Best Roxette Songs

The superb Swedish pop music duo, members: Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle.

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1 It Must Have Been Love

Great song

This was one of greatest composition ever...I adore this talent

I love many songs from Roxette but this one is my favorite. No wonder it became real classic. Real hit - Magnolia

The beautiful song of 1987 - MatrixGuy

2 Listen to Your Heart

The best song

I kind of relate to this song cause when I had a girlfriend who never listen to her heart..
This song also makes me cry.

wish I could see her live
She rock! - isoldmysoulforrocknroll

Another heartbreaking song from Roxette - MatrixGuy

I'll always depends in my heart. When it comes to love

3 The Look

This is the song that got me hooked on them. I could listen to it on repeat forever

Come on, people! This song is way more catchy, energetic and entertaining than both Listen to Your Heart and It Must Have Been Love!

Listen to your heart and it must have been love don't hold a candle to the look

This is the %100 best song of Roxette..

4 Joyride

Top 3 for sure. My favorite. Reminds me of summers as a kid at the water park (this song played a lot)

I like the way they sang this one! - Neroextreme

Great song should be #1 on list

My personal Favourite Roxette song.

5 Fading Like a Flower

Yeah, I know you had to scroll all the way down to find this one. How the hell can this not even be in the top 10. Vote for this song and let's try to fix it!

Always liked this song but just found out (2014) it was Roxette. Easily their best song. What a class act!

Great guitar solo in this one! Really should be higher.

One of beautiful songs...

6 Dangerous

A lost classic. Don't know how people overlook this one.

I love this show song!

Hold on tight, you know I am a little bit dangerous..
Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. Just kidding

7 Dressed for Success

This song is so cool and is so different to many other songs in that it has a kind of dialogue. I don't know why it is not further up on the list because it is my favourite followed closely by How Do You Do

Such a catchy lively tune. I like it much better than their bigger hits.

Light pop perfectly delivered by Marie. A great one live!

8 Spending My Time

Possibly, the most 'emotionally charged' song by band, as well as being one of their most underrated singles - in my opinion, in the same league as 'Listen to Your Heart'.

Words of wisdom

.. That was my favorite song of roxette

Great songs should be number 2

9 How Do You Do!

This is my favourite!

This is the best Song from Roxette

Why nobody comment on this song

OHMYGOSH this is my pajama song - the one where I dance around yelling out the lyrics at top volume... definitely my most favorite!

10 Sleeping in My Car

Beautiful song should be in top 5


The Contenders

11 Vulnerable

The best Roxette single ever. Underrated.

I fall in love with this song! It's really nice!

I love this song

Nice voice by per gessle. I love this song very much...

12 Almost Unreal

Unbelievable song. Everybody can relate to the lyrics at least one time in their life. In my opinion number one.

Hands down, the best. The bridge is PERFECT.

13 Wish I Could Fly

Beautiful song and video

14 Milk and Toast and Honey

One day I just opened the radio and then I fell in love with this song...

I love this one too

Good song for sing when fall inlove

15 You Don't Understand Me

Why anyone don't want to hear this song. This song is amazing


16 Beautiful Things
17 Opportunity Nox

Awesome song, I came across it on an amv and it instantly hit me as awesomness.

Check it out, its quite brilliant in its own way

18 Queen of Rain

Got to be the best Roxette melody.

19 (Do You Get) Excited?

Great, edgy song. Should have been released as a single. Very underrated.

Their best and most underrated

20 Things Will Never Be the Same

Great song she sings it so well love it

Such a beautiful melancholic song! Definitely the best one from Roxette! I can still listen to this on repeat.

21 She's Got Nothing on (But the Radio)

The Look is obviously Roxette's best song, but I voted for this one, because it is criminally underrated. It is not even famous, and it is a top song, maybe their 2nd or 3rd best.

Nice modern Song with the typical Roxette-Sound. Great Comeback-Song and nice Radiosong after 10 Years.

22 Crash! Boom! Bang!
23 Silver Blue

Probably the best Roxette song. It's full of emotions that have left me absolutely happy! And sometimes my mornings are much more wonderful when I see the silver blue and listen to the song with such title.

There is no Never is a long time - my #1 - and The sweet hello (#2). So vote for Silver blue - my #3

Great song, great lyrics, great duet! - sabinafanjul

24 Chances

I was obsessed with this song when I was 13-14. Should have been a bigger hit

25 Church of Your Heart

An optimistic and touching song. It seems to be simple but so hopeful that I consider it to be the best. Every accord is at the right time and right place.

26 Paint

Best chorus ever written!

I can't believe its not popular, I love this song

27 June Afternoon

I could never understood song, but still one of my favorites

A very Gesslish, fun song that should bring smiles to all who hear it. One of my favourites, only for putting a smile on my face every time I hear it.

28 Stars

This is DEFINITELY a top 10 Roxette song. Couldn't believe how long I had to scroll to find it! 34? - CarlWayne1975

Not only their best ever song but the BEST EVER POP SINGLE released on earth! at no 36! you are kidding...pop perfection...with an amazing video...

Has gorgeous lyrics and is so different for them, and they killed it.

29 What's She Like?

I assume not welknown, but an unknown Roxette gem nonetheless...

30 Waiting for the Rain
31 Knockin' on Every Door

Real catchy, solid song off of Joyride.

32 A Thing About You

It is the best song of roxette

33 Neverending Love
34 The Rain

More sophisticated, sombre and mature sounding than their pop tunes. Really like this one.

35 Love Is All
36 Dance Away
37 Perfect Day

This is by far the best and most haunting ballad Roxette has ever made. Not releasing it as a single was very odd. For those that don’t know, watch Marie sing this song in the making of tourism video. Just awesome

38 The Big L.
39 Speak to Me

If you like Listen to your heart, Wish I could fly and Fading like a flower, this one will take you by heart... Amazing music, perfect vocals and superb lyrics

Best Roxette song ever!

40 Anyone

Did anyone comment on this song?

41 Watercolours In the Rain

Beautifully written by Per,beautifully sung by Marie.

42 Shadow of a Doubt

Only an album track on Look Sharp!
But in my opinion one of the most underrated songs of the 80s

43 Real Sugar

How can this not be already on the list?! Absolutely one of their best songs!

44 Stupid
45 Salvation

Typical Roxette ballad. Another unknown treasure. Roxette is much more substantial than only their hits.

46 Touched by the Hand of God

If Roxette was part of your childhood growing up, Touched by the hand of God is going to make you feel young, happy and energetic. Song written for Marie's (lead singer) miraculous recovery from cancer, it is an upbeat song that shows that Roxette is still young

47 I Remember You
48 Run to You
49 Half a Woman, Half a Shadow

It's a good song.

50 In My Own Way

Wonderful song which has all typical Roxette elements, building up to that final sentence which is the name of the song.
Love it!

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