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41 Final Fantasy X

Love this Game, I really connected with the characters. Great story, great game play, great characters, just an overall great game. My favorite of all time. Shout out to all the Blitzball players out there.

I cried at the end of this game! best story line of all time!

Come on it has to be absolutely the best final fantasy no wait the best role playing game of all time the scenery is beautiful and the gameplay is superb over all it will always be my favorite game of all time Final Fantasy X.

This game is a work of art - flamingsoul

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42 Paper Mario

Amazing game. Not as good as it's successor in my opinion, but still great. Perfect if you're looking for a fun RPG with quick-time elements.

The first Paper Mario was pretty decent, showed some pretty fun RPG combat while remaining on the easy side most of the game. - NuMetalManiak

This game is awesome compared to Color Crash... err... I meant Splash. - computerfan0

This needs to be waay higher! Come on people it's paper Mario, who doesn't love this game?

43 Borderlands 2

Should be much higher on the list! Definitely one of the best games so far in this decade in my opinion! Best of the series, had a good story, hilarious writing & characters, and overall really fun RPG elements! All 4 characters are very fun to use, and extensive amount of weapons and gear to earn all throughout the game!

Very fun, but I always feel limited to where I can go - imabigpotato

44 World of Warcraft

Depending on the time you play you can play this game without an end, I have been playing for 6 years now there has been plenty expansion packs but I conclude this covers all of WoW and its expansions, The goal in this game is to level up and follow quest learning more about the lore of the world of warcraft which is mostly based on the warcraft RTS games but then as MMORPG, once you hit the max. level you get the chance to endlesly "raid" = do dungeons with 10-25 people to get better gear and higher damage per second, healing or be the one who takes the mobs and bosses on you as "tank" which they call ingame that needs a lot of health points. With new, better stronger and harder bosses after every room or gate. All together this is a great game wich easely beats the 100 hours rpg offline games I read about cause you can spend thousands inhere with other people socialising and advancing in the game with other real living players. The only downside is the ...more

Click the tick if you are a nolife. Seriously world of warcraft is for those who don't want a girlfriend or have no friends outside internet. Good when you are 10 though!

Although WoW has it's draw backs its still one of the best MMORPGs out there, the subscription is a pain just for a game but I feel its worth it because you can never truly beat it

Great game. I just have to say its the best one. Star Wars the old republic is a great game too, though they're both amazing wow is better

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45 Mother 3

Elder scrolls oblivions? I'm surprised to say the least I was expecting to see Final fantasy 7 number one. Also some of these games really don't seem like rpgs namely fallout which really seems more like a sandbox game with karma involved. Matters not, for none of them can even remotely compete to the genius of this game. It has quirky characters, fantastic battle sequences, a large amount of things to do, and a story that will leave a bigger impact on your life than any video game, and quite possibly any movie as well. You simply cannot buy a more fantastic game, and currently you can get it for free.

This is personally known to me as the only game in the world to leave an emotional mark. The ending really leaves you with an extremely special feeling.

In my opinion is the best RPG game for GameBoy Advance, did not come out of Japan but fans have done translations in many languages

Amazing Rpg with a great cast of characters and nice soundtrack with a cool story and graphics.

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46 Dark Souls III

Honestly the best game I've ever played and a great ending for the Souls series.

The last souls game and it's amazing should be higher From software Tried their Absolute Best to make this the perfect souls game. The combat is the perfect combination of Bloodborne and Dark Souls 1 - Aguythatpeopleignores

Just beat this game. It's one of the best RPGs ever made. Someone who never played any Souls game will never understand why the Souls franchise is one of the best franchiseses of gaming history.
Should be at least top 5 in my opinion

47 Final Fantasy IX

The best game I have ever played. Amazing story, awesome characters, great gameplay, and of course the amazing music. This game somehow encompasses both the old school ff-feel and the awesome storytelling of newer ff's. It also has the best sidequests I have ever seen in a jrpg, the chocobo quest was almost a game by itself.

Unlike... every other game created by mankind (at least that I've played) this game is literally flawless. Not a single problem with it that can't be justified. - arbeZameniC

The best game ever. It is a work of art that examines the philosophy of life in an exciting and thought provoking way. The characters and music are immense.

48 Fallout 4

Not an RPG - IdubbbzTV

This beautiful game puts you into your own character personality be it a vigerlante, helpful friend or just a dick. I can't stress how good this game is so if you haven't bought it then do yourself a favour by getting this now. Please, if you'll keep shooter RPGs then this is the God of them and probably all games (opinion)

This is by far the worst Fallout game in the main series. It's been gutted of its roleplay elements and turned into a boring FPS.

49 Front Mission
50 Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

One of my all time favorite console RPG's. Great story, very likable characters that grow on you, classic game.

This really should be in the Top 10. The characters, story, and gameplay are wonderful. - NuMetalManiak

Most people nowadays think Call of Duty ^^ halo are the best games ever... But I'll never forget this game, it had the best story I've seen... Amazing game, surely the greatest RPG..

51 Jade Empire

Awesome story loads of styles to upgrade your character and an epic setting. Big fan of the real time combat!

Nice graphics, awesome fighting styles, great story..
What need I say more?

I enslaved my girlfriend's dad in this game!

52 Xenoblade Chronicles

Despite the not so great graphics, this game is one of the best gaming experiences I've had. All the environments are astonishing beautiful, that is, if you don't look at anything very closely. The world is gigantic and has a ton of places to explore. The story is also amazing and imersive, and will keep you entertained for something like a hundred hours. The game also offers hundreds of quests to keep you busy after finishing the story. The battle mechanics are a little different, but after some 10 battles you'll feel confortable with this amazing battle style.

Hands-down the best JRPG of all time. Amazing story, great characters, and an intense battle system. If you have a Wii, you'll be doing yourself a favor when this gets released on April 6th, 2012!

Best rpg in my opinion, huge world, final fantasy can't even touch this

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53 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda games are always the best, especially this game. It has an amazing plot and great controls. It takes a long time to beat the entire game. That is why I think it is the best game.

It's not an RPG, but a great game nonetheless.

What the frick?! The top 51 RPG's don't include Twilight Princess? Has the world gone mad?

Kidding awesome game. Transforming into a wolf totally CLASSIC ( *

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54 Diablo

It was the first rpg game who had fans! Great atmosphere great music good gameplay and story for its age! The cornerstone of rpg videogames!

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55 Pokemon Black
56 Panzer Dragoon Saga

It's an RPG non for children, one of the most original worlds that spawned in all RPG, the battle system so original that none have cloned, the history itself is captivating to the last scene, the enemies are so original that many have made brute copies of them and the music is unique as beautiful, that is why the US copies have reached $400.00 this game should be first for their legacy to the RPG's!

This list is fixed by popularity not quality, this game should be number 1

This game goes up to $600 on eBay.


57 Fable

I really don't like RPG's but his game was amazing!
I really dont play videogames, but I was hooked

Best rpg of all time, engaging free choices and fun quests, graphics are awesome for a 2004 game, this game inspired games like oblivion

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58 Valkyrie Profile

Not even in the top 100? You have got to be kidding me. This is just amazing to play all the way through. Very unique battle system, lots of customization, very haunting stories, and multiple endings. This RPG will leave you wanting to play more and more of it. - NuMetalManiak

can u beat a 1 million life boss with just using guts and luck? - ronluna

Psone best rpg, and ps2 awesome rpg, unic combat style, game mode and sptectacular dungeons and bosses, if you didn't�'t play this game yet, hurry up, you can't die without play it!

59 Dragon Force
60 King's Field IV
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