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41 Iron Horse

Have to was between IBC and this. But Iron Horse definitely has an amazing taste frosted in a mug rather than IBC. Smooth...not too sweet. And just the right amount of bitterness. Yummm!

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42 Stars & Stripes Root Beer

Pretty nice. I usually drink this or A&W depending on my mood

43 Cornwell Howler's Fancy Frost Root Beer
44 Tom Wahl's Homemade Root Beer

If you're anywhere in the Rochester, NY area, Tom Wahl's has at least 12 stores in the greater Rochester area and they make their root beer by hand, daily. I love good Root Beer, especially in a root beer float. This is far better than anything from a bottle. They have it on tap at all their stores and serve it up in a frosty mug with unlimited refills. Their food is delicious too, but the root beer is totally sick.

45 Ipswich Soda Pop

Small batch soda made at the Ipswich Ale Brewery in Ipswich, MA.

46 Bawls G33K B33R

Great energy drink. Decent root beer

This is the only great caffeinated Roof Bear out there. If you like energy drinks, I recommend trying Bawls Guarana "G33K B33R" Root Beer!

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