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61 Dragon Force Dragon Force
62 King's Field IV King's Field IV
63 Panzer Dragoon Saga Panzer Dragoon Saga V 1 Comment
64 Grandia Grandia
65 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

I can accept many of the games that are above this, but how is it that many games that are not even RPGs are on this list. The Grand Theft Auto series, no matter how good, is a sandbox game, not an RPG. How in the world does not one but multiple Grand Theft Auto games top Witcher 2 on a list of greatest RPGs is beyond me

!... Its a great game!... Awesome game ever... You all are nuts!

This game is just awesome:
-Graphic is great
-Fights are filled with more Speed than in other games
-Great storyline
-Hero is a real badass

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66 Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

This... is by far the best pokemon game - e9090

67 Pokemon Y Pokemon Y

This is a great game with a great story! The gameplay is fun, and you fall in love with your adorable little creatures!

68 Golden Sun

I hoped and hoped and hoped for a sequel to Lost Age, but it never came... the storyline in this game is hands-down the most original ever.

The game of my childhood, I got it on my 10th birthday and I have loved it since. Wonderful graphics, great story, even random battles were fun! Overall, the best game I have played in my life.

Great game, hell, it's a great series. The graphics were great for the years they were released. My only problem with the games was the amount of dialogue in them. Even in the third one Tyrell even pipes up and comments that the other characters are talking too much. - patrickmoore

Superb storyline, wonderful gameplay and amazing graphics at that time made a sure winner

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69 Assassin's Creed: Revelations Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Unbelievably the best game I have ever played! Number 1 Graphics, gameplay, everything. Everything about it was awesome. Since I started to play the first game, assassin's creed I, I knew the other assassin creed games would be better!

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70 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

It's so fun and cool the bros attacks are hardcore and powerful

I hade fun every step of the way go Bowser!

The final boss theme is awesome and falling star is totally OP

Its not the best rpg, it's the best game

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71 Final Fantasy VIII

Ultimecia is the only reason I played the friggin game, I mean who else can have so much cleveage and get away with it? - sapphirewhirlwind

One of the best stories ever created, this Final Fantasy deserved more than what it received.

Compelling storyline with in depth character customization. Best of the series.

It's a fantastic game.
In its day it was the best.
Great world, a wonderful story.
This is better than the other FF games.

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72 Xenogears Xenogears

Perhaps the best interactive media presentation I've ever experienced! Fantastic art direction. It's an enormous story that is very powerful. You think you've seen the world and know what you're up against, but it's always so much more - some higher force pulling the strings, or what you'd least expect. Very cool visuals (pixelated, 2d sprites, and 3d worlds) cool characters, and a very powerful music track. I think it has my favourite music ever in a game. The Battle system is the games weakness - it could have used more variables and the game could have had a wider variety of challenges, so the gameplay needed some work, but its not bad - pretty fun until you find yourself grinding against the same enemies. But the product is so amazing as a whole - very memorable as a multimedia presentation. Best story, best music, awesome graphics, and a very cool world to wander around in!

Such a cult classic... I'm completely shocked its not in the top 10... should be in the top 3. Personally its my number 1... the story by which I judge all other RPG stories on...

Best RPG ever. The story-line is the most interesting and also has similar with our culture. So many puzzles and our expectations about this game is unpredictable...

Should be MUCH HIGHER UP... Enough said. But one of the most unbelievable storys that should have never been rushed. Wheres the ANIME?!

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73 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

It has the most saddening ending ever. Awesome personas with its marvelous skills. It seems real with the teens problems, making friends, etc. I love this game so much especially the main character who gave his soul to protect the world from the fall

In the history of gaming, I have never seen a eye opening game like P3. From beginning to sad end, this particular game has it all. Modern setting, great adventure, and colorful characters.

Made a impressive jump from it's previous game. It was packed with great characters and a emotional ending.

74 Magic Knight Rayearth
75 Gothic III

This is the peak of the Gothic series. Many critique it for multiple reasons: bugs - fixed by various patches and community patches, as of July 2013, I played through the entire game without finding a singe bug. Some complain about the combat system being spammy, but that just shows that those people have no idea about how to play the game and have obviously never had to kill a pack (swarm, herd, whatever it's called) of Sandcrawlers or Minecrawlers. The combat has actually deep strategy behind it, because you can't drink potions in combat, if you try it, you'll get your face torn off by enemies. The entire Gothic series gives you this feeling of exploration, not only is exploration heavily rewarded in all of the Gothic games, but it also progressively enlarges the game world, from a small atmospheric mining valley, through a troubled island to the world of Gothic 3, which is one of the biggest and prettiest game worlds ever created, in my opinion it could even compete with TES: ...more

It had it's numerous bugs at launch, but most are fixed by now (Community patch 1.75). Not as good as Gothic 2, but offers many many hours of gameplay. The atmosphere is unbelievable from green forests of Myrtana to dusty deserts of Varant to snowy peaks of Nordmar. Best game music in my opinion. Finshed it 6+ times and I still find new things / places. Try it, you won't be sorry.

Gothic 3 is ok, though much better is Gothic 2 - not for amateurs, recommend this game for adult players which do enjoy rpgs with mental exercises

The best game I ever played.

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76 World of Warcraft World of Warcraft

Depending on the time you play you can play this game without an end, I have been playing for 6 years now there has been plenty expansion packs but I conclude this covers all of WoW and its expansions, The goal in this game is to level up and follow quest learning more about the lore of the world of warcraft which is mostly based on the warcraft RTS games but then as MMORPG, once you hit the max. level you get the chance to endlesly "raid" = do dungeons with 10-25 people to get better gear and higher damage per second, healing or be the one who takes the mobs and bosses on you as "tank" which they call ingame that needs a lot of health points. With new, better stronger and harder bosses after every room or gate. All together this is a great game wich easely beats the 100 hours rpg offline games I read about cause you can spend thousands inhere with other people socialising and advancing in the game with other real living players. The only downside is the ...more

Click the tick if you are a nolife. Seriously world of warcraft is for those who don't want a girlfriend or have no friends outside internet. Good when you are 10 though!

Although WoW has it's draw backs its still one of the best MMORPGs out there, the subscription is a pain just for a game but I feel its worth it because you can never truly beat it

Great game. I just have to say its the best one. Star Wars the old republic is a great game too, though they're both amazing wow is better

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77 Undertale

Undertale undeniably has the best plot of any RPG. EVERYTHING in the game is incorporated into the story. In this way, the game is untraditional, and it's a relief from all the other generic RPGs out there. What other game calls EXP Execution Points, or includes save points into the plot? And there are so many options! You don't have to fight your opponents. Instead, you can win combats by having conversations with them. You literally decide Frisk's (the protagonist) personality. Will he be the savior of the game, or the mass murderer antagonist? Every choice you make is reflected in dialogue, as well. And don't even get me started on the characters! Every single one has their own personality, their secrets, and you become so attached to them. Considering Undertale's incredible plot mechanics and characters, it definitely deserves the fandom it's amassed.

This is not only THE BEST RPG, but it is one of the best games ever. The game has a epic storyline, which changes depending on what you do. The characters are all unique. I mean seriously a LESBIAN LIZARD WHO HAS A CRUSH ON A WARRIOR LESBIAN FISH who also happens to be a scientist who created a entertainment robot that tries to kill you. The soundtrack is amazing, and all by one person. The game basically is created by just Toby Fox. You don't even have to kill your enemies to get past them. And Sans has the best puns

This game makes you feel like a kid again (if you choose the right path). It is creative, humorous, and messes with your emotions. The artwork is fantastic too! This game never fails to please, having a great soundtrack and storyline that you are sure to fall in love with. The only thing you can really hate in this game is flowers.

HOW IS THIS 79! This is the second best game I've ever played. It's not the classic formula for an RPG, but its intense storyline and great characters deserve way better than this.

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78 Neverwinter Nights Neverwinter Nights

this game has made mmorpgs what it is today. with outstanding single player, and multi play modes. this game will last a very long time with content ranging from 100 hours in single player.

This is classic. The best D&D implementation, catchy atmosphere, quite smart combat system and great story telling. My favourite RPG ever! I'm amazed that so few people voted for it

Endless amounts of user campaigns make this a game to play forever... :-) - VAFury

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79 Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor V 1 Comment
80 Ys I & II
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