooth.

25 Fitz's

The best Root Beer by far. Perfect blend of sweet and root beer spice.

Wonderful taste that isn't too sweet, almost a subtle saltiness to it. Great to drink with food, ice cold.

Lets get this on paper Fitz's is a rich tasty root beer that money companies can't beat and I believe it is the best root beer out there

Fitz's is by far the best in the US. Having tried over 33 different root beers, this is the one that stands out. It also makes the best floats

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26 Boylan

Most beautiful and traditional root beer, absolutely delicious.

You idiots. This slaps everything

Hands down, best root beer.

By far the best I’ve had

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27 Faygo

I love this my son and me drink this when we go fishing

Very smooth and tastes great

28 Thomas Kemper Root Beer

This must not be a very easy to get a hold of root beer, because I consider it to be easily one of if not the best root beer, and I've tried all the root beers in the top 10 list.

Top ten root beers are sweetened with that corn syrup crap. This one taste the way root beer used to be.

So underrated. Why is this not in the top lists of anyone online?

Had this on tap at my wedding. Best root beer ever!

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29 Triple XXX Root Beer

Grew up on Triple XXX Root Beer. No corn syrup, just pure cane sugar. Smooth.

One of the best ones out there.

30 Saint Arnold Root Beer

This always on my tops list... Fantastic root beer

Best I have ever had.

1st time having it! Fell in love...will def try again.

31 Shasta Root Beer

Grew up on it had to be consumed in a glass because the head was so thick,u just had to see it!

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32 Dog n Suds

I grew up in IL too and used to pick up Dog 'n Suds root beer by the jug. I've tried a lot of root beers over the decades but nothing comes close to the frothy awesomeness of Dog 'n Suds.

Good thing there are a few stores left - footballanytime

Just the right balance of creamy goodness, but best draft!

I bought it from marianos, you gotta grow in this stuff, gives much nostalgia

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33 Bundaberg Australian Root Beer

Loved this Root Beer! Gorgeous syrupy flavour and I love the medicinal kind of taste it makes me think that there's a taste explosion in there!

There's entirely too much licorice used in this root beer. Tastes very medicinal. Has next to no head.

This is a surprisingly good root beer. Recommend all root beer lovers try one!

It's old timey recipe brings happiness when you drink refreshing and cold.

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34 Appalachian Brewing CO. Root Beer

Appalachian Brewing Company Root beer, is the best root beer I have ever tasted! It has a sweet, classic taste and is made with honey. It defiantly beats the classic Stewart's and IBC Root beer. Defiantly recommend Appalachian Brewing Co. Root beer to all root beer lovers!

What root beer should taste like. The best ingredients combine to give the best flavor.

Tasted the vanilla right away and Appalachian was a bit sweeter than most root beers. Savored the flavors and I loved it! Better than IBC, Stewart, A&W, and Hanks. Highly recommend this classic, with a twist, root beer.

35 Maine Root

The best out there in my opinion

Smooth, pure root beer taste.

I like the main root brand. But I prefer their sasparilla to their root beer.

Enjoyed it very much. Good flavor and no hfcs which I'm allergic to.

36 Rochester

The best root beer I have tried!

37 Bulldog Root Beer

My son and I conducted a root beer taste test among 32 brands of root beer offered at the infamous Pops on Route 66 near Arcadia, Oklahoma in the summer of 2006. The winner? Bulldog Root Beer. Our favorite of the 32 brands.

Just simply a really good root beer without any unusual or awkward flavors over after taste and with just the right amount of bite.

Established in 1997 this is a awesome root beer with a touch of honey quickly becoming my favorite

Tried 200 kinds, wintergreen a nice touch

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38 Mason's Root Beer

One of my favorite old time brands

Hard to find, but worth the effort

Mason's was my favorite root beer in the 1950s. I have not seen it since the 50s or 60s but I still consider it my all-time favorite. by the way those who did not get to taste Dr Pepper back then will never know what they missed.

39 Capt'n Eli's Root Beer

Very strong anise flavor, but otherwise good root beer

From Ohio, traveling thourgh Portland, and picked up a case for my father in law, who loves Root beer. After having Captain Eli's, I now try different kinds everywhere I go. It's the best I've had so far

You know the one with the guy and a parrot

Love it very smooth

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40 Aldi Sudz Root Beer

Store brand root beer only at aldi

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