Best RPG Battle Themes of All Time

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21 Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door - Rawk Hawk Battle

This is defiently my favorite boss theme and video game music of all time. Why? Feel the RAWK! I love this music. I love this music. Everybody loves this music. - TheThomas5252

22 Pokemon - Team Plasma grunt battle

How are there no Pokemon themes here?

This is a RPG boss theme

23 Chrono Trigger - Boss Battle 2
24 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - Final Boss

Why is this always so low it is a AAA masterpiece!

25 Strong One - Mother 3
26 Fate/Serious - Mother 3
27 Undertale - Hopes and Dreams/SAVE the World

The best point is that it start off with just some violins and then guitars and everything are just thrown in, it matches the battle perfectly and gives you a extreme feel of hope

One of the best rpg battle themes I've heard. It really encompasses the magnitude of the fight and how epic it is.

28 Earthbound - New Age Retro Hippie
29 Undertale - Spider Dance
30 Final Fantasy VI - The Battle
31 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team - Try, Try Again
32 Bravely Default - Conflict's Chime
33 Terranigma - Final Boss Theme

Terranigma is My favorite game, It bears so much nostalgia for me, and the gmaes astonishing soundtrack is rounded off perfectly With the epic lasst boss theme, that includes bits of the worlds most epic game intro theme ever created. The intro theme of Terranigma is unparalleled

34 Wild ARMs 2 - Battle Knight Blazer
35 Wild ARMs 3 - Losing the Inescapable Nightmare, an Unending Reality
36 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation - Despair
37 Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn - A Grasping Truth
38 Lost Odyssey - Roar of the Departed Souls
39 Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time - Elder Princess Shroob
40 Strong One (Masked Man) - Mother 3
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