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1 A Billion Hits A Billion Hits Cover Art


It is the most epic song I have ever heard

This songs is super awesome it is one of the best songs I have ever heard

Best song sis is currently singing it...And she does not know that I am reading this

2 Not a Love Song Not a Love Song Cover Art

I LOVE THE BEGINNING! Where it starts out into a sweet song and then the music stops and "Um, no" Totally unpredictable and its different than most songs because a lot of songs are about love and heartbreaks, Not a Love Song is a song about loving friendship and how you want things to stay the same.

This song is incredible and my friend and I did a parody of it. This site is awesome and I hope you all vote for this song just for the reason that it is a great song and Austin and ally are great partners! If you read this, thank you for your time and please vote for Not a love song by Austin and ally! Have a fabulous day everybody! See yall l8er!

I love Ross lunch he is my favorite pop star I love him very much, he rocks, he talented and funny and cute and sweet and he has an amazing voice if there is a new song on Disney channel I go on his web site and I write it down and learn it I love you rossy

I love this song!

3 Illusion Illusion Cover Art

Illusion is the best song in the world, and if you don't like this song you are just someone who is different than all of us. By the way who ever voted on this song, I agree with you this is the best song in world, by the way Ross you are very cool guy!

I love the song Illusion because Ross has a lot of flips and cool tricks in it

Illusion is the only "real song" I feel Lynch has beside I got that Rock and Roll, all his others just aren't that catchy. Illusion would probably on my playlist if it wasn't covered with Eminems.

His voice is so good

4 Better Together Better Together Cover Art

I love this song it's awesome!

I'm not just saying that because I love him.

I think so too. I love your voice.

He has an amazing voice! I LOVE you Ross

Not the best on but really good

5 Double Take Double Take Cover Art

So awesome I love this song and you

The first impression is the best impression...

Love Ross so much this is the best song other than heart beat Xx to you Ross

ROSS YOU ROCK I LOVE you you ARE my FAVOURITE SINGER DANCER AND ACTOR I love this song DOUBLE TAKE and also HEART BEAT your other songs ARE also GREAT I LOVE your show AUSTIN AND ALLY... I want to tell you that I ALWAYS DANCE ON JUST YR SONGS BELIEVE IT OR NOT... one more thing I AM 12 RIGHT NOW and I know yr band R5 I LOVE IT.. may GOD BLESS YOU... LOVE you...

6 The Way That You Do The Way That You Do Cover Art

It's a really good song if you feel down

I love this song its amazing

I like this song the way that you do ross lynch

I really love this song

7 I Think About You I Think About You  Cover Art

This song is epic and ross is so talented

Has a great message to someone he might be close to or anyone in general

This is the best song I have ever heard

Its just so cute and romantic

8 It's Me It's You It's Me It's You Cover Art

This song has a great message. Plus he looked cute in the video

9 Break Down the Walls Break Down the Walls Cover Art

It's a really good song and I love it

10 Steal Your Heart Steal Your Heart Cover Art

This should be one it so good

Dude really? This song steals heart... figuratively and literally

I love every word in this song

Love it its sooo cool

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11 Timeless

It's cool

The song timeless is a wonderful song. its all bout never ending love. which is a feeling everyone experiences

12 I Can Get Your Heart Beating Like That

I just love that song!

I think he is sexy!

I love this SONG it's AMAZING!

Because it my favourite song

I just love this song n even austin moon...

13 With You
14 Heard It On the Radio Heard It On the Radio Cover Art

What?!? #12? This should be at least top 3

Love the song. Good summer song. R5 had a cameo in the video.

15 Who U R Who U R Cover Art

There is no question how catchy and upbeat this song is.

16 Stuck On You Stuck On You Cover Art
17 You Don't See Me

I love all the music from ross because he is talented.

This is not a Ross song! It's a Laura song!

18 Better Than This Better Than This Cover Art

Better than this is the best song I like the beginning and end of the song

This song should be on the radio meaning top radio.

I love this one.

19 Rock N Roll

Why call it "rock and roll" anyway? It's not rock and roll. It's pop. Jimi Hendrix is rock and roll. Led Zeppelin is rock and roll. Pink Floyd is rock and roll.

It's called "I got that rock and roll" but it's a decent song

This is a great song! Ross, you don't suck! You rock! Don't listen to that hater. He's insecure and ignorant

Umm... No thanks. I'm not interested in your genre and you can't force me to. And you're still showing me your ignorance. If you think hate makes you smarter, then you're wrong. Try to comprehend these words: PEACE, LOVE & ACCEPTANCE.

I think when Jackson Lowe performs with Austin it is awesome.

20 You Can Come to Me You Can Come to Me Cover Art
21 Crazy 4 U Crazy 4 U Cover Art
22 Upside Down

I love this song and Ross! Keep making music!

It's such an amazing song! JUst listen to it

Rossome song. He has such great taste in music and an amazing voice


23 Don't Look Down

I just so love that song

I ' love Ross & Laura!

He's got me upside down, great rythum to it. My favorite song on the album

24 Superhero Superhero Cover Art
25 I Got That Rock and Roll I Got That Rock and Roll Cover Art
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