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161 Shin Megami Tensei:Nocturne

Great dark and gothic RPG with a surprise guest.....Dante from the devil may cry series! you can actually recruit him as a part of your party so he's not just there for show (note:he starts out as you enemy but depending on how you play he may become your greatest ally)

162 Ahriman's Prophecy

This was one of the first RPG's I remember playing, and think it was the first I completed. I loved this game and I still love it.

This is too good to be a freeware... the game that brought me to the world of rpg... this is one of the best rpg's - iajaubab

163 Mega Man Legends
164 Dungeon Master

The daddy of RPG's. Still plays well a quarter of a century after it's release. More ground breaking than any RPG before or since. The only game I've purchased a system just to play. Beware of those pits in the dark! Screamer slice anyone?

The original, the best. There's nothing better than battling squeaky trees, giant rats etc.

The one true king of the rpg/dungeon crawler genre. The fact it's so low shows the lack of a true wide ranging (not console or pc) knowledge and appreciation of the genre and what makes a great rpg.

165 X-men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse

X-men & Brotherhood together? AWESOME! - aeromaxx777

166 Illusion of Gaia

I thought Soul Blazer was better but this is a decent action RPG with quite a sad outlook later on. - NuMetalManiak

I don't know what this is abut but BEST GAME ever!

167 Tales of Destiny

I support the above post about Power Rangers Time Force.

Don't risk your life; it's not worth it.

First Tales game released in North America. It's decent enough. - NuMetalManiak

168 Ninja Gaiden II
169 Shining Force II
170 The World Ends With You

Great storyline and sountrack, unique and challenging gameplay. It isn't at all grind heavy and fights are mostly up to the player. Its very accessable with the abillity to change difficulty and your health bar from the pause screen. Fantastic

171 Shadow Hearts

one of the best fighting styles you'll ever see gotta play this.

One of my favourite ps2 rpg's. Brilliant story and atmosphere. You must play shadow hearts 2 after but I don't recommend 3 at all!

172 Front Mission 3

Best Rpg Ever with almost 70 hours of gameplay two stories! love the battle system, good characters, lot of customizable weapons and parts. its a 9.5/10

awesome game

Fantastic story line and game play. I remember wishing the game wouldn't end when I played it.

173 The Sims 2

Oh really? Is it rpg? Simulation huh.

174 Divinity II: Ego Draconis
175 Terranigma

A great game for the SNES never seems like it took off. I loved the game. The story was amazing, the music was awesome, and overall it was another great RPG. With many choices and ways to develope your storyline. In my opinion thus game is hard to beat and should be up on top.

176 Tales of Vesperia
177 Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny

Simply stunning. Highly enjoyable throughout the entire game.

178 Dark Cloud 2

Dark Cloud was a good game. I played it years ago but I throughly enjoyed it. Takes a while to get in to it but the Dungeons are cool. More of a remake of Zelda but still worth playing

This bad boy needs to be on the list

179 Tales of Xillia
180 Summoner

I've had this game for 10 years now, so forget the graphics comparison with today, because the lore, storyline, locations, underrated epicness of this game make it the best in my book. The very few people who know this game become cult followers very quickly, it has the most intense atmosphere than any other game I've ever encountered with its insanely great instrumental music and storyline combined, this should be re-released, as no other game can compare to it and there are no games like this nowadays with such great atmosphere. People don't know what they miss, the best games are underrated.

This was my first RPG, and it has an amazing storyline.. Love this game

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