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121 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
122 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Awesome game - TALGames

123 Guardian's Crusade
124 Path of Exile
125 Final Fantasy 4

Hah, I love how the DS remake is the picture for this game, when it's the worst remake of FFIV ever. The original FFIV for the SNES was good, although you had to grind quite a lot, it's got a strong storyline. - NuMetalManiak

126 Pokemon Heartgold V 1 Comment
127 Age of Empires

thank you I try to tell every body that and they never agree but I still think its one of the best games ever made

Are you all mad this game is a classic and I would put it at the top
In its day it was truly epic

V 1 Comment
128 Star Ocean

Nice storyline dude. I like the characters very much, 'n everyone have their own good sides

V 1 Comment
129 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Dude, this is the deal! The best game I've ever played in my entire life. Better than its rock n roll predecessor Grand Theft Auto vice city, with almost seemingly infinite gameplay. Grand Theft Auto rocks

How the hell is this an rpg?

Why the hell is this not on the top 10? This is arguably not only the greatest game to come out on the ps2, but possibly one of the greatest games that ever existed. The graphics and wide environment makes the game highly fun and addicting and just never gets too old.

This game is good but the question is, How is this game an RPG? - YourWaifuSucks

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130 Marvel Ultimate Alliance

The Ultimate Marvel Game! - aeromaxx777

131 Titan Quest

Nice graphics for the time period, I kinda liked the 2 classes you could choose... To bad the story did not reach its full potential, because I love greek, egiptian and other mythologies...

Also battle system is way to primitive... pure hack and slash...

AI too predicatable but good variety of sceneries.
Needs some fine tuning but overall the gameplay was enjoyable

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132 Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven

This game breathed new life into the RPG genre towards the end of 90s. It's vast, epic and challenging.

133 Suikoden 3

Easily one of the greatest games of all time. The story line is more intricate than any Final Fantasy I've played which is all but ff3. Rpgs tend to be either to simple or be crushed under their own monstrous weight but Suikoden 3 pulls it of nicely and is vastly repayable with 3 main characters and three secondary characters. If you have never beaten it with all 108 do it and the end bonus will make this the best rpg you have ever played.

This game is incredible with the most stunning twists that all come together. A MUST for suikoden and final fantasy fans!

It's long, but it's fun, and having different perspectives of the plot is great too. The regular combat system is probably the toughest out of the Suikodens I've played. - NuMetalManiak

134 Wild Arms

Pretty low it seems. I found Wild Arms to be a lot of fun, with great story and characters. Even the villains had some sensible charisma. Lots of optional things too. - NuMetalManiak

Not quite as good as the second but still had a very immersive story line with loads of replay value. The vast amount of items and puzzles made it interesting and complex. Great Game

135 South Park: The Stick of Truth
136 Tales of the Abyss

This game may not have the best graphics but this story is unbelievable. It has great and very interesting characters too. The battle style is also very interesting. Those who likes to play RPG games and a Tales fan needs to play this game.

I can never believe that it is so low in the list. According to me it was the best Tales game. Simply AWESOME.Hope that its place increases in the list.

137 inFAMOUS 2
138 Gothic II Night of the Raven

What? Why is it that low? Gothic II Night of the Raven supposed to be in top10, this is one of the best RPG games! - Syler

Best rpg ever

This being so low is a travesty. One of the best RPGs ever made.

Can't believe its not in here yet :(
G1 and G2 are just 2 of the best rpg's ever created in my opinion.

139 Fire Emblem Awakening

This is my 4th favorite video game of all time

140 Blue Dragon
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