Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


It is a really good extremely bonerific awesome and perfect game even though it is not out yet it will be the bes thing ever to happen to rpg genre because it is the latest elder scrolls game

Easily, the best game I've ever played in my life. Not just best RPG, best period. Normally, when I get a new game, I start to get tired of it a few months later, it's been more than a year playing tHis game for me, and no part of me is sick of it. Good storyline, plenty of side quests with great stories. There's so much to do. This game is definitely a better buy than any call of duty you could ever buy. My first games were on the ps2, things like ratchet and clank and jak and daxter. Those have always been the games I've had most fun on until skyrim. The only other game (s) I can think of I like just as much are the assassins creed series and halo series. Specifically assassins creed II and halo 3. Skyrim is phenomenal game, hands down.

This game not only delivers a vast rich story and epic game play it engulfs you in its seemingly endless storyline it amazes you with its realistic graphics and it makes you play hours on end to finish this seemingly endless game with missions and quests that help you learn about skyrims past and its heroes, great jarls, and its open world that you can explore such as deep caverns abandoned forts and its amazing peaced together dungeons with probability of random dragon attacks or assassins hired to kill you you can make your on character and do what you want to do this game is a amazing 10/10 with a bad ass seal of approval if you haven't played this game do it or else you are a stupid person and not deserve video games at all

Let me be honest here. I love the Final Fantasy series, having played the 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 7th, so far. And of course I love Morrowind and Oblivion, having put 100 of hours into both. But when it comes to Skyrim, it had one thing that practically no other game has made me do. It made me watch the trailer over a hundred times, easily, and of course, once I got it, I did everything I could put my mind to in it, and yet still, after having played through it multiple times, I know I have barely scratched the surface of this massive world. Surely a game I can spend several years playing.

This is not only the most fun I've had with a ps3 game, it's the most fun I've ever had with ANY game! The main quest isn't super incredible, not to say the story isn't great because it is. It just never feels like you HAVE to do the main quest. Which is also one of the best qualities the game has (it doesn't force anything). Its truly a gamers game in that it lets you do whatever you love to do...

Even seeing only a bit of the game- maybe thirty minutes- I think that this game is truly spectacular. I find the the graphics stunning. I personally think it makes oblivion look horrible. THIS is the game all RPG's should be compared too. It's the game that made give RPG's a chance. That's why I think it's so incredibly awesome. A true success! :D

I'm one of the few to comment on this game who has actually played it and is not waiting for it's release that happened eight months ago. So I can confirm that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the greatest Role Playing Game I have ever played and also the best game I've ever played. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gets 5 Dovakiins out of 5.

Come on anyone would know that this is the best Rpg the way it evolved and it's just to good to deny. the lore, the beautiful world, the hundreds of different things to do. undeniably the best rpg series. I like morrowind more, but I'm voting for this because final fantasy shouldn't be 1st

EPIC GAME. That is all I can say. I have been playing it for two years. I got it because a friend mentioned it. Honestly, I expected a big disappointment. I was very wrong. It was amazing. I had never seen an open world RPG game before. I wish there were more games like Skyrim, honestly.

Have been playing this since it came out. Love it, but they did change one of my favorite classes. I enjoyed being a thief in both previous games, but in this one I felt like a thug. However, everything else is great so I just don't join the guild of thieves.

This game is the best game ever, the mods on PC helped to improve the game to whole new levels.
Magic system is the best system I have ever seen
Combat system is dynamic and awesome.
Character creation is genius.
Bethesda has done a great job

The graphics and soundtracks in Skyrim are simply outstanding. Just listening to the string orchestra soundtrack in Skyrim has my mind set on switching to a string instrument. This is by far the best video game I've played.

WOW Of course there are glitches but by far this is best rpg game. The story is about the Dragonborn figuring out to stop a dragon named alduin. For the guild you have to stop mercer frey. For the dark brotherhood you have to kill the emperor. For the college it is nothing but the eye of magnus. Skyrim amazing game. Can't tell companions cause its anything Skyrim Amazing!

Story, graphics, open character creation, long and detailed quest chains, great factions, massively open world, and a simple interface/controls which make you feel like you are there. Best currently on the market.

Number one game of all time. I am being legit. No other game can compare to the quality of Skyrim. Best game I ever played and I'm people one hundred years from now will be talking about how amazing Skyrim was.

Why is Oblivion above this? Skyrim is the best game I have ever played by a long way slowly followed by Saints Row 2 but Oblivion would not be in my Top Ten and I have played it before and still own it.

Every aspect of Skyrim is just impossibly fantastic. While everyone goes crazy over the mods in the game (which is, without a doubt, one of its best features), the vanilla game is easily one of the best RPGs ever made.

Skyrim is the one game that must be played and experienced by everyone, whether or not you considered yourself a gamer.

You know I like skyrim because the graphics and story and we're free to explore whole skyrim like oblivion you can explore all cyrodil but the graphics is so bad. In skyrim you can create your own character. And skyrim has many race to play. This is why I choose skyrim graphics, story and the best free to explore whole skyrim

Skyrim must be, at least, on second place, this game is just extremely great, fun, long and for me, is really difficult to get tired of this game unless you have played like 200 hours.

you know how good is a game if is not out yet and still is on the list
skyrim is a saga of tes means is awesome and improved with fall out 3 what else can you say?... dragons

You WILL get your money's worth with Skyrim. Graphics were crazy for the time, and the dragon mechanics...so much originality in this game. Definitely top 5 games of all time.

Without questions the best RPG game I've ever played. Normally I get bored of talking and just skips the conversations. But in Skyrim the story really, really got me interested. It was so personal. I've played it through many times and since I makes a major classchange every time, it's like getting a new story each time.

Come on! This game kicks butt! Its so awesome! Graphics are amazing, the story is well put together, you can make your own character features and suff, its combat is also pretty good I don't see whats wrong with the game plus you can do an infinite amount of quests! The map is great and big this game is just AWESOME!

Skyrim is by far the greatest game I have ever played! I love the physics, and the fact that you can add even more mods to make it even more realistic! 6/5 stars!

Best game ever. Male or female anyone can play and enjoy this game. And how the game plays out depends entirely on you. Everyone in my house loves Skyrim